Rahu Mahadasha:18 years period of success, greater heights, foreign travels and conflicts

Rahu Mahadasha (18 years) in Vedic Astrology

After the Shukra Mahadasha (20 years) and Shani Mahadasha (19 years), the Rahu Mahadasha is 18 years long in Vimshottari dasa system in Vedic Astrology. Rahu or the North Node of the Moon, the chaya graha-shadowy planets, rules three Nakshatras Aridra, Swati and Satabhisha and when Moon is in any of these nakshatra at birth, Rahu is the starting Mahadasa.

Rahu Mahadasha can be very harmful to many depending on its location and the aspects that natal rahu receives. Rahu Dasa always brings absence of  domestic harmony, there may be splits and separations in the family.  It is not uncommon that the native and his father; the native and his wife (or husband), or the native and his brothers may have internal conflicts and  no peace amongst themselves.

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Rahu- North Node

Rahu- North Node

 Rahu Mahadasha effects are highlighted below;
  • The peaceful atmosphere of the family will be suddenly disturbed.
  • Non-cooperation, quarrels and independent postures among the members will be the starting point.
  • A person passing through Rahu period becomes bold in his thoughts and actions; stoops to unconventional degrading actions and commits sins secretly and thereby incurring the displeasure and annoyance of other members in the family.
  • Members come to loggerheads usually, bringing disgrace to the family.
  • The reputation of the family will decline. The native develops heterodox tendencies and inclinations.
  • Frequent thefts in the family and loss of property.
  • Loss of cattle and other domestic animals like cows, buffaloes, bulls, horses, dogs, pet birds, poultry by diseases, or theft.
  • Loss of crops through natural calamities, fire, thefts, rodents, etc. The expected income will shrink.
  • Servants, maid-servants, cooks, or drivers of vehicles will indulge in thefts.
  • Delivery of domestic animals like cows, buffaloes or dogs usually occur during this period.
  • The dwelling house begins to show signs of wear and tear sooner than normal. There may be accidents of fire, electric shocks, short circuits, burning of electric bulbs, etc. The wiring system may demand repairs. It these are not attended to immediately dangers and losses will multiply.
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  • The house becomes a favorite resort for bandicoots, rats, mosquitoes, bugs, cockroaches, lizards, ants, spiders, and other pests. Even those residing in new buildings cannot escape these pests during Rahu MahaDasha.
  • Frequent visits by relations on some pretext or the other will be a common feature. This will be a source of nuisance to the family, especially as mutual co-operation among the members of the family is lost.
  • Interference of the relatives or other in the internal affairs of the family will be common. Well-wishers may turn into enemies.

Effect of Rahu in houses

  • The Dasa of Rahu may be marked by bereavements. Father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sisters, brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, aunts or uncles and their family circles will be the source of such sorrowful news. Sickness, deaths and other untoward incidents will be the order of Rahu Dasa.
  • Change of residence or town for some reason or the other will be forced on the family. Families going on pilgrimages should be careful about their children and belongings. The children are likely to be lost. While taking baths in rivers or tanks, danger of drowning to native or dependents is likely.
  • Vehicles like cars, motor cycles, cycles and other means of conveyances and everything that contribute torahu-ketu-sarpa-dosha-nivaran-copper-ring2 happiness and the comforts of the family are apt to go out of order. They may necessitate constant repairs or get stolen. Expenditure will go up, while the comforts go down.
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What happens when women are running the Rahu Mahadasha:
  • Women running Rahu Mahadasa develop masculine traits. They become bold and shrewd. They create a hell of nuisance and problems for their husbands who feel that they are very unfortunate to have married such unworthy women. Such women seldom make good and faithful housewives.
  • They are more fit for service as nurses or school mistresses or cooks who will enjoy freedom of movement without check.
  • Quarrels in the family will be a regular and recurring feature due to their arrogant attitude. In the case of women, the wife also suffers hell on account of a non-co-operative and arrogant husband. The husband generally turns a gambler or a drunkard. The family suffers ruin.
  • In extreme cases, one will stoop to committing incest also with near and dear relatives secretly. Even relations as close as sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles,- sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, or sons-in- law are not spared. This extreme tendency is noticed if Rahu is associated with the Moon, Venus and Mars in the 9th or the 3rd in a nativity.
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  • In service, there may be unwelcome changes. One may incur the displeasure of wrath of superiors and be subjected to penal torture and humiliations.
  • Rahu is unconventional, encourages widow marriages. He is a social reformer. Intercaste marriages come under the purview of Rahu, who is antireligious. Rahu does not straight away confer benefits on a native without grabbing some of the valuable, genuine and legitimate possessions of a family.
  • A family will be deprived of many of its benefits before actual enjoying new benefits. Acquisition of power, authority and fortune come about accompanied by upheavals.
  • Rahu in the signs owned by Venus gives more than two marriages (legal or illegal). Practical observations reveal that Rahu in the 2nd house particularly in the signs owned by Mars gives a long term of loneliness after the death of the spouse. Irrespective of the house tenanted by Rahu, the above mentioned results will manifest themselves during its tenure.
Remedies during unfavorable Rahu Mahadasha, anatardasha, periods.


  1. Sir, I have told my poojari that you are in a rahumahadasha it is started from 1/3/2010.my birthdate is 15/09/1984 place of birth pune,time 3.30 pm
    i cant understand everything is going wrong with me what to do i cant understand,I am hopeless with my situation,what i do i cant understand,pls guide me I am waiting for replay

    • utture v m says:

      R/ sir,

      My son birth date is 21/10/1985 and from Rahu Maharashtra is from 2000 He is now 29 years but very angry and his education also not up to level no any type of success in life he is married now but not ok with his wife also they quarrel and many time comes to divorce level now she is pregnant How much time this is happen with him and when he come out from all trouble and live with happiness in his life

    • ajay vohra says:

      My date of birt is 20-07-1976.time is 16:15. Please tell me about dasha in my kundli and remedy for it

    • Nisha
      Sir, myself nisha s … born on march 23 1989… am in last stage of rahu mahadasha.. next year it will end at november 2017… i lost my love.. am 27 now.. my family is very much worried about my marriage…my goodness is this year i visited almost all temple this year…. all parigaram as well done this year.. could u pls tell me when i will get married..
      My rashi kanya rashi..hastha nakshatra

      • By god Nisha, I am Abhi. Also born on March 23rd 1989. Hasta nakshtra too.8.40 AM.

        Still going through Rahu mahadasha, with a super bad sade sati ending in november 2014.but mine will go on till 2019. I suspect yours will too. But I’m not an astro. I just applied the law of commonality. So you might want to recheckm

        My first crush was named Nisha,lost her. Never got around to express my feelings for her. Maybe she knew,but she went with someone else.

        The first real love ended in so much pain that I’m still unable to get over it,even though it went on-off for 4 years after a breakup. And since last 3 years we drifted apart,as I couldn’t handle the pain of being in such an on-off relationship where my feelings had no value. 1 year ago I finally stopped talking to her. And it’s still Killing me ,while she’s enjoying life with people all over.some karma.

        Another girl who momentarily helped me out before her Job took her away ,was also named Nisha and I lost her too.

        Just like a girl is worried so much about her marriage,A guy is worried about his career.mine is totally destroyed due to depression and bad family support during this phase. Lost all friends,i talk to no-one. ( I hardly say more than 25 words a day,because neither I have some one to speak to, nor do I feel like talking.)

        The coincidences are too much to make me suspect that all kanya rashi – hastha nakshtra Borns in ’89 are suffering tremendously.

        I know nobody comes again to blogs like this after posting,but I hope you will. Maybe we can find similarities in our ordeals and help other hastha Borns along wlthe way.

        • Dear Nisha/Abhi
          Problems you have facing are not related to Rahu Mahadasha. This is love problems today’s world in any mahadasha you will have to face this problems. True Love never leave you if it do it was not true love.

      • Me also same problem if ur interested am ready to marry you.
        [email protected]
        Waiting for your reply

      • Hello Nisha..Lakshmi here..
        I am going through the same problem as yours..13th March 1990 27 Years..list job..lost love..fought with Parents for my love..I want to know if u got your love back..when rahumahadesha is over will it give back the true lost love??..please help me I am desperate

    • Raju Anbhorkar says:

      Your Rahu is in Taurus sign.Rahu is situated in 6th house. Rahu aspects 10th, 12th, 2nd house and aspected by Mars,Ketu.
      There will be good chances of entering into profitable deals. If you have applied for loans, then you might get finances. Minor health ailment could also be possible. You will be able to balance professional and domestic commitments intelligently and give your best to both these vital aspects of life. Your cherished desires will be fulfilled with difficulty but will ultimately bring you prosperity fame and good income or profits. You will emerge as winner in competition and successful in interviews.

    • My DOB is 11th Aug 1992 I have been going through severe pain and unhappiness .Till now I have not got Job and I have missing my sweetheart . And I am staying far from my family. What I will do

      • My DOB is 11th Aug 1992 I have been going through severe pain and unhappiness .Till now I have not got Job and I have a break up . And I am staying far from my family. What I will do


  2. I believe RAHU mahadasha is not all bad, one can hope to gain knowledge, and advance in career and business during this period.

  3. Balachandar S says:

    My DOB is 23 12 1987 6:40am kolar(place)
    Things are going bad day by day….when eill my rahu mahadasa end..

    • 26th july,2023

      • kumarabalan says:

        Dear sir im kumarabalan from malaysia,d.o.b 25 may 1979 time birth 4.00 am friday.im going thru a very hard time due to rahu dhasa…started from 2005..a lot of bad things happen in my life,i lost my police job,married twice and divorce,got shoot to dead a criminal for the 1 st time in my service as policeman,mt an accident,till now i dont have a proper job,misundrstanding wt family members all,my mom pasd away,after long time back to my famly,suddnly my dad fall for sick..now none of my family members talking to me,friends all avoid me.alot of debt…sucide attempt twice…now im just keep calm n ignore evryone,i just scared something more bad happen to me…pls advice me …to over come ts situation..

