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Weekly Horoscope – 20th Aug to 26th Aug 2017- Rahu Ketu Transit Synopsis

Upcoming Important Transits
Aries Moon Sign or Mesha Rashi- Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis.
Aries the Ram


Rahu will move in the 4th house which represents your mental state, mother, happiness, vehicles, property matters, education etc. The transit of Rahu in this house is never considered an easy one as happiness connected with these will be elusive or rather a source of concern for you. Of course, much would also depend upon the individual planets and dashas too. Property disputes may be settled amicably, even if you have to part with some of you share of finalize a deal with property  division with family members, do it. Otherwise a lot of money may be spend on litigation later.  Religious travel and dips in holy waters is indicated. Working professionals may be subject to sudden transfers which may not be to your liking. Avoid water travel, do not eat roadside food, have bottled water, and avoid alcohol.

Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 4th and 10th houseJupiter transits your 7th house **NEW**Saturn transits your 9th house

Taurus Moon Sign or Vrishabha Rashi – Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis.

Taurus the Bull

Rahu enters your 3rd house and Taurus benefits a lot by this transit. Unexpected big gains, travel opportunities and material pleasures are indicated. This is a time to experiment with new things as you shall have enough courage and energy to pursue them. Increased contact with siblings and relatives is indicated. Spiritual travel to new places is seen. This will increase your interest and awareness and make you research these subjects. Health of younger siblings will suffer. After a couple of rough months, your income is set to rise. Avoid partnerships. Enmity with people of different background is seen during this Rahu transit.


Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 3rd and 9th house | Jupiter transits your 6th house **NEW** | Saturn transits your 8th house

Gemini Moon Sign or Mithuna Rashi – Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis.
Gemini- the Twins


The presence of Rahu in your 2nd house, influences your finances, speech and family life. Unless you have a strong individual chart. Rahu will make your speech rougher and you will become manipulative to earn money through unethical means. Loss of wealth is indicated as you are likely to be too casual with money matters. Old debts will be cleared but money will be lost in new ventures. Health matters will need attention as Rahu also aspects your 6th house. Diseases will be treated but not completely cured, infections of the foot are indicated. ENT and eye issues will crop up, so go for regular check-ups. Keep all documents in order as tax-related matters can crop up anytime.

Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 2nd and 8th house | Jupiter transits your 5th house **NEW** | Saturn transits your 7th house

Cancer Moon Sign or Karka Rashi- Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis.

Cancer- the crab

Rahu enters your moon sign and it is know as a shadow planet, its function will be to cast a shadow on your emotions and thought process and therefore keep you under an illusion. What is real will be perceived as an illusion by you and what is an illusion will look real. this being the case, you can know the impact it will have on  your overall decision making. For those single, it is best to postpone your marriage decision by 18 months as Rahu also aspects your marriage and partnership house. As Rahu aspects your 9th house, your father’s health would need attention. There is a strong warning for those who are already smokers, alcoholics or suffering from cardiac issues. Yoga and meditation will help you. Be alert to fraud and conspiracy.

Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 1st and 7th house | Jupiter transits your 4th house **NEW**Saturn transits your 6th house

Leo Moon Sign or Simha Rashi – Rahu Ketu Transit 2017  Synopsis.

Leo- the LionRahu moves through your 12th house, which signifies travel, court matters, unnecessary expenses and carnal pleasures. You will develop connections with foreigners through meetings or through the internet. At work, you will be more fearless now as Ketu moving in your 6th house will destroy your enemies and competition. Those looking at settling abroad will have a successful period. This transit brings increased expenditure on health-related issues, either for the self or for the family. Most people experience disturbed sleep or insomnia during this transit, either due to worrying, jealousy or psychic attacks. Avoid jealous people and relatives who are unhappy to see you prosper.

Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 12th and 6th house | Jupiter transits your 3rd house **NEW** | Saturn transits your 5th house

Virgo Moon sign or Kanya Rashi- Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis.
Virgo- the virgin


Rahu’s movement into your 11th house is one of the positive and fruitful transits. This transit is meant to bring in wealth due to your own efforts and influential contacts. There won’t be  a dearth of luxuries in the coming 18 months, new ideas of investments will bring gains, new sources of income and expansion in business is indicated. You will become quite popular and see a spurt in your social life. However, relationship with your father may not be good, besides Ketu moving in your 5th house simultaneously shows unexpected trouble or health issues to your children.

Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 11th and 5th house | Jupiter transits your 2nd house ** NEW ** | Saturn transits your 4th house

Libra Moon Sign or Thula Rashi- Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis.


Rahu enters your 10th house or the career house, which brings the focus clearly on career-related issues, your public image, achievements, rewards etc. This is supposed to be a favorable transit, provided you don’t squander your chances by becoming lazy and easy-going. If Saturn is well-placed in your chart, you will surely get good results. In the 10th house, Rahu brings sudden and dramatic change in one’s career often through some disruption due to problems with colleagues or seniors at the work place. Avoid rash decisions and guard your reputation.

Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 10th and 4th house | Jupiter transits your 1st house ** NEW ** | Saturn transits your 3rd house

Scorpio Moon Sign or Vrischika Rashi- Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis.
Scorpio- the scorpion


Rahu moves through your 9th house, which governs travel, fortune, luck and religion. Your attitude towards religion will undergo major change, you might become extreme in your views now, either very religious or an atheist. Health of your father needs utmost care during this transit, especially if you are running the major or minor period of  Rahu. Luck will be favorable. Ketu in the 3rd house will give you energy to succeed in competitive exams.

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Rahu- Ketu transits your 9th and 3rd house | Jupiter transits your 12th house ** NEW **  Saturn transits your 2nd house

Sagittarius Moon Sign or Dhanur Rashi- Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 SynopsisSagittarius- the archer

Rahu transits your 8th house which is connected with secrets, secret organs, sex, hidden enemies, mysteries, occult, tantra, chronic diseases etc. The 8th house transit of Rahu is never an easy transit as everything becomes difficult to achieve during this period. It has been seen that Rahu in this position causes extreme fluctuations in finances, huge inflows of money are seen and sometimes huge money also gets stuck. So don’t lend money to anyone during this transit. Health issue especially for those suffering from chronic diseases, needs to be taken very seriously. You will also need to fix matters related to will, inheritance, legacy during this period.

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Rahu- Ketu transits your 8th and 2nd house | Jupiter transits your 11th house ** NEW ** | Saturn transits your 1st house

Capricorn Moon Sign or Makara Rashi- Rahu Ketu 2017 Transit SynopsisCapricorn

Rahu transits your 7th house, which represents marriage, partnerships, litigations, daily sources of income. For those single, marriage with someone radically different from your community and ethnic background looks likely now. If you are in a business partnership, you will be required to adjust to unreasonable demands of your partners. Extra- marital affairs are often seen during this transit, perhaps it may be that differences crop up in relationships due to such events. handling your relationship issue with care will help. Health of spouse needs attention.

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Rahu- Ketu transits your 7th and 1st house  | Jupiter transits your 10th house ** NEW **  | Saturn transits your 12th house

Aquarius Moon sign or Kumbha Rashi- Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis
Aquarius- the water bearer


Transit of Rahu in your 6th house is expected to be largely favorable. The 6th house rules over debts, diseases, enemies, loans, hygiene, work, servants. Your health will see an improvement. If you have taken any loan, you will be able to pay it over the next 18 months. Those in competitive examinations and sports will do very well. Politicians contesting elections, will be favored. Your self-confidence and determination will be quite high now. Any efforts made regarding health and fitness will give good results.

Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 6th and 12th house | Jupiter transits your 9th house ** NEW ** | Saturn transits your 11th house

Pisces Moon sign or Meena Rashi- Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 Synopsis.
Pisces- the Fish


Rahu transits your 5th house which rules your love affairs, education, planning, intuition, creativity and entertainment sector. Your way of looking at situation and dealing with them will undergo a major transformation. Education of students and children is likely to be affected unless Jupiter is situated well in your chart. This is not the best of transits for having babies, adequate remedies for Rahu may be done. Avoid wearing gray and black. Love affairs shall flourish probably with other ethnic background people or strangers, however misunderstandings will arise whenever Rahu gets afflicted by Mars.

Exciting Transits coming up

Rahu- Ketu transits your 5th and 11th house | Jupiter transits your 8th house ** NEW ** Saturn transits your 10th house