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Salman Tiger Khan

Salman “Tiger” Khan

Salman Khanborn Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan on 27 December 1965 is an Indian film actor. The recent success at the box office for “Ek Tha Tiger“, a film about a RAW officer aka Salman khan and Katrina Kaif,  is in the series of box blockbusters delivered by the Dabbang Khan, who at the age of 46  is making the young new comers beat a hasty reatret.

Question is: Has the Dabbang Khan bloomed late and what makes him tick at 46, when he should have relegated himself to elder brother roles?

We had a lot of confusion over his date of birth and time of birth, but after many permutations and combinations, we have arrived at this particular date and time.

Salman Khan, according to us was born on the 27th December 1965 at 1437 (approx), Indore (M P), India.

Lagna Kundali of Salman Khan

Lagna Kundali of Salman Khan- Click for larger image.

Salman Khan_birth details

Salman Khan Planetary Position at Birth-Click for larger image.

He is born a Dhanishta Nakshatra and Kumbha Rashi  in fiery Aries/Mesha Lagna/ascendant. The Lord of the ascendant Mangal/Mars is exalted in tenth house which is Makar/Capricorn. His Nakshatra Lord is Mars, His Lagna Lord is Mars and Mars is the god of the warriors, with this exteremely beautiful alignment in the 10th house, Salman Khan can win over any adverse circumstance. It is a win-win for this man!

Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. Mars in the house of Capricorn which also stands for ambition and goals,  indicates that he is working toward realistic and attainable goals.

Venus and Mars conjunction in the 10th house of his horoscope indicates that his career will be related to glamour and film industry throughout his life. However, gradually he has to change the focus on types of films he signs. In future he may take up ventures like film production more seriously.

Sun is in sextile aspect with Saturn in birth chart. and says a lot about his loyal and generous(his philanthropy and charity namely the Being Human Foundation) disposition.  The 5th house of comforts and gains – is placed in the ninth house of luck. In addition to this, Sun is aspected by benefic Jupiter. Saturn is also powerful, situated in the Moolatrikona dignity in the 11th house of job and career fulfilment.

In the year 2009-2011, being a Kumbha Rashi, he was passing through his difficult Ashtama Shani period. Which is evident in the troubles he went through, like breakup of relationships(Katrina Kaif), his recent surgery(nerve disorder trigeminal neuralgia).

Yogas for Salman Khan

Yogas for Salman Khan– Click for larger image

He has got one of the five most desirable yoga|combination in his chart – called as Ruchak Yoga. This Raj Yoga occurs when Mars – the army chief in planetary cabinet is strongly placed in Kendra/Angle house of a chart.  And, in birth chart of Salman Khan, as we discussed earlier, Mars is very strongly placed in the strongest house i.e. 10th house or the most desirable house of his birth chart.  This single combination is enough to ensure his victory against all controversies.

How has the Saturn Mahadasha been for Salman Khan?

Right now Salman Khan is under the Saturn Mahadasha (August 2002- August 2021) running his Shukra/Venus antardasha and will begin his Surya Antardasha soon. Venus/Shukra is in the 10th house along with Mars, hence by nature he is passionate and  expresses his sexuality openly.

Salman Khan was involved in an incident in which several homeless people were hit by a car in an area of north Bombay. The film star has been charged with “culpable homicide not amounting to murder”. He also faces charges of drunk driving and not having a valid licence. If convicted, he could be jailed for up to 10 years. [October 2002]

Venus/Shukra is a Maraka planet in his birth chart.  It is situated in the 8th house of his Navamsa Chart. Mars, which is conjunct with  Venus has reduced the negative impact to some extent, but even then things are likely to remain troublesome for Salman Khan with respect to the significations of Venus i.e. marriage, status, wealth and health.  This antardasa of Venus will remain operational till August 2012 and following phases of time may create problems given against each.

Mahadasha Chart for Salman Khan

Mahadasha Chart for Salman Khan- Click for larger image

The Saturn MD (Mahadasha) started in his life from August 2002; and from the very start of this period, he is in one or other controversies and problems.  In September 2002, Salman Khan had hit the headlines after he crashed his Land Cruiser near the American Express bakery in Bandra, killing one man and injuring others.

Being known for those roguish behaviors, he tried to balance his troubled life with his career. In 2003, during his Shani MD and Shani AD, he gave his emotionally charged performance as playing an obsessed lover in Tere Naam (2003) that translated into good reviews and a good run at the box office. He not only managed to revive his career, but also to restore the confidence of his producers and distributors alike. This was however a very tough period for him. He was ridiculed for his hair style, dressing style and choice of films.

On 17 February 2006, he was sentenced to one year prison for haunting an animal Chinkara while shooting for movie Hum Saath Saath Hain. The sentence was stayed by a higher court during appeal.On 10 April 2006, Salman was handed a five year jail term for hunting the Chinkara. On 24 August 2007, the Jodhpur sessions court, upheld the 5 year jail term for Khan in the Chinkara.On 31 August 2007, Khan was released on bail from the Jodhpur Central jail where he spent six days.

In 2007, a Muslim organisation issued a fatwa against Khan for attending a Ganesh puja. But Salman celebrated the Ganesh Mahotsav with his family in Bandra; they brought a Ganesh idol for one day.

Being Human Foundation-Salman-Khan

Being Human Foundation-Salman-Khan

In 2007, during his Saturn MD and Mercury AD, he launched Being Human – Salman Khan Foundation. This charitable organization aids the underprivileged in areas such as education and health-care.

Salman Khan Firoza bracelet

Salman Khan Firoza bracelet

He is fond of Luxury Cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota Land Cruiser, owns a number of them including the latest models. His current list includes a BMW M5, BMW X6, BMW 5 Series, Audi A8, Range Rover Vogue, Lexus LX470, Toyota Land Cruiser, Audi Q7 and etc. He is also fond of Luxury Motorbikes and has a good collection of them.

He wears a Firoza (turquoise) stone bracelet on his right hand wrist. He believes very strongly that it wards off the evil forces around him, and keeps him safe from the evil eyes. He has been wearing it for the past 15 years. He has been seen in many movies earlier wearing the same bracelet. We believe it is lucky for him too.

My guess however is that he will discontinue wearing it after August 2012. Lets wait and watch!


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