        • I though only I was in trouble but after seeing you I will say mine is less.Only one advice be calm patient and have faith.This will only help.Also do not loose you balance and don’t give up.

        • Anonymous says:

          Go to Thirumala and have Darshan of Lord Balaji. Lord Venkateshwara. Don’t do anything else. No other remedy is required. Take a dip in Swami Pushkarani pond next to the temple. That is enough.

        • Hi, For Rahu, Durgai Amman is the Controlling Deity. For any kind of Rahu Trouble, Pray to Durga during Rahu Kalam. This will be as smooth as anything. Read any possible sloka of Durga and light ghee lamp during rahu kalam. Things will turn to positive.

  4. My DOB 4/4/1965, time 9.45 am, place PUNE (Maharashtra)
    I am undergoing Rahu Mahadasha since 2001, The first setback of Rahu Mahadasha, was that I lost my father in sept. 2001, and after 2004 everything is going wrong with me in my business, my relations with family brothers, mother) and now I am facing severe financial problem.

    In my Kundali, Rahu is in conjuction with Guru in First house, and Rahi in First house is taurus and My Rashi is Mesha.
    Do I have to do Rahu Shanti or any other rituals?

  5. Avinaswh says:

    Its certainly not that bad. In Rahu maha Dasha I got multiple promotions and I worked in US for 6 years. This is the best period for creativity.

    • Viresh arora says:

      Please don’t utter if you don’t understand Astrology. You may be lucky to have escaped from the clutches. All the people taking to the blog are sufferers and want solution to their problems. The placement of Rahu with its affliction other planets judges the outcome. Sense of wisdom should prevail within you. Are you writing to enlighten people about your achievements! Keep silent rather hurting anguished sufferers.

  6. Read Rahu kavacham with Durga stotrams daily and see the results , Also doing Rahu kaal pooja on tuesdays , doing chandi havan continiously for 5 years will also helps to remove bad effects of entire rahu mahadasha , hope this helps u.

  7. date of birth 28/4/1988 birth place -balaghat mp time 12:30am things are going bad

    • laksmy77 says:

      Hi Richa,
      You are undergoing Rahu dasha and shani bhukthi , this is the most troubling period in the entire Rahu mahadasha ., so you have to read Rahu kavacham with Durga stotrams daily and also do shani pooja on saturdays like diya with sesame seeds oil and betel leaves mala to lord hanumanji will help , If any durga devi temple is around your place do keep visiting the temple often also doing Rahu kaal pooja on every tuesdays lighting lemon diya will also help If chandi havan is conducted in durga temples , participating in chandi havan during this bhukthi will help reduce Rahu’s bad effects . hope this helps u.

    • vivek banzal says:

      if any person is in rahu maha dasha do not feel affaried .i have a solution to convert the rahu mahadsha benficial.the simple solution is .just plant one tree every year .& just see the magic of this trick..

  8. hi i am born on 15-09-1990.. things r going bad in my life. is it due to rahu dasha. plz tell me d remedies 2 reduce or please lord rahu.. thanks

  9. details- born on 15-09-1990. bhopal madhya pradesh. time 9.50- 9.55 am.

  10. purushotham s joshi says:

    Who ever the people are facing with rahu mahadasha, please make sure u visit shakthi temple means “durga”.. in kerala.. there is one famous temple near kannur called madaykavu bhadrakali temple please visit every year and see the changes u will get relieved… as i am also facing the same dasha also met with accidents etc.. now by mother grace i am relieved..

  11. karamjit says:

    I am born 15th may 1971, i think there is rahu dasa since 1998 till 2016, which i just found out
    what does that mean
    also i can’t read birth charts there is a rahu and mars in same house that is 7th house, what does that mean and how to remidify
    hope you can help

  12. Shivaji Rao.R says:

    I am born in 08/11/1955 in Bangalore at present i am having rahu dasa since 2000 and I have lost all my hard earnings i am not able to take any decisions can you guide me the remedies from this problem I have 2 sons around 29 and 30 years i am not able to take any decision regarding their marriage as i am penniless will thing happen in right way kindly guide me.

  13. charanjit says:

    Dob17.1.78 time3:05 place bhubaneswar odisha . I am struggling a lot to get success but have failed till now. I am BE mechanical engineer and married wit two kids. What should i do

  14. samira gupta says:

    Sir, my dob is 7.8.76 place of birth Kolkata, time of birth:9.15 am…i been told i vl enter rahu mahadasha during next year mid onwards….i am already going through legal battle since last 5 years when will it be end then? Will i ever get my divorce and have a peaceful life?

  15. Mallikarjuna Reddy says:

    My date of birth 06 the July 1962 and time of birth is 07.45 AM. My condition is very bad. Pl help for my future life

  16. Dear sir with lots of hope I am writing to you believing for a help
    my dob 20 july 19th and time 6.54 am at patna
    my husband’s is 24th October 1973 and time 8.05 am at delhi.
    We are going with hell lots of problems.
    Financial career and what not.
    Please help us to make our life better .

  17. Hi iam mayur,

    Due to rahu mahadasha going iam able to learn how to to control our emmotion


  18. Siri I am going under Rahu dasha thts why lost all career and I have rahu puja with sankalpa till date doing JAP regular way ..
    When I can get job ?? DoB 16.021979 Time 10.31 PM FRIDAY ..Pls give me your valuable reply it will be motivate my self…Pls pls Urgent Basis

  19. Sir I have done rahu puja and till date doing Jap …I lost my job suddenly and that is unexpected event .. now few new job calls getting but not mature ..when I can get good job ? Already I have passed through jap 32 days ..DOB 16.02.1979 10.31 PM .Pls reply on my mail id very very very urgent

  20. Sir
    I am going under rahu mahadasha since July 2014 after that suddenly loose my job .After that In January 2015 I have done Rahu Puja Started from Saturday onwards and Done Sankalpa till now Doing Jap everyday in the evening .. When I can get Good job ?? When i will relief from All Negative vibe ?? Sankalpa Started from 10th Jan2015 ..Now a days Getting few Calls related to Job but not getting Mature ..

    Pls reply now it is very imprt for me … DOB 16.02.1979 ,TIME 10.31 PM KOLKATA

    • Hi Partha,
      You are not undergoing Rahu dasha , Since you are undergoing Shani maha dasha , you are facing so many hurdles . Rahu dasha already ended in the yr 1988 itself accd to your kundali. Right now you are undergoing Shani Maha dasha from the yr 2004 and it will last upto yr 2023. you need to visit shani bhagvan temple or do navagraha pradakshina , also read shani kavach if not daily atleast on saturdays ,also can make betel leaves mala to lord hanumanji and reading hanuman chalisa also helps . Lighting till oil diya in front of navagraha on saturdays, Serving food to poor and helping them on saturdays also counts a lot . hope this helps you.

    • Gursewak Singh Sohal says:

      Hey Partha………. who told you that you are undergoing Rahu mahadasha..???…. According the DOB, Time of Birth, Place of Birth given by you,( DOB 16.02.1979 ,TIME 10.31 PM KOLKATA) Actually, You are undergoing Guru Mahadasha from 24 July 2003 to 24 july 2019……………At Present you are under the Mars antrdasha and Jupiter Mahadasha….. The problem is your Retrograde Jupiter in the 10th house. It is the house of carrier………. But… Not a big issue…….. and dont worry………….Do not perform any lal kitaab upaya and Do not wear any Gemstone……… Just do one thing….. Do the jaap of Guru Beej mantra…. (AUM Graam Greem Graum seh: Guruve namah.)….Only 1 mala of 108 beads…1 mala of KLEEM mantra…..but chant slowly…….Do it for 30 Days. Its may belief that you will see the change definitely……Be vegeterian……Be happy……Your future is full of joy…….. A..U..M..

  21. Hello Sir, My DOB is 25/11/1987 (05:30 AM) Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh. i’m going through very bad period. Please suggest something.

  22. Dear sir
    I am suffering from following problems
    1-my job was sacked (was woking at Bahrain )for no valid reason –now jobless
    2-married for 10 years no child

    Please advice me sir
    Name Arunkrishna Kan
    Latitude 13.12.N
    Longitude 79.35.E
    Place Tiruttani
    Ayan 023-23-29
    Ayan Type Lahiri
    Sunrise 06.00.34
    Sunset 18.14.58
    Tithi Chaturdasi
    Yoga Siddha
    Asc Sagittarius
    Asc Lord JUP
    Rasi Leo
    Rasi Lord SUN
    Star – Pada Magha-2
    Star Lord KET
    Karan Visit
    Bal. Dasa Ket 4 Y 0 M 11 D

    With regard

    • what is your tob?

      • Arunkrishna says:

        I am mechanical engineer
        Was working as Maintenanc engineers

        • No, I asked you what is your time of birth?

          • Arunkrishna says:

            Time of birth 13.25 pm

          • arunkrishna says:

            Name Arunkrishna k v ,DOB=13-9-1966,time =1.25pm
            Latitude 13.12.N
            Longitude 79.35.E
            Place Tiruttani,tamil Nadu India

          • laksmy77 says:

            Sir, your Rahu dasha started in the yr 2013 and it will last upto yr 2031.. Thats how its not a very harmonious period for you. I would say , doing Rahu kaal pooja on every tuesdays during Rahu kaalam to Pratyangira devi will be very beneficial ,lighting lemon diyas in mustard oil to goddess Durga will also help , Read rahu kavacham everyday , Do navagraha pradakshinam on every saturdays ,donating black urad dhal , Feeding dogs also will help a lot during this period, Hope this helps you.

