Shani Mahadasha /Sani(Saturn) : 19 years period of hard work, sincerity and disipline

Shani Mahadasha /Sani (Saturn) is for 19 years

Planet Saturn/Shani Dev

Planet Saturn

This is the 19 years time period of hard work and persistence. Saturn emphasizes on strict discipline and labor by creating delays and difficulties and added responsibilities on the person. In short, this time period enables a person to lay the foundation to become strong and efficient, and reap the rewards in coming years.

If the Saturn is well placed, it brings honor, authority and prosperity as a result of one`s work. In case it is afflicted, the time period brings major difficulties, sorrows and frustrations. Bone diseases, fractures, skin problems, rheumatism also come in the play as ill effects of the Dasha.

This is a period when the person faces their limitations, and becomes aware of the possibility of their own mortality. Detachment from worldly concerns, spirituality, concentration, dutifulness, honesty, sincerity and constancy will be emphasized. Ill health, death of loved ones and/or the fear of those things will occur.

Shani Dev/Planet Saturn

Shani Dev

The more attached the person is to material things and pleasures the more difficult the Saturn Mahadasha will be.

But great success is also possible as Saturn gives responsibility, ambition, practicality and perseverance.

Hospitals, old people, legacies and inheritance, wills and money matters will be prominent.

This period can bring pressure and suffering in order for the person to face reality and have compassion for others and spiritual growth.

If Saturn is weakly placed then health problems could include chronic and painful diseases, cancer, skin diseases, paralysis, arthritis, gout, emaciation, indigestion, dyspepsia, insanity, impotence in men, asthma, retention of urine and intestinal obstruction.

  • During the Shani Mahadasha, some sort of authority in the city, village or society may be acquired.
  • One may become the leader of a lowly community.
  • Modesty, intelligence and knowledge is enhanced, inclination towards charity and skilled in arts and crafts.
  • Happiness may be gained from the acquisition of some ancient place.
  • One may be endowed with vehicles, clothes, gold and wealth.
  • Faith in God and interest in the construction of temples may prevail.
  • One may bring name and fame to the family.
  • Bliss of the family, increase of valor prevails and journeys are undertaken.
  • There may be gains from animals, camels, asses, goats, birds, old ladies and coarse grains.

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Specific Interpretations:

Interpretations based on the condition of the planet and other influences in the birth chart and divisional charts are as follows :

  • During the Maha Dasha of Saturn , one may acquire the leadership of villages, cities and countries.
  • One’s father may be harmed or may expire and there may be enmity with friends.
  • During the Maha Dasha of Saturn, wealth, spouse, children, siblings and servants may be harmed.
  • Bad feed maybe consumed and one may be defamed.
    When Saturn is strong :
  • During the Maha Dasha of Saturn, there is an increase in happiness and fame.

    Work Hard and Be nice to People

    Work Hard and Be nice to People

  • Land may be lost and there may be opposition with servants, spouse, children and siblings.
  • There may be fear of demotion or suspension and imprisonment by the government.
  • State authority , honour and progress at work are foreseen.
  • Immovable assets, jewels, ornaments and wealth will be attained.
  • Vehicles, servants and objects of comfort will be attained.
  • Sympathy in the mind is aroused.
    When Saturn is cruel, ‘ drashkanastha’, then
  • During the Maha Dasha of Saturn, there may be restlessness of the mind, the heart will be fearful of all things unwanted and unnecessary, and the underlying fear of the powerful, thieves, fire and poison.
  • There may be opposition from relatives, domestic crisis and disagreement with workers.
  • There may be loss of wealth, fear from those in high places, mental unrest and ailments related to eyes and kidney may happen.
  • The spouse may suffer and elders in the family may be in pain.

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  1. mohan k says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have gine thorugh the above text materials. It seems that you have done a great research before uploading. Its reallu nice.

    My name is mohan DOB 7-Aug-1969, Port Blair, Andamans. Please calculate my Shani Mahadasha and placement of Saturn in my natal chart.

    Kinldy inform me about the same please.

    With love and regards

  2. DOB 26/02/1957 TIME: 0245 PLACE:ALLHABAD
    Mahdasha of Shani starting 05/07/2011.

    What will be the fate?

  3. anila ag says:

    name :peeyush aggarwal
    dob: 13-05-1992
    time: 07.15pm
    place : uttarkashi

    Please calculate my Shani Mahadasha and placement of Saturn in my natal chart.

  4. NAME Anil Tekam
    DOB 16-2-1990 4:20 pm
    BAIHAR (MP) Latitude: 22o6’N Longitude: 80o33’E

    Please calculate my Shani Mahadasha and placement of Saturn in my natal chart.

