Rahu(North Node of the Moon) Mahadasha:18 years period of success, greater heights, foreign travels and conflicts

Rahu Mahadasa in Vedic Astrology

After the Shukra Mahadasha (20 years)  and Sani Mahadasha (19 years), the Rahu Mahadasha is eighteen years long in Vimshottari dasa system in Vedic Astrology. Rahu or the North Node of the Moon, the chaya graha-shadowy planets, rules three Nakshatras Aridra, Swati and Satabhisha and when Moon is any of these nakshatra at birth, Rahu is the starting Mahadasa.

Rahu Mahadasa can be very harmful to many depending on its location and the aspects that natal rahu receives. Rahu Dasa always brings absence of  domestic harmony, there may be splits and separations in the family.  It is not uncommon that the native and his father; the native and his wife (or husband), or the native and his brothers may have internal conflicts and  no peace amongst themselves.

Rahu- North Node

Rahu- North Node

 Rahu Mahadasha effects are highlighted below;

  • The peaceful atmosphere of the family will be suddenly disturbed.
  • Non-cooperation, quarrels and independent postures among the members will be the starting point.
  • A person passing through Rahu period becomes bold in his thoughts and actions; stoops to unconventional degrading actions and commits sins secretly and thereby incurring the displeasure and annoyance of other members in the family.
  • Members come to loggerheads usually, bringing disgrace to the family.
  • The reputation of the family will decline. The native develops heterodox tendencies and inclinations.
  • Frequent thefts in the family and loss of property.
  • Loss of cattle and other domestic animals like cows, buffaloes, bulls, horses, dogs, pet birds, poultry by diseases, or theft.
  • Loss of crops through natural calamities, fire, thefts, rodents, etc. The expected income will shrink.
  • Servants, maid-servants, cooks, or drivers of vehicles will indulge in thefts.
  • Delivery of domestic animals like cows, buffaloes or dogs usually occur during this period.
  • The dwelling house begins to show signs of wear and tear sooner than normal. There may be accidents of fire, electric shocks, short circuits, burning of electric bulbs, etc. The wiring system may demand repairs. It these are not attended to immediately dangers and losses will multiply.
  • The house becomes a favorite resort for bandicoots, rats, mosquitoes, bugs, cockroaches, lizards, ants, spiders, and other pests. Even those residing in new buildings cannot escape these pests during Rahu MahaDasha.
  • Frequent visits by relations on some pretext or the other will be a common feature. This will be a source of nuisance to the family, especially as mutual co-operation among the members of the family is lost.
  • Interference of the relatives or other in the internal affairs of the family will be common. Well-wishers may turn into enemies.
  • The Dasa of Rahu may be marked by bereavements. Father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sisters, brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, aunts or uncles and their family circles will be the source of such sorrowful news. Sickness, deaths and other untoward incidents will be the order of Rahu Dasa.
  • Change of residence or town for some reason or the other will be forced on the family.Families going on pilgrimages should be careful about their children and belongings. The children are likely to be lost. While taking baths in rivers or tanks, danger of drowning to native or dependents is likely.
  • Vehicles like cars, motor cycles, cycles and other means of conveyances and everything that contribute to happiness and the comforts of the family are apt to go out of order. They may necessitate constant repairs or get stolen. Expenditure will go up, while the comforts go down.

What happens when women are running the Rahu Mahadasha:

Women running Rahu Dasa develop masculine traits. They become bold and shrewd. They create a hell of nuisance and problems for their husbands who feel that they are very unfortunate to have married such unworthy women. Such women seldom make good and faithful housewives. They are more fit for service as nurses or school mistresses or cooks who will enjoy freedom of movement without check. Quarrels in the family will be a regular and recurring feature due to their arrogant attitude. In the case of women, the wife also suffers hell on account of a non-co-operative and arrogant husband. The husband generally turns a gambler or a drunkard. The family suffers ruin.

In extreme cases, one will stoop to committing incest also with near and dear relatives secretly. Even relations as close as sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles,- sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, or sons-in- law are not spared. This extreme tendency is noticed if Rahu is associated with the Moon, Venus and Mars in the 9th or the 3rd in a nativity.

In service, there may be unwelcome changes. One may incur the displeasure of wrath of superiors and be subjected to penal torture and humiliations.