  23. Namaskaar,
    My DOB:01-07-67, tob:9.55 PM ; POB:Moradabad, UP. I understand my Rahu Mahadasha has started. Kindly guide as I am facing multiple health problems, disinterest & depressive tendencies, and stagnation in career.
    Many thanks in advance for guidance.
    Thanks & regards.

  24. Namskar Sir
    My DOB : 24 march 1977 , 5.30 ( morning ) , Place : Mumbai, SOmebody has recently told me that I am going through Rahu mahadasha. After lot of problem I have been facing since last 15 Years , I did not understand – what’s going wrong in all front, Currently i am facing health issue, please guide me. waiting for your reply.

    Thank you so much,

  25. My date of birth is 03:Jan:1985, time is 15:30, place bhagalpur,Bihar, please let me know when my good time Will start? When will I get married? Why is it delayed? 🙁

  26. v v bhat says:

    my date of birth is 19/03/1963, time 1.30 am., place of birth – kasaragod dist.kerala state. Every thing going against me. Please advise via e-mail along with remedies.

  27. Hello Sir, My DOB is 25/11/1987 (05:45 AM) Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh. i’m going through very bad period. I lost my career, started business but not getting success. Lots of loss. I came to know that I’m under Rahu Maha Dasha. Please help me. Please suggest something. Thanks in advance.

  28. preetika says:

    sir, my DOB is 2/9/1989 ( 21:24 Pm) Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh. I am running through rahu mahadasha Ketu antardasha, I had lost my job, inspite of various attempts I am facing bad effects and obstacle in my career. Pls suggest, Any possibilties of getting job ( Which Kind of Job I will carry on ? Private/ Government. I have also done Kal sarp ppoja for navgrah shanti

  29. gupteswar dash says:

    sir,my dob:6th august 1988.place of birth:berhampur(orissa)…nothing is going in favour of me..left my ob this month trying for better oppurtunities..can u plz help me?

  30. gupteswar dash says:

    time of birth:(7:15am)

  31. Nomita mishra says:

    My Date of birth 23 Feb 1978 TIME: 6:35 PM place : Lucknow. Leo lagan
    I want to know my future- profession, health, marriage life, financial condition. I’m going through very hard phase I lost my job. If any gem Recommendation. As rahu mahadasha is about to start soon and it is placed in 2 house

    • Astrologer says:

      Nomita, sent reply to mailbox

    • Raju Anbhorkar says:

      Hi Nomita, you don’t neet to worry about Rahu Mahadasha as its in 2nd house, which gives benefic results.But save as much as you can, for Shani Antardasha of Rahu Dasha which will be from 9th April 2021 to 14th Feb 2024 having most adverse effects, there will be minor health issues & hard work aspecting 3rd house, marital will be good aspecting 7th house but issues regards to work. Till 8th April 2021 have a ball of a time as on going Rahu Dasha has started from 3rd March 2016. Rahu Dasha & Antar Dasha as followed

      RAH -18 Years
      2/ 3/16 – 2/ 3/34
      RAH 14/11/18: Benefic in regards 2nd House
      JUP 8/ 4/21: Benefic results in regards 11th house.
      SAT 14/ 2/24. Malefic in regards 1st house, benefic 7th house (this house reflects, spouse, partnership, daily wages)
      MER 2/ 9/26 Benefic in regards 7th & 1st house.
      KET 20/ 9/27 Malefic in regards 8th & 2nd house,
      VEN 20/ 9/30. Benefic in regards 7th & 1st house.( As Venus represents beauty, you must be having a handsome spouse)
      SUN 14/ 8/31. Benefic in regards 7th & 1st house
      MON 14/ 2/33: Malefic in regards 1st house, 7th house
      MAR 2/ 3/34: Benefic in regards 10th, 1st & 2nd house.

      Overall most amazing Kundli I have came across. Other than moon, ketu & saturn ( which is partly malefic) all other planets placed well. BudhAditya Yog in 7th house which is beneficial for Spouse, PartnerShip, Daily Wages. Also you will be having handsome spouse.

      • Dear Sir
        I am going through hell of my life.
        My DOB 06-02-68 6th February 68
        Time 7.50 Am Delhi
        I have Rahu placed in 2 ND house.
        Never imagined that so many hardships would be encountered.
        Totally devastated professional wise financial family settlement all fronts.
        Some say Rahu is creating all thses problems other say it’s because of Mercury.
        Even Sun and other planets are wrongly placeed.

        I have been not given right advice and looking for someone who can really point out the real problems. It have been over 30 years consulting astrologers.
        Stuggling and juggling with so many issues that am verge of ending life.
        Financially so many loans are running. No savings invested heavy in real Estates.doomed. Some suggested Mangal would benefit but reverse has happened.
        Please could you advise.

  32. Pranaams!
    I’m told that currently Rahu mahadasha with Sun antardasha. I am facing tough time, but still continue my routine visits to temple. My DOB 06/Sep/1986 Time: 11:30am, Place: Kolkata. How is the current period and coming years for me?

  33. Amit sharma says:

    My date dob 24 Nov. 1976
    5:55 pm, Gurgaon, haryana
    Rahu mahadasha is running facing health realated problems. Please advise

  34. Neeraj Sharma says:

    DOB 26-July-1991
    3.45 PM Bilaspur HP
    Facing Job Related Problem

  35. Shankar Iyer says:

    From: Shankar Iyer

    DOB 03/04/1965
    2.34 AM Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu
    I am facing health problems as well unhappiness in office environment, Please advise

  36. Shivapriya says:

    I am writing this with lots of hope and belief. I recently heard that Rahur dasha started for me sometime last year and will continue for 18 years. I am working as software engineer. Recently there were some hurdles at work and for the last few days I am observing a quiet period (thank god for that). Last year I had fights with my husband many times. Now I am learning to control myself. We have 2 kids (6 year old daughter and 4 year old son). Will my rahur affect our kids? My daughter is in rahur too. It would be a great help if I could know what major problems are on my way and what prayers/poojas would help me to solve the problems in personal/family/professional lives. I am waiting for your valuable reply.

  37. My Dob 13.Presentely rahu maha and anter dash r going what we can do

  38. Sir My DOB is 24.05.69, Simha Rasi/ Maga and simha Lagna. I have Rahu and venus in the 8th house as per moon sign. Jupiter in 2nd with Kethu. Please can you give your suggestion for the near starting 18 yr Rahu mahadasa.

  39. I am gunjan Mehta I am a girl. My age is, 20″

    Sir my birth date is, 11th August 95 n time of birth is 00:30 of night of 10th August
    Place of birth is noida
    I m going through mental tension these days
    Life is getting hell day by day
    I wanted to know when would I get free of fears
    Mahadasha of Rahu end is going on with pratiantar Dasha of Venus. I need ur urgent g
    Help plzz help me

    • Swami samarth says:

      Start to say rahu mantra everyday. Nothing is happen.Always think good. Be positive. Think always positive. Whenever u free take gods name.

  40. My dob is 12.01.1985
    I want to knw abt my business prospects…
    Presently no work…

  41. Hello sir my dob is 20-07-1989 nd time is 2:34 pm
    Place of birth is calcutta
    I am suffering from rahu mahadasha nd it causes problems like hell in my life,, had lots of lose of money nd family relationships,, it feels like nothing has left in my life,, i dont have a stable thinking feels like suicide many times,, very much stressed plz help me,,
    Plz reply me nd suggest me wat should i do,, i am feeling very helpless…

    • vijay vittala says:

      chant durga mantras,vishnu sahasranama,hanuman ashtottra, worship vishnu, durga, shiva, hanuman, ragavendra swami, go to temple and do pradakshina namaskara, donate food to poor people this will save you i also suffered from rahu dasha this helped me a lot.

  42. I ma born on 5th march 1990 at 2.10 pm in Mumbai. I have recently graduated and am looking for a job. I am getting contract small time jobs with unstable income. I am really frustrated as no matter how many efforts I put in, I am unable to get a decent job. Kindly advise me on what to do.

  43. I respect your blog and regular followers.I wrote my details twice in this article but still waiting for your reply.I request u to please pay kind attention to my birth chart once if u have time

    My DOB is 10.3.1975
    Time. 2:45 PM
    Place :::: Kanpur ( UP)

    Currently I am wearing gomed
    My questions are as below

    1) I am facing lot of family trouble
    Specially from father and brother

    2) how will be my Saturn mahadasha

    3) any other gem reqd pl advice me

    I’m in big trouble

    Waiting for your valuable suggestions


  44. Namaskar sir.. I am a regular follower of your tremendous blog, I have some questions .
    Birthdate : 08 January 1990
    Time : 00:10 AM
    Place : Saharanpur

    Currently my situation is not good , facing lot of problems in career side as well as family side, I am leaving far from my family .. Can u pls let me know from when my good period starts.
    Currently running under Rahu Mahadasha.

  45. hello Sir, My date of birth is 3 April 1988 birth place is Karachi birth time 11:15pm
    sir I’m facing so much problems about my marriage issue , my mother health issue . can you please tell me when will I get married ? when will things get better in my life I will be very thankful if you help me out

  46. IAS Bibhash Mishra says:

    I think some astrologer need to more study about Rahu, they always fly rummer about rahu . according to my perception rahu is real hero of life, Health, Government Job, Fame, Extreme good personality Top level Government job, High profile life, Leadership, Higher IIT engineers, IAS officers, “Crorepati Yog” .. all are only few example of rahu mahadasha, i can give a planty of example where in rahu mahadasha spacial in “Astam bhav rahu” gives the tremendus “Rajyog”

    Hey Rahu Dev, You Are Realy Hero ..

