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Weekly Horoscope – 10th Dec to 16th Dec 2017

Important Transits this year. 
Rahu Ketu Transit Rahu Ketu transited on the 18th Aug 2017.
Jupiter Transit  Jupiter will transit on the 12th Sept 2017 to Oct 11th 2018 into Libra/Thula Rashi.
 saturn transit 2017- Saturn finally moves into Sagittarius/Dhanur rashi on the 26th Oct 2017 till Jan 2020.
Aries Moon Sign or Mesha Rashi
Aries the Ram


From the thirteenth things will slightly improve for you. friends or well-wishers may come up with financial offers in return for some work where your help may be required. This is a god period to get sudden income or striking a profitable deal, so make sure that if you have negotiations, you conclude soon. Mixing business with pleasure will pay off in terms of an offer that you will receive. Take advantage, even if it means working extra hours. Venus is still in the eighth house, that means a secret love is in the stars and someone, who is just as eager to try new things as you are, will make a proposal that you cannot refuse. Clandestine relationships are likely during this period, so be careful of the consequences.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 4th and 10th houseJupiter transits your 7th house **NEW**Saturn transits your 9th house

Taurus Moon Sign or Vrishabha Rashi
Taurus the Bull


By midweek, the starry placement gets slightly difficult for you and a somewhat difficult period ahead can be anticipated due to Sun Venus combination in your partnership house. relationships with spouse may get a bit strained, or there may not be proper understanding in the relationship, causing some rifts and arguments. Mercury retrograde and combust says that you should guard your valuables as you are prone to losing them due to carelessness or theft. Health is also an issue where you have to be careful for short while now. Some minor relationship issues have also started cropping up, remedies of Saturn will help.

Saturn Transit to the 8th house, Jupiter to the 6th is not a favorable time. So it is better to keep a watch on your behavior and actions. Past Karma will catch up and these 2-3 years will surely be taxing.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 3rd and 9th house | Jupiter transits your 6th house **NEW** | Saturn transits your 8th house

Gemini Moon Sign or Mithuna Rashi
Gemini- the Twins


You shall encounter such situations which look challenging now, but shall be worth the risk considering your planets, as some long term planning or ventures or collaborations may help you find your path. This week will help you see things clearly and help you make a decision that has a long lasting effect on your life.Use your imagination and have confidence in your abilities, for now, you are stronger than you realize. decisions to spend need sound discussion, especially if upgrades on costly vehicles, house re-modelling and appliances is involved. making things ‘better for the family as a whole’ should be first consideration. getting a big client, promotion or praise is likely, so be dressed in your best. (blues/ turquoise if possible)

Rahu- Ketu transits your 2nd and 8th house | Jupiter transits your 5th house **NEW** | Saturn transits your 7th house

Cancer Moon Sign or Karka Rashi
Cancer- the crab


You certainly shall be very busy and will be required to complete a lot of backlogs at work too. There can be some realizations regarding how you treat people in your life – ways that you might need to change.maybe you’re being too hard on those who in your life when they dont actually deserve it, or it could be the flip side, where you are letting people skate by hen they need some tough love. there is tremendous amount of energy working for the shift of change. Potential energy is strengthened – tap in, tune in and turn yourself on. You may not see something you need to see, something that helps obtaining happiness in the future a lot easier, or something that saves you hundreds of headaches. so just pay attention and try to see things in broader light.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 1st and 7th house | Jupiter transits your 4th house **NEW**Saturn transits your 6th house

Leo Moon Sign or Simha Rashi
Leo- the Lion


Be careful while driving and also stay away from adventure sports. Useful contacts will suddenly appear on the scene and bail you out of impossible situations and you shall thank your stars for this. Mars is so placed to cause all these happy coincidences. Things might have seemed clear regarding your relationships recently but the combustion of Mercury can muddle this up. Security will be major issue or most of you and you shall be working in a focused manner to realign your life, whether it is your personal life or career. Hold on tight for now and try to ride the storm out. do what you can to press on wards and if something means a lot to you, try to reinforce it. Change is inevitable here, but you can still go on and try to hold on to things that are important to to you.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 12th and 6th house | Jupiter transits your 3rd house **NEW** | Saturn transits your 5th house