  5. Pantulu says:

    Can you please predict happenings in my Saturn dasa

    DOB 19-12-1952 Time 01.56,place :kakinada in andhra pradesh

  6. Raghavendra says:

    Can you please predict my shani mahardasha and problemd i will face in future?
    Name: Raghavendra prasad
    D-O-B: 15-09-1987
    Time: 10:10 PM
    Place: Bidar, Karnataka

  7. Francis Martin says:

    Hi Pandit:

    I’m running my Sani Mahadasa currently. I went through a horrific and destructive 7 1/2 years of Sani Sade from 2002 to 2008. However I’m still suffering severely from the sani ill-effects namely loss of a secured financial job, heavily indebted from financial losses, declining health, slendered in my name and personal reputation, back-stabbed and betrayed, loss of diets and other ill-related issues.

    Currently I’m struggling in a survival job working a grocery store, my physical, mental, psychological states are unmentionables – constant fatigue, unsettled, worried, etc.

    Please kindly let me know what will happen to me till the end of this terrible 19 years of sani mahadasa. sani has been destroying me whenever his planet hit me. Will I end up in poverty, sadness and TRAGIC DEATH !!?? Please remember that sani is the DEVIL in addition to his cohorts RAHU and KETU.

    I have been praying to Sri Hanumanji/Sri Maruti, Sri Bairava, Sri Ganeshaji and other kind and helpful Hindu deities to help me for survival and to look for a life-time financial career with better personal attributions and success. My date of birth is August 31, 1955 at 1.32am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently I am living in the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, Canada.

    Please help me.

    Thank you very much.

    Francis Martin, September 21, 2011.

    • Parminder says:


      Hi Francis,

      I can very well understand what you are going through as I am already 14 years into Shani’s maha dasha and I know what you are going through as the effects on me have been simila to what you are going through and in addition to that I almost lost both my eyes and suffered from TB twice in this mahadasha and I believed 100% that I was going to die at one point in the begening of year 2007 and was ready for the inevitable but my health recovered to a great extent and by the grace of almighty I am doing ok health wise and I am not complaining financially either… Times have been tough and I feel whatever Ive been though was all for good and made me the person I am today which I consider to be a far better then what I was before.. I have become an extremely modest man and even my wife says I have changed for good :)
      I have experienced Shani’s full force both ways although I believe there are some goodies instore for me in the last 5 years that are still left of my shani’s period as its been 14 years already …. I hope things get better for you Francis but remember one thing (I know what I am talking about) that you would have to become a better person before things get better for you!

      I live in Delhi (India) and I am gonna be visiting Toronto begining of 2012 and wouldnt mind sparing an hour or two over a cup of coffee or something if you want some first hand account of what I have experienced as it might help you out of your situation! Let me know either way..

      May Shani maharaj have mercy on you!

      • Francis Martin says:

        Hi Parminder:

        I just came across your reply on what I wrote in Astropeep. Indeed I would be more than happy to meet you when you’re in Toronto. My personal email address is

        There have been several unpleasant and negative situations, occupationally and financially, happened in these few days since this Sunday past to me. I had ABSOLUTE difficulties in a job interview this Monday past, I was forced to resign from an unpleasant grocery job last week and I have difficulties in this current restaurant night job (for survival) for a picky, demanding and boastful Ethiopian chef.

        I WILL NOT bow to sani, but keep praying to Shree Hanuman/Maruti, Shree Devi Santoshi-Ma, Shree Kratekraya (Subramanya), Shree Ganesha-ji, Shree MahaLakshmi-Narayan, Shree MahaVishnu, Shree MahaGaruda and Shree MahaSaraswati for my better future. I’ve suffered ENOUGH from that SATANIC sani even when I was in Malaysia. I’m NOT bowing to him since I know fully well that Shree Maruti/Hanuman and Shree Kratekraya are kind-hearted and sincere in assisting and in helping sani’s victims.

        sani is nothing but Satan’s protege and boastful. Take a look of what he did to King Birendra of Nepal !!!!!!

        Please contact me directly via my personal email.

        Thanks again, Parminder.
        Francis Martin
        (sent from Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

        • Francis, Your Moon Sign is Capricorn. So your Sade Sati which as per you went from 2002 – 2008 is not correct. It will rather start in 2017 and would last till 2024.

          • Hi rahul, if you can help me with this ,,,,really appreaciated… dob 22/10/68, delhi born , time around 2-2:30 am (night),,,my shani dasha when will finish and how would be my budh dasha next one………..if you can find for me thanks …………….