    • dear guruji,
      i have problems in life
      Birth date 30-09-1979
      time 16-00
      place Anjar-gujarat

      problem is my hidden enemies . since 2002-03

      8 house sani guru rahu

      plz help me …

  47. Viresh arora says:

    Dear Sirs
    My DOB is 06-02-68
    Time 7. 50 AM Delhi
    I am suffering from Rahu mahadasha
    I am struggling with my career. I have invested my 10 years savings becoz I was told Venus in rahu would give me excellent results.
    I had taken a big loan thinking this period would give me prosperity but it became the opposite.
    Now some one told me I suffering from pitradosh as well.
    Please advise.

    • Er. Bibhash Mishra says:

      Viresh jee

      kindly wear yellow shaffire (peela sri lanka pokhraaj) on thursday in index fingure and do vishnu pooja on every thursday for better result

      Kind Regards
      Bibhash Mishra

  48. Navdeep Kaur says:

    Hello sir
    My name is Navdeep Kaur dob : 23/4/84 time 2:30pm Batala (Punjab) tell me plz about marriage

    • Er. Bibhash Mishra says:


      your lagna is singh “Leo” , and rashi is makar “capricorn”, due to “mangal dosh” on lagna as well as navmansa chart your merriege is being delay . Gochar guru till sep 2016 would be helpful for your merriege, There are big potential of merrige between January 2016 t0 july 2016, kindly wear Peela pokhraj along with burma pearl and do vishnu pooja on thursday continuousy till merriege

  49. my date of birth is 18/19-08-2015. time 2.15 am. Simha rasi and uttarphalguni star. Please suggest some remedies.

    • 1974..typo mistake..

      • Er. Bibhash Mishra says:

        Dear madhuri,

        your lagna is mithun and rashi singh. you are under Rahu Mahadasha Period, you were not mention about yr question that you want to know, by the way there would be some kinds of house related issue in this period, rahu is good position in your kundali kindly wear “Siloni Gomed” And do monday fasting for better result

  50. hello sir,
    My name is Kavipriya, DOB:26-04-1992 birthtime-3.37pm place of birth: Tiruvannamalai (Tamilnadu).
    Sir i am trying for a job more than 2 and half years, eventhough i cleared the competitive exams, and done my interview well finally i couldnot make it.. please sir tell me when will i get a job

    • Er. Bibhash Mishra says:


      There are Top class rajyog in your birth chart, Your Lagna is Kanya(Vergo), and Rashi is Makar (Capricorn)

      Just Wait you will get Extremely fantastic job between May 2016 to Dec 2018

      Between dec 2018 to march 2021 you carrier would be fully settled

      try in Educational line or in government line
      Kindly wear Peela Pokhraaj and Brazil Panna for job
      do vishnu pooja in thursday also

  51. SRINIVASAN says:

    Hi Sir.
    My Name is Srinivasan and running dasa Surya (26-06-1970), how my future?

    • Er. Bibhash Mishra says:


      You are not mentioned your Birth time And Birth Place, Data is Incomplete

      • Sir my dob is 3 January 1985, 3:30pm, bhagalpur, bihar
        I am going through Rahu Mahadasha .
        Please let me know when will my good time start

        • Er. Bibhash Mishra says:


          why you are so worried about Rahu, You are already in good period, your lagna & Rashi both is “Vrishabh” Taurus . According to your chart Rahu giving a Top Rajyog, Rahu will give you Government job, try in government sector you will get government job till August 2018 (Rahu Dasha-sukra anterdasha) , Do Continuously Friday Fasting (Vaibhav Laxmi pooja) . kindly wear a Siloni Gomed and one Blue Jercon for bright future.. As Rahu and Moon is in close Degree so it might be divert from yr goal. all the Best

  52. jagichanurya says:

    Sir my husband’s dob is 5th august 1968. He is running rahu mahadasa since 2012. He lost his job one and half year ago. He is trying very hard. But no use. He is not getting calls. We are in deep trouble. Can u please tell me when he will get a job?

  53. Dear Sir,

    When will I get married. we are searching a guy from long time. How will my husband be?
    My Thursday are generally very bad
    Please guide

  54. Nikhalesh jain says:

    I m sunny my dob is 13/9/93 time 6:03 pm I want to know that rahu gives height so is it possible to increase my height
    I have another questions too what is my zodiac sign n how is my future. Plz plz plz rly sir

    • Er. Bibhash Mishra says:


      your lagna is meen, and rashi is kark “Cencer” . According to your question any planet is working more effectively in his Mahadasha Only, you are not in Rahu mahadasha Period, presently you are under Venus Mahadasha. Due to combination of moon and venus you would be more successful in business compare to job, try in Any kinds of liquid related or food related business, kindly wear Burma Pearl+ Yellow jercon for better future

      All the Best

      • Nikhalesh jain says:

        Thanks very much…..sir my academic records was very good in school but in college I don’t know what happened everything destroy.i have vry few frnds many time I thought to kill my self but I don’t……..
        Plz plz plz sir help m out…..
        Sir as u told m to do business but I want to become an actor so is there any possibility….. Or m i succeed in government job or not…plz sir suggest me

  55. vinayakk kulkarnie says:

    My Dob is 28/08/1973
    Place of birth pimpri
    Time of birth 6.20am

    Going thru bad time in job as well as with finance for last 20 years.
    When will this change and when is rahu dasha starting and is it good or bad for me.
    How many more years of suffering in my life.
    Please guide me.
    Waiting for reply.

    • Astrologer says:

      sent a detailed mail to you inbox. In case you have not received it, chk spam or bulk folders.

      • Viresh arora says:

        Dear Sir
        I am going through hell of my life.
        My DOB 06-02-68 6th February 68
        Time 7.50 Am Delhi
        I have Rahu placed in 2 ND house.
        Never imagined that so many hardships would be encountered.
        Totally devastated professional wise financial family settlement all fronts.
        Some say Rahu is creating all thses problems other say it’s because of Mercury.
        Even Sun and other planets are wrongly placeed.

        I have been not given right advice and looking for someone who can really point out the real problems. It have been over 30 years consulting astrologers.
        Stuggling and juggling with so many issues that am verge of ending life.
        Financially so many loans are running. No savings invested heavy in real Estates.doomed. Some suggested Mangal would benefit but reverse has happened.
        Please could you advise.


  56. My date of birth is 03:Jan:1985, time is 15:30, place bhagalpur,Bihar, please let me know when my good time Will start? When will I get married? Why is it delayed? How will my husband be…

  57. My date of birth is 03:Jan:1985, time is 15:30, place bhagalpur,Bihar, please let me know when my good time Will start? When will I get married? Why is it delayed? How will my husband be?

  58. My date of birth is 06:dec:1984, time is 21:40, place meerut up, please let me know when my good time Will start? When will I get married? Why is it delayed? How will my husband be?

  59. My DOB:27.3.1973,time: 8.00 a.m, place Palghat, Kerala. I am going through Rahu Mahadasa and Sade Sath. Can you please advise me if it is good or bad phase. Please advise prayers.

  60. Dear Sir,
    My D.O.B is 12 Nov 1980,Place is Bombay Maharashtra,Time of Birth is 4:08 PM.I have been told that my SADE-SATI has commenced and i will have RAHU MAHADASHA next year.I have already lost my professional standing and incurred a huge loss due to my business partner.PLS advise how to make things better and how is the future for me.
    Best Regards

  61. Vipin Arora says:

    DOB 17-06-1972. time 00:15 hrs. Place : Lucknow, (UP). astrology charts say Rahu mahadasha starts next year. What precautions to be taken. Thank you

  62. DOB: 14-04-1975 time 8.00 or 7.45 a.m. Place: Secunderabad, Telangana. I am not sure about time since lagna changes too. I finished Rahu Dasha now (First Half – 9 years very great, Second half worst in life – lost almost everything gained in first half and some from other Dasha period). I am not seeing the effect of Jupiter Dasha yet even though it started now. I still feel like I am in Rahu Dasha. Its like getting discharged out of a Hospital but still feeling the pain and scar. I am almost numb to pain and suffering now. PLS advise what to do.

  63. NEERU SHARMA says:

    My daughter “s name is niharika sharma d.o.b 26;07;2002. at 2;18 pm new delhi . she has been told she is having rahu mahadasha…kindly advise some remedies

    • Namasthe..sir
      my name ashwini..
      my date of birth is 03-03-1989. Place of birth kumta karnataka.india . Time is 7.55 p.m . Day is friday. As my birth kundali my rashi is dhanu and nakshatra is poorvashada 4th pada. As astrologer says for me from 23-10-2015 rahu dasa started and it is ther for 18yrs. Now for me rahu dasa rahu bukthi.astrolger told rahu in navamsha chart its in 5th place.i am facingproblem in conciving. I am facing profecional life financial life problems as I am doctor my clinic practice is nothing its gowing down totally.i feel little stress.i am not active.my menstrual cycle becoming vary. And I am married on august 31 2014 .one yr more over. I am trying for getting pregnant but ther is no result. Its delaying. But one good thing happened is I am moving from rental house to my own house. So pls can you tell me remedy for rahu dasa kala bad effect and kindly give me solution for my problem. My husband venugopal date of birth is November 24th 1983. Mithuna rashi punarvasu nakshatra .Time 9.55 a.m .day is thursday. Place dharmapuri tamil nadu.

