Rajinikant(Rajini),Tamil Megastar, India-Indepth Study of his Vedic Natal chart

Rajinikant-Rajini-natal chart-Janma Kundali

Rajinikant-Rajini-natal chart-Janma Kundali

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad (Rajinikanth) was born on December 12, 1949 in Karnataka. He was a bus conductor during which time he reportedly caught the fancy of the bus travelers with his mannerisms and style of issuing tickets and blowing the whistle and so on. Looking to become an actor, he moved to Chennai and joined the film institute. It was here that he caught the eye of K. Balachander, a director known for introducing talented, new faces into the Tamil film industry.

We have evaluated his Janma Kundali for you . Presented here is a Varshaphal for him for the year 2011.

 Rajinikant Lagna Kundali/Janma Kundali


A short Peep into his personality:

In his chart, the Sun is in Sagittarius and Venus, in Aquarius. Your charm lies firstly in your innate capacity to be instantly filled with enthusiasm. Any new stimulation appeals to you. This does not exclude faithfulness and long-term attachment, of course. But it is likely that the impulses of your heart are frequent. The dullness of a life without surprise and without flaw is not acceptable. You are attracted by novelty and mesmerized by the unknown. Your solar and Venusian signs have in common a discovering mind. A lasting relationship must offer its daily share of new events. Love is yet to come. The danger may be that you do not love your partner any more because she has become too familiar and she is part of your habits. Let’s not exaggerate! Everyone possesses hidden resources that can arouse your passions. In any case, you know that you can rely on your strong self-control. This is the forte of Venus in Aquarius: overcoming the heart’s tumults is not within everyone’s reach! Therefore, it is possible that your apparent insensibility is interpreted as indifference towards your partner. Too bad for the passionate and the possessive types! Misunderstandings can occur so quickly… At least, it is certain that one never gets bored in your company. Your beloved one must be up to your admiration and up to the idealized image you create. Devotion without reservation will reward your efforts.

VarshaPhal synopsis for Year 2011:

Result For Muntha Position
Muntha is in the 7th House. This is not a favourable position and you may face hardships in every sphere of life. Your wife may have health-problems and there might be distress due to progeny. Your expenditures will increase. At the workplace, you might be reprimanded, higher authorities may turn against you and even there could be demotion or loss of position.

Result for Varsheshwar
The Varsheshwar is Mercury. You will become very tactful and diplomatic. You may acquire technical or typical knowledge and information in specialized fields of interest. You will have success in academic or intellectual pursuits and gain recognition for merit/ talent. You will form cordial relationships and have fruitful discussions with dignitaries and learned persons. You will make a lot of progress in business activities and will receiving honors and fame.

Result for Position of Varsha Ascendant
Your Varsha ascendant is in the ninth house from the Janma ascendant. This is a highly fortunate position. Your career will be stabilized and improved. You will have prosperity in every field ; new avenues will open up to give you boosted earnings. You may have pilgrimage and / or journeys to distant places for pleasure and profit.

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