          • Francis Martin says:

            Hi Rahul:

            I came across your email reply by chance because I’ve not heard from you for sometime and I thought no one would reply me At All !!

            I’m Really surprise to find out my Sani Sade Sati to begin in 2017. However I’ve been experiencing losses in jobs and finances. I’m under constant mental anguishes, anxieties, worries and sleepless nights. Would my current and ongoing pains continue through the end of 2014, please advise me. Thanks. Francis. (You may email me directly at Thanks.)

  8. i am nazia my dob 08 January 1984 birth timing approx 6:30 -07:00 morning in winter really i am facing more difficulties in every work i am 27 year old in 8 Jan 2012 but still i am unmarried i also facing difficulties in marriage may i know why and how was solve this problem i am getting success in my life or not please help and tell me

  9. I am currently in Guru maha dasa. The next phase to follow is shani mahadasa. How it is going to be?
    Place of birth: Palakollu
    Time: 9:10 am
    Date of birth: 29/may/1976
    Shani is in karkataka lagna along with mars.


  10. Can you please predict my shani mahardasha and problemd i will face in future?
    Name: Ujwala Sakharam Salkar
    D-O-B: 16.05.1972
    Time: 4.45 PM
    Place: Bhandup, Mumbai

  11. Dear Si-r+-,

    Now a days I am very much disturbed plz tell me about my career & job
    some even I think for suicide .
    Please guide me about my job & career

    Name -Tribhuvan
    DOB – 09-06-1976
    Place- Chamoli
    Time -17.20

    • yes me too having shani mahadasha………..adn tribhuvan i feel same like you for suicide sometimes……..even i am very strong person………i would suggest ….cheer it up………and keep trying…….watch comedy movies….as i do same… brispati dasha was awesome……..gosh i had govt job ….my own house…….but as shani dasha started .and shani took all…….life long friends even …….loved one…….job……i dont get it one thing…i do what shani likes to do…….help needy people and i am so kind hearted ……so helpfulllllllll still shani doing this to me…….i want to ask this q to shani ji………….if meet me………then some good happesn and my thinking change i feel nothing is permanent in this world …..Jo tumara nahi tha voh chala gaya………jo hai voh tumara hai…..yes but good past memories really hurt though………..on brispati maha dasha time:) i love brishpati ji……….:)

  12. Sasikumar.M.P. says:

    I am currently in Guru maha dasa as it going to end by Dec 2012.. The next phase to follow is shani mahadasa. How it is going to be?
    Place of birth: Chennai ( Tamil Nadu )
    Time: 9:01 am
    Date of birth: 19/July/1971
    Shani + Moon is in Vrishabham rashi , Lagnam : Simha , Janma Rasi – Vrishabham. The other planets in natal chart as follows :
    Sukra – Mithunam
    Budha , Ketu , Surya – Katakam
    Guru & Gulika – Vrichikam
    Chevvai and Ragu – Makaram


  13. sml narasimha rao says:

    sir.i am in sani mahadasa int the month of may. 1997 .still it is fear is what is going on remaining period. please tell me.

  14. Vinay Bararia says:

    I have been told that my shani mahadasha will start in aug 2012. some people said that it will be very bad for me. right now i have brahspati mahadasha and rahu antardasha which is giving me problems.

    Date of birth: march 14, 1970
    Place: delhi
    Time: 8:45 am

    Please give your views.

  15. Hello

    DOB : 26/06/1976
    Time : 02:27 PM
    Place : Mumbai

    I am running my own business from last 5 years and was going fine. but from last

    1 year i am having tremendous fall in my business and finance and from this June

    2012 i am losing my clients also.

    Please suggest when my business and finance will get improve.

    And also please tell me hows going to be my coming Mahadasha of Saturn and how

    this effect my life. as far as finance and profession is concern.


  16. I am Rajesh Born on 29th Dec 1983 and i am having serious problem with the sani and i have suffered a lot like accident, fracture and complete illness and even my personal reputation got spoiled. But, even now i am going through the same can anybody advise me when i will have a good time.

  17. Is it because of shani mahadasha I am not getting married date of birth 11 th october 1981time 12:55. Am name – sharandeep kaur arora

  18. Gangadhar Rao says:

    Name: Gangadhar Rao

    Mobile No.: 09963416601

    Email ID :

    Date Of Birth: 31 July 1977

    Time Of Birth:

    Place Of Birth : Khammam

    City: Khammam

    State: Andhra Pradesh

    Country: India

    Questions :
    Is Saturn Maha Dasha is in best position ?