      My email id is [email protected]
      Kindly reply soon sir. Awaiting for reply

  64. Dear sir .
    Born 4-11-1988 , Chennai night 11.40 pm . lots of problems and hurdles . now having higher mental stress . Im running through rahu dhasa . I know I will die quickly . I want to pray for my father ,mother and my family . atleast the god will save them ,

  65. Dear Sir,

    My date of birth is 28-09-1989 time: 3.30 pm , from my childhood i have bad name in the family, have no mental though i do good to people , i dont have any friends and dear ones.. no relationship will be good with me though i do my best to keep people happy never they will be happy with my behavior , my mind becomes rigid and stubborn.. marriage is also not happening after seeing so many machtes also..

    it seems i will enter into rahu dasa in 2017 im already half dead with all the problems i faced in life.. i am scared to how life will be from 2017… please please please reply how my life will be and what can help my life to be good

  66. rajnigupta says:

    Dear Sir, My son is 31 yrs.dob-28.2.84,1.30 pm Delhi.He has left my house but comes on weekends. He is unmarried. I am very disturbed.Someone has told me that he has rahi mahadasa.please suggest some remedies for marriage and he come back home.
    A troubled mother

  67. mukesh jawa says:

    Dear sir
    My dob is 14/6/1965-3-30 afternoon at gondal rajkot gujarat.i am having worst time financialy and business.kindly suggest me remedy

  68. Dear Sir,

    My date of birth is 28-09-1989 time: 3.30 pm , from my childhood i have bad name in the family, have no mental peace though i do good to people , i dont have any friends and dear ones.. no relationship will be good with me though i do my best to keep people happy never they will be happy with my behavior , my mind becomes rigid and stubborn.. marriage is also not happening after seeing so many machtes also..

    it seems i will enter into rahu dasa in 2017 im already half dead with all the problems i faced in life.. i am scared to how life will be from 2017… please please please reply how my life will be and what can help my life to be good

  69. My dob 15-04-76 time – 7.15 am new delhi ..since 2005 i am going thru shani mahadasha and my job wasnt successful..i started now my owb business this year in partnership but coming lot hurdles..my work related to abroad ..pls advice when good time in success

  70. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    My DOB is 7.5.1991 and time of birth is 3:45am, Calcutta. I have always been good student mostly, and have done a professional degree but still my professional life is seeming very difficult. On the relationship front I am very unhappy and lonely and crave companionship. I’ve been in depression and mental anguish for a long time. Strange sense of lethargy and lack of will power takes over me. When will i be happy, motivated and achieve my full potential?

    • rahu dash period is very harsh and stubborn full of mystery to settle down u need a person who had gone through the similiar situation as i see lot of people asking but none of them provide their mail id or contact no to speak about it

      • Rajat Dhawan says:

        HI have you gone thorugh rahu mahadasha or r undergoing. Any tipe or advice you want to share..please feel free to mail me. I am going through Rahu mahadasha myself starting 2012 and ending 2030…Pretty long time ahead and life is unfolding in a very strange manner each day. Looking forward to hear from u. My mail id is [email protected]

  71. S K Sharma says:

    Hi , My DOB is 06/10/1981 and Time 15:05 and place is saharanpur in UP .

    I am looking for foreign job travel . Is it possible in 2016 . I am planning for Immigration in Canada/Australia . Last year i had to travel UK but that was cancelled at last moment .

  72. desai japan says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is desai japan n from vadodara gujarat
    Plz guide me when my marriage will happen?
    Why its getting delayed?

    Dob is 4 th january 1984
    Tob is 08;59 a.m.
    Pob is vadodara

    Plz guide me.

  73. Udaykumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Udaykumar. Date of Birth : 19/02/1974, Time: 08:10 PM,Birth Place: Kolhapur,Maharashtra.Birth Zodiac sign : Makar (Capricorn).
    Till Dec 2009 my career was very good but suddenly there was down turn in my career from Dec 2009.I was unemployed from Dec 2009 to Mar 2015.I got a job from Mar 2015 – Nov 2015 but it was not as per my expectation Hence left the jon in Nov 2015.Currently again looking for job want to know when I will get good & stable job in near future in 2016?
    Thanks with regards

  74. rajnigupta says:

    Hi. My son is going through rahu mahadasa.he is32 ,unmarried and does not believe in God also doesn’t do puja.How shd I do puja for him and which puja.He has partially moved out of the house too.please suggest earliest

  75. my date of birth is 09-12-1991 i am going on divorce when can i get remarried time is 8:30-9:30am

  76. Sir my dob:8th feb time : 1:15
    Place : jodhpur
    Kindly plz help me suffering a lot omeone told me rahu mahadasha has been started nd u will gt good result of it but nothing such is happening instead of it frustrated and pissed of and don’t knw where im heading

  77. Sir my dob:8th feb time : 1:15
    Place : jodhpur
    Kindly plz help me suffering a lot omeone told me rahu mahadasha has been started nd u will gt good result of it but nothing such is happening instead of it frustrated and pissed of and don’t knw where im heading

  78. sir my dob: 11th June, 1986 2:34 pm.
    place: kolkata
    gender: female
    Please let me know when I will get married. Jyotish is saying rahu dasha is going on. Please help, not sure how to reduce the effects

    • You are running Ketu Dasha and Venus Antardasha. Chances of marriage are brighter after May 2016. Please match horoscopes before marriage.

  79. Hi Sir,

    My DOB is 22-03-88. I’m going thru Rahu Mahadasha. When will i get opportunity to travel foreign land. Currently my job changes frequently in IT.


  80. My name is Vinita. My dob is 22 June 1988 and time is 10:50 PM. I am suffering from Rahu Mahadasha. please help!!

    • Place of birth is not mentioned in your question.

    • KRISHNAN says:

      Hi your horoscope is very lucky so u can get govt. job. arranged marriage is possible after 01/09/2016 you can get that job or equal to govt job u can get. your star and rasi is very good, after that period u can reach high position you must wait still 01/09/2016.

  81. my dob 25-04-1992 and time 2:30am, iam suffering from lot of problems, and my job is also not good,,please give me the solution.. and when i will get married and when i will get a good job..

  82. my dob 11-04-1989 time 12.15pm.when will i get a govt job

  83. My husband date of birth 7.12.1973 time :1.25 pm. Mumbai my husband got transfered from Mumbai to channai 2 year back please tell me when he will come back to Mumbai. Pl give me remedy

  84. Hi my dob is 03/06/79 tob 2:50 am . Very disheartened cause of loss of job n business. Rahu mahadasha plz help

  85. Plz help sir . In lot of financial hardship. Wearing gomed on someones guidance . When can i reap benefits in my salez business

  86. Please help sir. I am in lot of financial debt. day by day it is increasing. please guide me. when will I be debt free.
    DOB: 1/27/1949 4:51:42AM Place:Mysore

  87. My name is hima date of birth 1st october 1983 time 9.30 morning. I am in love with a intercaste boy.Chances of getting married and when.job?

  88. Prashanth Kottary says:

    Rahu Mahadasha is turning out to be very good from me since past 4 years ! I am very pleased about the courtesy of Rahu. I still have 3 years of Rahu Mahadasha left for me. I am expecting very good results in that too. I got the US visa in 2012 which was totally unexpected !! Things have changed a lot. I would believe that, Its only because of this Rahu Mahadasha. One of my well-wisher told me to chant the ‘Rahu Beeja Mantra’ daily. That has helped me immensely.

  89. My name is vandana pandey …my date of birth 01/06/1990. Time 6:15 pm in Delhi. ….me y janna chahti hu ki meri govt job KB tk lgegi…..me govt job ki tyari kr rhi hu……our meri love ya arrange marriage hogi…

  90. sunil agnihotri says:

    my dob is 20/08/1983,tob is 6.30am.pob telangana state.i have completed my mba in 2009 and i dint get desired job so i have changed many fileds and dint get any job.now i am trying for a govt job and i am tensed about it.will i get govt job or not?please help me in this regard.
    thank you

  91. Hello I am Mahesh. My DOB is 10 Jan 1977. Born in Srikaranpur Rajasthan at 2 AM in night. I am facing lot of trouble both in emotional as well career front. I met someone last year in 2015 who broke up with me suddenly and caused great mental and emotional trauma to me. please suggest suitable remedies and forecast.

  92. Hi guruji namah
    I am going thru rahu casa everything twisted humilayed cheated, when will I see light in my life.

  93. C.J.Sajan says:

    Dear sir ,My date of birth is 28th June 1970, Time 9.30am Trichur(kerala),
    Please help sir. I am in lot of financial debt. day by day it is increasing. please guide me. when will I be debt free, even no peace in family life,when will i get a secured Job & able to settle,is there any chances of business, pls guide

  94. I am hasta male born @ 10 AM in manama bahrain…DOB is 13 nov 1990. completed B.tech ECE in 2012
    My life has got lots of downfalls in my eyes than any ups in studies,career, and many to be counted. .. presently am unemployed for past 1.5 years have been trying bank exams sincerely but results as usual had a bad turn on my life. …I would like to receive your kind advises regarding the job field suitable for me to move up the ladder of success and wealth (please suggest any specificstudies if need to be) and remedies to avoid such unfortunate youth life which makes me hate my born star as I feel no God is hearing any of my prayers. .
    I request you to kindly advise me on the above. .
    Awaiting your needful and helpful responses

    • biju divakaran says:

      You have to wait for some more time – till 8 April 2023 after that your career will go very smooth.. so meantime try to attain knowledge and take up any task which you feel will make you comfortable.

  95. biju divakaran says:

    dob 05/07/1971 TIMe: 07:10 am
    place kottayam- kerala
    I have lost my job on 30th march 2015, still trying no calls.
    when will i get good news on job?

  96. Hello Sir,

    Date of Birth: 17.09.1984 Date of Time: 5.30 am, Date of Place: Kolkata, West Bengal.

    I’m going thru Rahu Mahadasha. In my career front nothing is going right. My last job wasn’t so good so I made a change in Job & in my current job also it’s not satisfactory. I was trying for a new job almost from one & half years but faced lot of rejection & after that when I got this job it is also not as per my expectations. When I’ll get a stable, secure & proper job. I also struggled in my academic career & now in my professional career too. Would I ever be able to get success in my life as all these failures till date made me depressed & I’m in depression. Even what I earn it’s not much enough as per my expenses. Money really doesn’t stay with me & it’s go away with useless reasons. I have always noticed what I plan or think the things goes absolutely opposite to it. Either in terms of savings or anything.

