Dr J Jayalalithaa- analysis of her natal chart-TamilNadu Election Results-2011

Dr J Jayalalithaa

Dr J Jayalalithaa

Dr J Jayalalithaa- AIADMK won the 2011 Tamil Nadu elections with overwhelming majority. Was it her dimmed popularity that surfaced as her planets took the turn for the best or the wrong doings of the DMK govt per se corruption and failing planets that did the trick is best left to our imagination.

We at AstroPeep.com have analyzed the extraordinary natal chart- janma kundali of this rising star to get an insight into her life.

Rahu is placed in her ascendant, aspected by both Saturn, which is retrograde, and Jupiter. Rahu makes a person unpredictable and volatile, and adds a touch of the unusual to the personality. It is very difficult to predict how such a person’s mind works. Little wonder then that all the BJP’s stalwarts found it tough to deal with her tantrums and mood swings. Nobody could make out what she actually wanted or what would please her.

With a number of planets elevated in her chart – Jupiter is in its own house in the 9th Bhagyasthana, the most auspicious house – a strong bhagya has given her everything in life. She has charted out her destiny. An exalted Venus, lord of the 7th house – of spouse, partner and the 2nd house of self acquired wealth — is positioned in Pisces – her 12th house – which gave her spectacular success in her film career and later a long political career. But its position in her 12th house and 8th from the moon makes it malefic for her and hence, Venus, which is the Kalathrakaraka – indicator of spouse – deprived her of matrimony.

Yoga Predictions for J Jayalalitha

Yoga Predictions for J Jayalalitha

Conjunction of the Moon and Mars in the fifth house – of speculation, love affairs, children and Poorvapunya – results in the Chandramangala yoga. This brings immense wealth, sometimes through dubious means and implies wealth without peace of mind and happiness. It is true in Jayalalitha’s case. Secondly, the Moon and Mars provides for very turbulent emotional entanglements and love affairs. But since it is aspected by the noble planet, Jupiter, matters never go out of hand.

The Sun and Mercury in the 11th house results in the very auspicious Buddhaditya yoga, which makes her intelligent and sharp witted. Though the Sun is in its house of detriment — inspite of being positioned in the 11th house — remedial measures like the Suryanamaskar and wearing a ruby will give her some relief from the ire of those in authority and power.

The best planets for her are the Sun, Mars and Jupiter.

Jupiter aspects the ascendant and her 5th house making her a god-fearing and just person at heart. Mars gives her the strength and courage to bounce back. And being the lord of her ascendant, she has a fighting, never say die spirit.
The news of the prison sentence came when Mercury transited to Aquarius. Rahu presently is transiting through her 12th natal and Saturn from the 9th, hence there will be setbacks and legal trouble.

Jayalalithaa is born under Aries lagna with its Lord seated in the 8th house. Her card speaks of her stubborn and out-spoken nature. As her Mars is seated in the 8th house, it displays that she has only limited friends and relatives.

Lagna Predction for J Jayalalitha

Lagna Prediction for J Jayalalitha

Her 5th house tells that she is well educated. Her 8th and 19th houses depict that she has a deep penchant for popularity, fame and wealth. Her golden period sparked off after she turned 29. With time, her dreams started materializing. Saturn in her lagna gifted her with the seat of the Chief Minister. Henceforth, she never looked back. She relished her 10 years of the Moon period seizing wealth through all probable means. Moon placed in her lagna also bestowed her with popularity. Lagnesh Mars with Rahu in the 8th house unveils that she has earned immense wealth by unlawful means. As she is highly ambitious coupled with the range of other depraved qualities, she violated all limits to make her desires manifest. Yet, Mars in the 8th house reveals that she has no shame. Her cards reveal that she will always get respect and admiration from her people.

Jaya’s card tells that presently she is enduring problems pertaining to her family life. Her adopted child will not support her as a politician. Since 1995, she has been facing the Saturn influence. Her stars during this phase appear inauspicious. There is also a gradual decline in her career graph.

Her 10th house Saturn (transit) is seated in the 2nd house (in fixed Taurus); hence she will be able to get relief from the high court. Her party will secure a good position in the coming elections, yet, fall short of majority. Her card shows that she will gain the seat of the Chief Minister with the backing of her friend Sonia Gandhi (Congress) most likely. Yet, Jaya would have to make a compromise somewhere.

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