Rahu is unconventional, encourages widow marriages. He is a social reformer. Intercaste marriages come under the purview of Rahu, who is antireligious. Rahu does not straight away confer benefits on a native without grabbing some of the valuable, genuine and legitimate possessions of a family. A family will be deprived of many of its benefits before actual enjoying new benefits. Acquisition of power, authority and fortune come about accompanied by upheavals.

Rahu in the signs owned by Venus gives more than two marriages (legal or illegal). Practical observations reveal that Rahu in the 2nd house particularly in the signs owned by Mars gives a long term of loneliness after the death of the spouse. Irrespective of the house tenanted by Rahu, the above mentioned results will manifest themselves during its tenure.


  1. Sir, I have told my poojari that you are in a rahumahadasha it is started from 1/3/2010.my birthdate is 15/09/1984 place of birth pune,time 3.30 pm
    i cant understand everything is going wrong with me what to do i cant understand,I am hopeless with my situation,what i do i cant understand,pls guide me I am waiting for replay

    • utture v m says:

      R/ sir,

      My son birth date is 21/10/1985 and from Rahu Maharashtra is from 2000 He is now 29 years but very angry and his education also not up to level no any type of success in life he is married now but not ok with his wife also they quarrel and many time comes to divorce level now she is pregnant How much time this is happen with him and when he come out from all trouble and live with happiness in his life

  2. I believe RAHU mahadasha is not all bad, one can hope to gain knowledge, and advance in career and business during this period.

  3. Balachandar S says:

    My DOB is 23 12 1987 6:40am kolar(place)
    Things are going bad day by day….when eill my rahu mahadasa end..

  4. My DOB 4/4/1965, time 9.45 am, place PUNE (Maharashtra)
    I am undergoing Rahu Mahadasha since 2001, The first setback of Rahu Mahadasha, was that I lost my father in sept. 2001, and after 2004 everything is going wrong with me in my business, my relations with family brothers, mother) and now I am facing severe financial problem.

    In my Kundali, Rahu is in conjuction with Guru in First house, and Rahi in First house is taurus and My Rashi is Mesha.
    Do I have to do Rahu Shanti or any other rituals?

  5. Avinaswh says:

    Its certainly not that bad. In Rahu maha Dasha I got multiple promotions and I worked in US for 6 years. This is the best period for creativity.

  6. Read Rahu kavacham with Durga stotrams daily and see the results , Also doing Rahu kaal pooja on tuesdays , doing chandi havan continiously for 5 years will also helps to remove bad effects of entire rahu mahadasha , hope this helps u.

  7. date of birth 28/4/1988 birth place -balaghat mp time 12:30am things are going bad

    • laksmy77 says:

      Hi Richa,
      You are undergoing Rahu dasha and shani bhukthi , this is the most troubling period in the entire Rahu mahadasha ., so you have to read Rahu kavacham with Durga stotrams daily and also do shani pooja on saturdays like diya with sesame seeds oil and betel leaves mala to lord hanumanji will help , If any durga devi temple is around your place do keep visiting the temple often also doing Rahu kaal pooja on every tuesdays lighting lemon diya will also help If chandi havan is conducted in durga temples , participating in chandi havan during this bhukthi will help reduce Rahu’s bad effects . hope this helps u.

  8. hi i am born on 15-09-1990.. things r going bad in my life. is it due to rahu dasha. plz tell me d remedies 2 reduce or please lord rahu.. thanks

  9. details- born on 15-09-1990. bhopal madhya pradesh. time 9.50- 9.55 am.

  10. purushotham s joshi says:

    Who ever the people are facing with rahu mahadasha, please make sure u visit shakthi temple means “durga”.. in kerala.. there is one famous temple near kannur called madaykavu bhadrakali temple please visit every year and see the changes u will get relieved… as i am also facing the same dasha also met with accidents etc.. now by mother grace i am relieved..

  11. karamjit says:

    I am born 15th may 1971, i think there is rahu dasa since 1998 till 2016, which i just found out
    what does that mean
    also i can’t read birth charts there is a rahu and mars in same house that is 7th house, what does that mean and how to remidify
    hope you can help

  12. Shivaji Rao.R says:

    I am born in 08/11/1955 in Bangalore at present i am having rahu dasa since 2000 and I have lost all my hard earnings i am not able to take any decisions can you guide me the remedies from this problem I have 2 sons around 29 and 30 years i am not able to take any decision regarding their marriage as i am penniless will thing happen in right way kindly guide me.