    Even I wanted to move to my native place kolkata but somehow unable to get a job over there too. Feel very disappointment. One astrologer said as Rahu is in my 10th house of lagna chart so I wud be away from my home(Birth Place)

    Even from Nov 2014 we are looking for a girl for my marriage prospects but things really not falling in place, some obstacles comes out in the way. Even in this thing also I’m not getting as per my expectations. Will I get it? or I have to compromise in this too. As shani is in my 7th house of moon chart.

    I heard Guru Mahadasha gives good result but it also gives bad result & it comes after Rahu Mahadasha. So is it true? Will my all expectations & dreams will get fulfill in Guru Mahadasha?

    I have consult few astrologer & they said things will take place as per my expectations in Guru Mahadasha. Sometimes they say it on the basis of Moon chart or lagna chart. Which one is more precise & accurate?

    Please get me a true suggestion or real facts about my future.

  97. My dob s 22.03.1991..when will my rahu dasha end..facing lot of family problems

  98. sangeeta mehta says:

    I am Sangeeta Mehta my D,O,B is 12 nov 1960 at 8.30 a,m in Delhi , I am suffering rahumahadasha pls guide me how i will come out of my problems

  99. Hello Sir,

    My DOB is 24/03/1977.
    Tob is 08:55 am
    POB: Bangalore.

    I am in ending phase rahu dasha. During whole of rahu dasha I suffered professionally. No proper job. Still unemployed. Will there be any respite from this. Will the things improve professionally?.


  100. Dear Sir, my DOB 13/01/1982, Time 10.25 am (Ahmedabad, Gujarat). Last 3 years lost peaceful life. WIfe left with child without any reason, filled court cases, family conflicts starts, property issues as I bought 4 years back in joint name with wife, etc.
    Pl. guide.

  101. sir ,this is partha,my date of birth is 26.6.93..time of birth 2.16 pm.,place of birth is chittagong bangladesh,sir i feel like to commit sucide,my condition is very pathethic,there is so peacefull cndition in our family..what i do?

  102. kanchan asnani says:

    My name is kanchan DOB:04/03/1990,Bhopal
    I have rahumahadasha goingon.
    And my finances are not going good.Althouh i earn well the money doesnt stays.
    Can you tellme how can i improve this situation and what are the goods and bads coming up for the remaining duration of rahudasha

  103. Dear Sir, Just wondering…
    What happens to any sins committed during a person’s rahu mahadasha? Because Rahu mahadasha may make people to commit sins (fighting etc etc) because they are under the influence of Rahu which the person may later realizes and regret.
    Can we conclude that these actions as sins (in this life) and will be carried forward or are not sins at all?
    Can the person remove these sins assuming he/she realizes it so that it does not want it to come back to haunt it in next life.
    What are the remedies if any?

  104. rahu is in 3rd house from moon sign dhanur rasi rahu is aquarius how is result in
    rahu dasa started on 20.6.2013 from march2016 1st week rahu dasa guru bhukti
    is running what we can expect good results.

  105. V V Bhat says:

    my date of birth is 19/03/1963, time 1.30 am., place of birth – kasaragod dist.kerala state. Every thing going against me. Please advise via e-mail along with remedies.


  106. Hi my husband resign from job in Jan 2016. Trying for new job but no success. One offer came with 70% down salary than previous one. Problems from every side. No hope for light. When will he get job ?

  107. My name is swati singh date of birth 14/04/1991. Time 11.10pm place gorakhpur uttar pradesh. I am facing a hard time with my studies. Trying hard but not able to clear exams.

  108. karthika says:

    Helo i am karthika. My date of birth 17-09-1992. place of birth-ernakulam dist.kerala state.I am going through a bad phase in my life. I fought with many close people of life. i was in a relationship for the past 6 years and now we broke up. I am unable to controll my emotions.i faught with my friends. I failed for my exams. I feel lonely. I am unable to sleep. I cant control my thoughts. what should i do??

  109. Kanchan says:

    Hi I am kanchan and DOB is 26-10-1980 born in Pune at 11.07. According to our astrologer the Rahu dasha is going to end soon. Is it true ? is there any good progress ahead?

    • Hi

      Can you check and revert. Actually i m worried about my career and married life.

      There are many breaks in my career. wanted to know if i will get any job soon? or still there are chances of breaks. married life nd personal life were on a toss but better now but still i want it to be very good.

  110. Hello sir,
    My brothers date of birth is 02/05/1985 born in Bhubaneswar at 4:41am. His marriage is fixed on November 25 th.He is going through Rahu dasa currently. Please let know how his married life would be
    Thank you

  111. My DOB 19/9/1990….at kolkata.Time 6.50 am.Please send about my married life and which year my marriage will be happened.

  112. anrendra soni says:

    Hi sir my name is narenda mere upar rahu ki dasha chal rhi h kuch b aacha ni ho rha plz suggest me

  113. Dear Sir, I follow your blogs regularly, I have been suffering under Rahu Mahadasha for the last 17 Years (DOB 5th Jan 1984, Location 27.1836° N, 95.3469° E, Time 11:10 am). The ending is seeming even more tough. I am jobless for the last 2 years and am becoming increasingly anxious. My husband stays abroad and my Visa keeps getting rejected, I don’t know what to do. I will be eternally grateful if you would guide me.

  114. alka chhibber says:

    My DOB 28.12.1969 at allahabad5:30 pm .The astrologer i showed my kundli is scaring that next 18 years is of Rahu mahadasha and not at good time for me.Doing medidation etc can i get somehow relief with any pooja specifically

  115. Pradeep Batham says:


    My Name is Pradeep Batham.

    I was born on 7th September 1983. Time is 9:50 pm.

    I hav ing a bad time Not able to save money and uffering from various deseases.
    My pandit told me that I have Kulik Kalsarp yog which may end when you are 33 years old. But i am still facing the problem and he told me that Rahu will be there till time i will be 40 years. Is there any way where I can reduce the effect of Rahu or Kalsarp you.


  116. How I can I hear my Chakra Please guide

  117. prabhav shah says:

    Sir, I have told my poojari that you are in a rahumahadasha it is started from 1/3/2010.my birthdate is 24/10/1992 place of birth mumbai,time 9.05 am
    i cant understand everything is going wrong with me what to do i cant understand,I am hopeless with my situation,what i do i cant understand,pls guide me I am waiting for replay

  118. Sid Chary says:

    hi my name is SIDDHARTHA
    dob. 08-09-1993
    tob. 23:05
    pob. hyderabad
    i have done with my graduation in mechanical engg but iam interested into IT. things going hard even im trying my best..
    i hot a job in mechanical side but iam not satisfactory. even there was no pressure under job i would feel stress bcz of lonelyness so i left that job.. and started courses on software. initially i was with gull of confident later i lost it. and i hot opportunities in software jobs but they lead with some risky litications. so i havent accepted those. the time wat iam facing is not good. so i have condulted a astrologer who did not even asked by birth details. he asked my name and he predicted something. and my mother asked him about government job. so he said there is no govt job for me. and i would like to know how will be my career. and which stream i will be successed. as i have some time to get settled in career i need suggestion for my best career.. please respond to me.. thank you

  119. Anantha krishnan says:

    hello sir. i m krishnan,dob18.09.1991, time:4.49pm, place: tirunelveli tamilnadu
    Currently rahu mahadasa and guru bhukti and also 7 1/2 shani
    job less situation, pls suggest me parigharas

  120. Hi I’m looking for job since one month and not getting any. I’m running with rahu dasha and Jupiter bukthi, pls let me know when will I get job
    Details 13/3/1978 530pm

  121. prathamesh says:

    Hello sir, my DOB is 15/04/1992 born in Mumbai. My rashi is kanya. I have rahu mahadasha and things are going bad. I was not able to complete my education nd now not even able to start my business. Please help.

  122. prathamesh says:

    Hello sir, my DOB is 15/04/1992 born in Mumbai. Birth time is 9.15am. My rashi is kanya. I have rahu mahadasha and things are going bad. I was not able to complete my education nd now not even able to start my business. Please help.

  123. Hi sir
    I am worried about my Rahu Dasha,,how rahu will treat me,career struggles and financial struggles….plz advise remedies..?
    Tob: 4.15 am
    Pob:Nalgonda,Andhra pradesh(Telngana),India
    Many thanks

  124. Sir my husband is Makaram raasi Kanya Laguna,uttradam nakshatra.. Not having proper job, we are not living together.. He is abroad. We are seperated for two years now.. Mine is Mesha raasi Kanya lagnam barani nakshatram.. Have 2 kids..
    Husband birth time– 11:32 am 7/7/82
    Mine– 6:30 pm 14/3/86

  125. If Jupiter is in 1st house cancer in Lagna Chart & goes to 12th house in bhava chalit chart, how it impacts Jupiter Mahadasha?

  126. harish a p says:

    am harish dob 14-04-92 time 11 :00 pm now am suffering from love problems and family situvation is not gud am feel not secure please guid me from these problm my mob no 9567269633 pls help mee its my requst

  127. What are remedy for rahu mahadasha and antardasha of shani and rahu is in 7th house

  128. Suffering severe marital problems from
    2013 2014 before itself there after 2013 severe

  129. My date of birth is 20-12 -1990 , time 9:15 pm
    Place :Mandya , Karnataka… Please Tell me about my career

  130. Name:- shripad, DOB:-20/05/1963. Time:-16:20; place of Birth:- Dharwad District Dharwad state Karnataka. Kindly let me know how is my future as now I’m having health problems, doctor says I’m healthy and all my medical reports are normal, and I’m having BP and seviour acidity. And I think I’ll be having Rahu Disha From next year. I have lost my teacher job, due to my mistake I mean I myself resigned and later I suffered why I did like that.