    Is Saturn situated in a good house of my horoscope ?

    is saturn a pure benefic planet on my horoscope ?

    Please provide details ,thank you .

  19. Rajiv Ranjan Chaudhary says:

    I am Rajiv Ranjan Chaudhary DOB : 16.07.1969 place of birth – begusarai( bihar). time : 3 pm . Currently I am going through a very tough phase with no money or job with me. I shall be grateful if you can suggest something to improve my life. Since Feb 2006, i am struggling for stability in my sales career.


    I am a regular reader of your website. My DOB: 11.09.1949, Star: Aswini, Mesha Rasi. Please let me know my financial and job position as on date. Thanks in advance.

    K.N. Sankara Narayanan, Bangalore

  21. narendra says:

    Hi Astropeep, my dob is 4 Sep 1983 09:56 am in guntur. Pls. Let me know the shani mahadasha timings and if it is good r bad timings as per the sani position. Thanks in advance


  22. GURURAJU says:

    I am Gururaju my date of birth is 19 may 1968,place tumkur,time of birth-14 hrs Sunday,I am facing tough time in shani dasha when I will get good time until then pls tell the remedy guruji

  23. Why everybody is writing here as nobody is going to reply…you have to pay them their fees

  24. My Date of Birth is 15/08/1962 @ 3:10 AM at Bellary (15° 09′ N, 76° 55′ E). I have been facing horrific times, can you please suggest any remedies. I tell Vishnusahasranama, Navagraha stothra, Shanyastaka etc everyday. Do saligrama abhisheka and pooja., I am restless and loosing money especially in trading.


  25. Varsha Sharma says:

    Varsha Sharma

    My date of birth is 8.9.1967 at 3.30 a.m. at Delhi. I have been facing delays and some difficulties in most of my work. Please advice me some upayah.

  26. Jayashree says:

    DOB May, 23rd, 1954
    Time: 6:30AM
    Place: Bombay
    Currently going through Shnai Mahadasha. started from 2006.
    2006 to 2012 June went through excellent period. From June, 2012 going through worst period of life (second cycle of shani). Please explain.

  27. My DOB is Aug 15, 1978 Time 3;30 pm and POB is Dehra Dun.
    I lost my govt job and feeling extremely lost. Please see if I will get an equivalent job in near by future and will peace be restored back again in my life.


  28. my dob is march 29 1988 time 08:37pm and pob is thoothukudi i lost my job .when i get goverment job? if any bad news for my family? please tel?

  29. @Raghavendra,
    I noticed that you are doing trading, is it a share trading or otherwise. If share trading then I may be in a position to advise & help you.

  30. My dob is 13 june 1961
    time :12:00 exact at night
    place Sitapur

    please advice me for remedy …

  31. ram
    with my experience I would say shani mahadasha for a person will start exactly two years before the actual date its going to start. For example if your shani mahadasha is starting in march 2017, the sympotms of shani mahadasha will start in march 2015. Firstly some thing very good will happen like a job change,transfer which you are asking for etc., and that will ultimately end up with a mess finally losing job. One might lose money. I would say it starts with small symptoms but ends with a thunder probably in few months.Every thing will be finished in 3 to 4 months. I would say probably shani would leave you on streets by the time the actual mahadasha starts. I would advise readers to very very careful and take all preacautionery measures before the actual mahadasha period starts and do not be passive. Measures like not resigning the job etc. I am not an astrologer but a lay man. Probably I might have read hundreds of articles about people suffering due to this mahasha. It is strange to see astrologers taking example of Amitabachan and trying to tell us shani will bring good luck. Firstly you loose every thing and you will be on streets. People who love you will hate you and move away from you. Even parents, brothers, sisters etc.

  32. Hi my Date of birth is 12/09/1981 place is Gorakhpur and Time is 5:58pm(evening)
    Please help me with my life to face Shani Mahadasha which is going to start from April 2016.

  33. My name is Stanley . DOB : 18/07/1985 . birth time : 6.15 pm
    For the past 12 years , things have not gone right for me no matter what i do . I believe i should have reached in a better position in all aspects of my life compared to were i have reached today . Can you please tell me if i am under shani mahadasha and the positioning of saturn in my case ?

  34. Hi my name is prakash:DOB16-08-1971 Time 6:45Am Presntly iam undergoing ShaniMaha Dasa since 28-02-2008. Since then iam facing problems on all fronts, Health and wealth.
    Pls suggest me a remedy

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