Virgo Moon sign or Kanya Rashi
Virgo- the virgin


A time to think before you say anything as your words can be misunderstood by others. you perhaps need to aware of going overboard, where you may come to regret some of your actions. The concerns that have been around lately are still there when you are ready to deal with them results if you are ‘scheduling or structuring’. clearing away the old can create a smoother path. it is a time when relaxation is easier to obtain and life is not as rushed as it had been. An excellent time to make adjustments where required. A long discussion is indicated, this could be about money, responsibility, planning or about division of property. Stay ‘low-key’ and do not expect new relations to grow without constantly standing over them.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 11th and 5th house | Jupiter transits your 2nd house ** NEW ** | Saturn transits your 4th house

Libra Moon Sign or Thula Rashi


As you remain open-minded and are willing to learn you will be able to make good use of discovery.Your outlook for the week is excellent and you could be offered something that could make your future a lot more comforting and enjoyable. Even if you find something about it to reject, it will still help you. relationships can be an important matter in this cycle. You continue to be on a firm wicket, so take advantage and continue pursuing or ambitions and desires aggressively. Senior officials and influential government contacts will help you considerably in furthering your objectives- you can depend on them fully now. Financial conditions continue to be quite upbeat and you may also be successful im government tenders and contracts.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 10th and 4th house | Jupiter transits your 1st house ** NEW ** | Saturn transits your 3rd house

Scorpio Moon Sign or Vrischika Rashi
Scorpio- the scorpion


Though the week starts with a bit of confusion and low energy, by Wednesday, you shall be out of the woods. Some sudden unexpected gains are likely. So many things have changed suddenly and your viewpoints also considerably change. You shall have more decisive viewpoints on most matters and your creative ideas, schemes, ventures will all be successful. Gain from foreign connections is certain. Long travels, especially foreign travels shall be quite favorable. Your love life a;s looks quite interesting now and there shall be more open communication than one-sided relationship.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 9th and 3rd house | Jupiter transits your 12th house ** NEW **  Saturn transits your 2nd house

Sagittarius Moon Sign or Dhanur RashiSagittarius- the archer

Work that has been stuck or in a rut will show some movement when Sun changes on the 16th. Don’t lose this opportunity as hard work done now will lead to handsome gains. If good jobs have been elusive, you can expect a series of lucrative job offers pouring in. If you are thinking of a change, take the plunge now as it is worth the risk. Achievements at work will be rewarded; those in public life may get felicitated or awarded. A little resourcefulness is all ot will take to win praise and favors.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 8th and 2nd house | Jupiter transits your 11th house ** NEW ** | Saturn transits your 1st house

Capricorn Moon Sign or Makara Rashi


You can expect a social week with group activities, new friendships and connections. You shall be busy settling old matters. expect god news in terms of new opportunities as well as very good liquidity. Venus is now favorably disposed in your gains sector, so put your best efforts in recovering your financial dues as you have excellent chances of recovering your bad debts now. Venusian aspects on the friendship sector make you actively seek companionship of the opposite sex and feel the need for love and healing and you shall also be lucky to experience it. From Wednesday, you shall also experience better Communications, more clarity and confidence in whatever you do. Just remember not to allow yourself to be weighed down by circumstances that put your health under pressure.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 7th and 1st house  | Jupiter transits your 10th house ** NEW **  | Saturn transits your 12th house

Aquarius Moon sign or Kumbha Rashi
Aquarius- the water bearer


Venus is more powerfully placed and so is Saturn with Mercury which is retrograde and combust, yet bringing in a flurry of activities in your personal and public life. Affairs may have undergone a change. Competitive bidding taking place earlier this week shall bring in mixed results. If the outcome is prolonged by a few weeks things will again turn to your favor. Those connected with legal and public professions will have an increased presence with their popularity and fame on rise. Clandestine relationships will also be pleasant and amorous. In short you have nothing to complain about now. At work you may have to adopt an aggressive approach.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 6th and 12th house | Jupiter transits your 9th house ** NEW ** | Saturn transits your 11th house

Pisces Moon sign or Meena Rashi
Pisces- the Fish


You should be busy with many tasks and responsibilities that you can’t put off. Do you may also feel a bit stressed and irritated, you must avoid being impulsive or high headed. Your children may be a cause of concern, either their health or education related matters could worry you. Love relationships continue to be stressed and confused- stay away from making any commitments. Focus on your desire to feel fine and be as nice as you can. The more you look to see what is holding you up, the more it seems that nothing is there.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 5th and 11th house | Jupiter transits your 8th house ** NEW ** Saturn transits your 10th house