    • Shripad Huilgol says:

      Shripad Huilgol
      From April Rahu mana Dasha began so many years I was without job now recently I got good respectful job and my moon sign is meena,lagna is Libra and Rahu is in 9th house that is in Gemini and my nakshtra is revati,what about my job and health in Dasha.

  131. My name is bandana.date of birth 01/06/1990 .time 6:15 pm in Delhi…m y janna chahti hu ki kya muje Karl sharp yog h.our m tin sales s govt job ki tyari civil service ki tyari kr rhi hu.abhi tk success nhi mili h..mansik roop s bhi but preshn hu…..kya meri kismt m govt job h ya nhi ..rahu mhadasha k pay btaiye.

  132. Hi, Female – My DOB: 27.3.1973, understand I am going through Rahu Mahadasha and now Sade Sathe. Please advise how this period is for me. I am anxious about health, job and well being..Please respond to [email protected]. looking forward to your response.

  133. Pranaam ! my DOB is 23rd feb 1978 time 6:35 pm place lucknow .going through financial crunch, depression, loneliness…. when things will change

  134. ANITA PUTHRAN says:

    My nephew is having rahu dosha and is doing his engineering and he has failed in many subjects and not interested in study and his DOB is 4th December – 1997
    please help us

  135. Hi, please let me know rahu dasa effects with Rahu in 6th house Scorpio. Lagna is Mithuna.
    Dob 19/5/75, tob- 8-44am, place – blr

  136. Hi, Please confirm on the Rahu effects during Rahu MD when Rahu is in 6th House Scorpio.
    Mars+ Jupiter in 10th House
    Saturn+ Ven in Lagna.
    Dob: 19/5/75, time: 08:45AM, place : Blr

  137. Raju Anbhorkar says:

    Rahu Dev in your lagna chart is in 6th house, which is one of the worst house in chart, it pertains to sickness, debts, enemies, accident, lawsuits & competition. Aspects 5th, 7th & 9th houses from itself, according to your chart it aspects 10th, 12th & 2nd house. As malefic in your chart it will give dreadful results pertaining to sickness, debts, enemies, accident, lawsuits & competition. Aspects 10th house issues with profession, higher authorities. Aspects 12th house unproductive expenses. Aspects 2nd house issues regards, to finance, family speech. I can suggest few ways which can pacify wrath of Rahu Dev to a certain level, but it won’t nullify. Fast on Saturdays, daily after sunset, chant Rahu Mantra “Om Ra Raheve Namah” Jap mala read one of this Rahu Chaalisa, Kavacham. Also Durgasaptashti 1st Chapter daily in morning. Rahu Shanti or Chandi Puja (during Navratri for 5 years

    RAH -18 Years 25/ 5/18 – 25/ 5/36

    RAH 26/ 5/18 to 7/ 2/21
    JUP 8/ 2/21 to 1/ 7/23
    SAT 2/ 7/23 to 7/ 5/26
    MER 8/ 5/26 to 25/11/28
    KET 25/11/28 to 13/12/29
    VEN 14/12/29 to 13/12/32
    SUN 14/12/32 to 7/11/33
    MON 7/11/33 to 7/ 5/35
    MAR 7/ 5/35 to 25/ 5/36

  138. Sudhanshu says:

    sir, I am suffering with Rahu Mahadasha and Ketu Anterdasha,
    my date of birth is 16.12.1973
    time of birth is 4 AM
    place of birth is Rajkanika,district Kendrapada,state Odisha.
    Please suggest the remedies.

  139. Rajendiran. A says:

    Hi I am Vignesh. DOB: 25/08/1991 Time: 11.40 PM Place: Krishnagiri in Tamilnadu. Please give me the effects of Raghu AD, My lagna: Rishaba

  140. So, one should not marry women who are running their Rahu Mahadasha !! Such women should work as nurses etc so that they’ll have “freedom of movement without check”_
    Moral of the story=women who are bold, shrewd and don’t prefer regular ” checks” are unworthy of marriage!

  141. jagannathan says:

    My date of birth is 31.08.1992,-Time of Birth 12.43 pm,i want to know whether raghu dasai competed as of now

  142. My DOB 09 Jan 1968 , time 15.42 Place Chennai , Running Rahu maha dasha want to know about carrer

  143. Gayathri – My B’day is on Jan 27 1949 morning 4:51:42 Mysore, Karnataka

    please tell me about financial improvement.I have incurred lot of expenses and financial loss from my investment. What is your prediction for me in future is it going to be better. Am I running Shani mahadasa? or When it stars? Is Shani mahadasa do good things in my life? Please advise how I can recover my losses.

  144. DEAR SIR,

    DOB: 1ST JAN 1978 TIME : 0745 AM







  145. Hello sir,My DOB is 25/04/1997
    Time- 2:05:10 a.m
    City-Tundla State- Uttar pradesh
    I facing so much difficulty and struggle in my career.
    I am good in study but I am not getting desired results… Everything is going wrong with my career .I am working hard bt still i am not able to achieve what I should deserve and getting no favourable outcome.
    Plz suggest some upaay sir 🙁

  146. Aishwarrya says:

    Hi, my daughter is suffering from rahu mahadasha. DOB 6 Feb 1987. Time:06:18am. Place of birth Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

    I am very worried about her. She is almost 30 now and not married, in fact astrologer says that she should have got married at 24. When she will get married?

    She has changed her career so many times but there is no success in it. She is almost every time unhappy, angry and also tried to attempt sucide.

    I can’t see her like this. Please help

  147. Rajat Sharma says:

    Hi sir,
    My name is Rajat Sharma
    Place-Thana Bhawan,Uttar Pradesh
    I am undergoing rahu mahadasha till 2031
    I am totally broken person.i am on edge of losing job,lost my and my family reputation and social status too due to one reason or other,each and every time.i m a software engineer.plz tell me sir wat to do.can u tell me any procedure or remedy to follow.i sometimes wants to commit suicide.even sometimes feel to follow black magic.dont know wat my life is going to be.my wife is pregnant seven months.but i dnt knw wat future i will give to my wife and child.

  148. Sir my name is Prema date of birth 11 July 1965. Malaysia
    I going through hard time and always falling sick and already done 3 operations for different problem whats is the remedies for me.. my birth time 2.35 pm. Pls help

  149. Dear Sir, my DOB is 19/Nov/1972, time : 15:08 and the place is, New Delhi, I have been going through massive problems in my life since 2000 and only grown from bad to worst, my personal/family life is totally disturbed, I have regular health issues (extreme sinus, respiratory problems), even went thru a surgery without any benefit, had massive loses in property, financial loss in business, problem in Job, even after putting so much of hard work and I’m not getting any results so overall the life is very unstable and distressful. I would like to know if I’m going thru a Rahu Mahadasha and if yes when will this end, any remedy? any suggestion will be appreciated.

  150. 8.02 am,01 06 1991,Dombivali

    Please predict my career and personal life,I recently got married..mariage is in rahu dasa and I am in second phase of sade sati.

    Kindly tell some remedies !


  151. Sir my name is Meghna sheoran, date of birth may 24, 1988. Time of birth 04.21 a.m., place faridabad Haryana…I m facing problems in getting job and afraid of even small things. A fear is there in my mind which I am not able to understand. I feel presence of something around me.kindly help .suggest some remedies and also if someone has done black magic on me.

  152. SHASHWATHI. S says:

    DOB:26.04.1991 , POB: BANGALORE , KARNATAKA , TOB: 19.02 PM

  153. saumya tewari says:

    sir, i am going through rahu mahadasha tell me whether it is good or bad for me. there is constatnt quarellin my family especially with my mother.
    place-lucknow (uttar pradesh)
    d0b- 6-7-1993
    time-11:12 am

  154. Kaustav Karak says:


  155. Hello– I was just told I am moola nakshatra dhanur rashi
    running rahu- ketu antar– could you please briefly explain what this means?

  156. vikas kochhar says:

    Sir, I have told my poojari that you are in a rahumahadasha it is started from 9/7/2017.my birthdate is 25/4/1971 place of birth jamshedpur time 3.58 am
    i cant understand everything is going wrong with me what to do i cant understand,I am hopeless with my situation,what i do i cant understand,pls guide me I am waiting for replay its is good for bad

  157. umamaheshwari says:

    Hello Sir ,
    my name is uma .d.o.b -29-8-1990.place : ongole,prakasam dt,andhrapradesh.
    time :10:10 am.
    i am looking for job.i am in foreign.I have tried very hard,but failed to get a job.May i know about my professional career.

  158. P K BHATTACHARYA says:

    DOB :30.05.1992; Time : 07:02 p.m; Jalandhar (Punjab).
    Rahu mahadasha is expected from next year. I shall be grateful and obliged, if you kindly advise me.



    Hello Sir, I am Abhishek Bhatnagar.My DOB is 10/9/1985 TOB-1.35 Am.I am at the end phase of rahu mahadasha which was started in 2000.So i want to know that how will my new begening going to be?As rahu mahadasha is going to be end.I want to go for civil services will i get selected or not.I also want to know how much self earn money i will earn.

  160. Suneel Arora says:

    Solution to Rahu mahadasha: Even I have been going through Rahu mahadasha. Little bit of fight (which i enjoy) and anger (i go to gym to get relived) etc but touch wood overall everything seems fine. My astrologer friend informed me in advance about this. Many thanks to him. He suggest me that impact of Rahu dasha (like Shani dasha) is ‘karmik’ – means it is related to your karmas. if you do good work Rahu will have little or no negative impact. if you do a bit of bad, it will have multiplier effects. If you trouble anyone intentionally or unintentionally we get multiple troubles. If you shout at one you will get multiple shouting directly or indirectly.

