Dhana Aakarshana Homa- Pooja on Kartik Amavasya or Diwali

Dhana Akarshana Laxmi Kubera Homa

Dhana Akarshana Laxmi Kubera Homa

The Laxmi Kubera- Dhanakarshana Laxmi Kubera pooja

  • Are you a business man and are looking for a lucky break?
  • Is your business and self entrepreneurship looking for new ideas and a fresh lease of life?
  • Do you wish to increase the inflow of income
  • Do you yearn for material comforts
  • Are you looking for all the luxuries that are due to you?

The Dhana Akarshana Laxmi Kubera Pooja. It surely bestows Dhana Akarshana with Bhairava’s grace, blesses one with immense wealth, happiness, and Laxmi kataksha. It removes all kind of dangers and blesses one with abundance. A must for all those seeking urgent financial help and assistance.

Deepavali the festival of lights is celebrated on the Naraka Chathurdashi day just on the dawn of Amavasya during the Hindu month of Aippasi Month in Tamil Language, (Aasvayuja Months in Hindi language)(October/November) every year.

Dhanakarshana Laxmi Kubera Pooja that brings wealth, material comforts and prosperity in the life of the users. Goddess Lakshmi, consort of Lord Vishnu blesses her devotees with riches and luxuries. She is considered as the lucky Goddess that brings in opportunities to multi-fold the comforts and gains in one’s life. This Dhana Akarshana Laxmi Kubera yantra is energized with her power, which helps to unveils the luck in store for the users.

Poweful Lakshmi Mantra - Lakshmi OwlSuper Astro Tip:

Keep an owl figurine in your money cupboard,  safe, house locker or anywhere where you keep your money and valuables. Being Lakshmijis Vahana/vehicle and Lucky Mascot, so the Goddess of wealth and Properity is sure to follow her favorite mascot into your home and office.

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The Ashta Laxmi Kubera yantra will be energized and as we have several overseas orders for the yantra, it will be shipped to them by reliable FedEx courier

Our Yantras are Energized (Prana Pratishta) by learned purohits, by reciting the vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva. The power to the Yantra is granted and bound by powerful mantras chanted at the Yagya or Homa vedi and regular energization is done to protect its power.



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    This was really interesting. I didn’t know different Indian gods and goddesses represented different attributes, when can then be passed on to people. I am guessing that is where the yantra comes in? It helps bestow those characteristics (like success and wealth) on the bearer? That is truly fascinating!

  4. What is the cost of this Yantra and the Kuber Yantra?

  5. What is the cost of this the laxmi Kuber Yantra? how to get i am.

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