    So please do good deeds. Feed dogs, cows and ants & NEEDY human. Please please keep everything clean (house, office, car, sourndings etc). Untidy and dirty places are like magnet to these ill effect. Offer help even if others dont need. You have to be very careful like no cheating, betraying, lies etc.

    God bless to all (including me)

  161. i have rahu mahafasha my d.o.b is 14 may 1989, place lko… Can u please guide. I have failed thrice. I want to study abroad. I dnt want to marry right now. I m nt getting selection. Can u guide please

  162. Pandurengan says:

    Namaskaram Sir,

    My self Pandurengan d

    am Puradam Nakashtra dhanur rashi – 4th padam, currently Raghu maha desai 18 years, what will be the impact of this , child birth is delaying in my family , kindly advice.

    My mail ID [email protected]

  163. I m shilpa my birthdate is 27 September 1981 , 10:44 am
    Is there rahun aadarsh ? I m suffering symptoms
    I feel lonely , hurt by my family person, i m depression
    scare from anything

  164. paresha patel says:

    My pujari told me that My daughter has rahumahadasa . She is in hospital on ventilation system.he said she is not live more. Please inform me any suggestions for her. please reply as soon as possible. Birthday- 20/02/2013. Time 11:20 am. Place : Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

  165. mohana thangavelu says:

    Hi Sir,
    I’m Mohana. Currently for me, rahu mahadasha is running.
    Date of birth: 05-12-1985 11:35 pm, place of birth: coimbatore, Tamil nadu, India. Currently I’m facing deathly issues.
    I’m married to saravanan, date n time of birth: 17-11-1983 9 am
    In 2011, I lost my job.
    In 2012, 4th June I got married
    In 2014, my son nikesh was born 15-05-2014 7:37 pm
    In 2017, January my father was expired.
    My husband and his parents treated me. I got divorce
    Right now they disturbing me n I feel to die. Jobless…
    Any solution n plz reply me n help me to overcome n I want to make my son to grow. He needs me. Astrologer says ” now because of me, my mothers life is in danger and 2019 end I will be forced to live with my husband n he kills me with his bad words n I will commit suicide” . There s nothing else in my life… Relations are not good to me . they hurt me. I didn’t do anything n everything comes on my path. My lovely father is not there. Plz reply me

  166. Does this site work? Did you get a reply?

  167. Hello Sir,
    I’m in my Rahu mahadasha- Moon Antardasha .
    My DOB is- 18th April, 1991
    Time- 10;45 am
    Place- Gulbarga, Karnataka.
    I’m facing tremendous amounts of problems from my husband. I was married to him on 7th June, 2015 and my elder sister passed away on 22nd August, 2015 in an accident. My husband always threatens to divorce me and his mother and sister are constantly creating problems in my marriage. My mother is not very helpful and I’m struggling to find balance in life. My husband thinks I have mental issues and is trying to find a safe way to leave me. I do get angry but I do not shout, scream or become physical. I love my husband dearly and hope he can remove the blind fold and see how his mother and sister are constantly spoiling our marriage. I’m hurt and since we live in a joint family it has become even more difficult for me. My husband loves me but he will never pick me over his family. He will always support and protect his mother. I’m stuck and helpless.
    my husband’s details-
    DOB- 26th December, 1983
    Time of birth- IN between 6am to 7 am
    Place- Lafayatte, Indiana, USA

  168. My Son is suffering lot these days, He is a brilliant boy but suddenly due to various circumstances which were beyond his control.. he suffered a lot and now under depression. Understand it is because of Rahu Mahadasha. His DOB is 20/04/1999. Time 11:55 Hrs. Place Kalyan. Longitude 019:24:N; Longitude 073:08: E. kindly see his horoscope and suggest time period when things will start becoming normal and remedies if any. We will be highly obliged. Rhanking you.

  169. hello sir,
    i am going through rahu mahadasha according to my kundali. my birth date is 22/08/1981 and time of birth is 1:10am. i am undergoing all financial problems, not settled in career, also disturbes marital life. will i be successful in my career and family lide happy?? or its going to be the same lifetime.

    pls reply

  170. Mayur Naik says:

    Hello Friends,
    Don’t even ask how much damaging Rahu Mahadasha can be. I am living it. Saw the greatest UPs and the greatest DOWNs in one life. May God Bless You All Please.

  171. Mayur Naik says:

    Please read about how to make Rahu dasha positive by following the steps prescribed in Vedic Astrology.


    You will be fine and may you have a wonderful life ahead with your husband and son. Take care

  172. tushar bapna says:

    DoB: 11 Nov 1981, Place: Jaipur, Time: 9:36 pm
    Mahadasha: rahu started from 2012, antardasha: shani
    lots of problems/obstacles in everything that I do, no progress in job, losses in business, nothing going smoothly, all plans fail in the end. can you pls suggest some remedy.

    • Yes Tushar same days here. Just pray Mahadev everyday.. to give you power to face ugly days. And be ready to loss everything in life.

      When days will change.. automatically you will get double..

  173. What people are giving advice that make Durga Kavacham or go to Balaji Mandir.. everything will solve? Its joke?
    In Ahmedabad or in West or North zone there are no Balaji temple. One or two hardly there but its far away feom the city? And how will Balaji will help as they are not having temple in North or West..

    We are praying Balajis father and samast vishwa father Mahadev called Shiva everyday..
    I think Shiv is solution and everything in all god.. only name is differ.. Shiv is original Omkar and Shiv is Brahmand the universe.. No other god or nothing in front of him..

    Its clear here that dont give rubbish advice about god darshan. Rest of peoples are not staying in South…India..

    And Rahu Mahadasha started in my life from 2014 and everything lost excpect sweet little family..
    Maximum business and financial lost i suffered.
    Having 2 childs but not having balance of 10,000 also. Left last job also..

    Wind up all business in loss..Staff was 35 people when i was windup.. i am gujarati business man suffered lots in Rahu Mahadasha..

    I learned no one even god unable to help out from this aituations and you have to face ugly face of the life that solve. I lost my 2 flats, 4 cars, 50 tola gold, total bank balace and now just lost my job..

    No one dare even god to save me..
    So just pray the god Mahadev that give us power to face all dirty days of life.

    Just for study my horoscope is as below..

    Dob: 16/07/1980 time: 17:29
    Place: mumbai

  174. Mohana Krishna says:

    Hi Sir,
    My DOB :21.05.1972 ,Time :7.30 am Sunday ,Place of Birth : Chennai ,Tamil Nadu
    I would like to know what dasha is going on now some astrologer says Sani Dasha and Rahu ..
    I am confused
    My health and mental conditions are bad

  175. Hello sir
    My name is pooja, dob 11-11-1982,2.15pm sonipat, haryana.
    Sir i m trying for govt job. Bt i was failed every time.sir plz tell me when will i get job. Rahu dasha is gng on.

  176. Hello Sir,

    My name is Isha, dob 10-10-1987,4AM, sonipat haryana. Can you please check my horoscope and let me know my personal and professional career.

  177. I Sir,

    I am Palanethra. My Date of Birth is 2/3/1985 & My Nakshatra is ardra nakshatra gemini sign.

    Sir, Please tell me about my future. I am getting scared of my life. I am Worried about my life future. Please let me know. details about nakshatra & what to be done to get best result.

  178. my date of birth is 1986/07/24 ,
    birth time 09:45 am
    birth place : kathmandu nepal .
    I am facing lots of problems since long . having problem in marriage also . what ever i try it just gets mess up and unsuccessful . i want to know what is the cure for my problems and what kind of dasha i am going through . pleas help me

  179. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    my date of birth is 1986/07/24 ,
    birth time 09:45 am
    birth place : kathmandu nepal .
    I am facing lots of problems since long . having problem in getting marriage also . what ever i try it just gets mess up and unsuccessful . i want to know what is the cure for my problems and what kind of dasha i am going through . pleas help me

  180. My name is vaishali,
    Date of birth -01/06/1990
    Place -new delhi
    Time-6:15 pm
    I want to when I got job.i m preparing psc last 65year ,but don’t selection .I m very frastred. Please tell me what I do.

  181. Ghulam Murtaza Siddique says:

    I am a male 54.5 year old .my birth detail is 18-06-1963 ,at 5.58 am ,Zafarwal Punjab Pak. Just curious to know why Rahu has badly shaken me in its Dasha although placed in Gemni ? Ur contribution will be appreciated !

  182. My name Kiran d.o.b. 30-9-1978 time : 11:48 pm Place : delhi. Pls tell me when will my rahudasha is going to end. I hv lost my job, my savings all just finished. No any hopes. Even kid n husband is also effected. Worried abt future. Everyone is just ignoring.
    Pls reply soon.

  183. Sanjeet Kumar says:

    My dob is 23/04/1985
    Tob -10:45 am
    Pob- Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
    Rashi name Om Prakash
    Plz help someone told me that i am in rahu mahadasha.

  184. in rahu mahadasha i knew 14 countries got a lots money and recongnition in my profession, any problem, in house, family members or health i really cant understand why this guy its saying only negative things, really astrologers needs learn more.

  185. Dear Sir,
    my son Adithya- date of birth is 3.12.1998. birth time is 11.40 am .NOW he was studying engg, He will complet engg. now he was depress. he will tell every day i will discontuine engg. please reply

  186. Dear Guruji,
    This is Virendra Dhaware from Mumbai , my date of birth is & birth time is …. 17/1/1984 (6:55 Am) mrng …. And Rahu is 2 nd house of my lagna chart… Normally it is look s ascending in Rahu is in 6house…. Please tell me about Rahu dosha.. I have not done any Rahu shanti.nw m almost 34 still m nt settled. Every2 year my job got changed now m jobless. I cant not buy even my own house. as my mind is always jumping.

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