  13. charanjit says:

    Dob17.1.78 time3:05 place bhubaneswar odisha . I am struggling a lot to get success but have failed till now. I am BE mechanical engineer and married wit two kids. What should i do

  14. samira gupta says:

    Sir, my dob is 7.8.76 place of birth Kolkata, time of birth:9.15 am…i been told i vl enter rahu mahadasha during next year mid onwards….i am already going through legal battle since last 5 years when will it be end then? Will i ever get my divorce and have a peaceful life?

  15. Mallikarjuna Reddy says:

    My date of birth 06 the July 1962 and time of birth is 07.45 AM. My condition is very bad. Pl help for my future life

  16. Dear sir with lots of hope I am writing to you believing for a help
    my dob 20 july 19th and time 6.54 am at patna
    my husband’s is 24th October 1973 and time 8.05 am at delhi.
    We are going with hell lots of problems.
    Financial career and what not.
    Please help us to make our life better .

  17. Hi iam mayur,

    Due to rahu mahadasha going iam able to learn how to to control our emmotion


  18. Siri I am going under Rahu dasha thts why lost all career and I have rahu puja with sankalpa till date doing JAP regular way ..
    When I can get job ?? DoB 16.021979 Time 10.31 PM FRIDAY ..Pls give me your valuable reply it will be motivate my self…Pls pls Urgent Basis

  19. Sir I have done rahu puja and till date doing Jap …I lost my job suddenly and that is unexpected event .. now few new job calls getting but not mature ..when I can get good job ? Already I have passed through jap 32 days ..DOB 16.02.1979 10.31 PM .Pls reply on my mail id very very very urgent

  20. Sir
    I am going under rahu mahadasha since July 2014 after that suddenly loose my job .After that In January 2015 I have done Rahu Puja Started from Saturday onwards and Done Sankalpa till now Doing Jap everyday in the evening .. When I can get Good job ?? When i will relief from All Negative vibe ?? Sankalpa Started from 10th Jan2015 ..Now a days Getting few Calls related to Job but not getting Mature ..

    Pls reply now it is very imprt for me … DOB 16.02.1979 ,TIME 10.31 PM KOLKATA

    • Hi Partha,
      You are not undergoing Rahu dasha , Since you are undergoing Shani maha dasha , you are facing so many hurdles . Rahu dasha already ended in the yr 1988 itself accd to your kundali. Right now you are undergoing Shani Maha dasha from the yr 2004 and it will last upto yr 2023. you need to visit shani bhagvan temple or do navagraha pradakshina , also read shani kavach if not daily atleast on saturdays ,also can make betel leaves mala to lord hanumanji and reading hanuman chalisa also helps . Lighting till oil diya in front of navagraha on saturdays, Serving food to poor and helping them on saturdays also counts a lot . hope this helps you.

  21. Hello Sir, My DOB is 25/11/1987 (05:30 AM) Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh. i’m going through very bad period. Please suggest something.

  22. Dear sir
    I am suffering from following problems
    1-my job was sacked (was woking at Bahrain )for no valid reason –now jobless
    2-married for 10 years no child

    Please advice me sir
    Name Arunkrishna Kan
    Latitude 13.12.N
    Longitude 79.35.E
    Place Tiruttani
    Ayan 023-23-29
    Ayan Type Lahiri
    Sunrise 06.00.34
    Sunset 18.14.58
    Tithi Chaturdasi
    Yoga Siddha
    Asc Sagittarius
    Asc Lord JUP
    Rasi Leo
    Rasi Lord SUN
    Star – Pada Magha-2
    Star Lord KET
    Karan Visit
    Bal. Dasa Ket 4 Y 0 M 11 D

    With regard

    • what is your tob?

      • Arunkrishna says:

        I am mechanical engineer
        Was working as Maintenanc engineers

        • No, I asked you what is your time of birth?

          • Arunkrishna says:

            Time of birth 13.25 pm

          • arunkrishna says:

            Name Arunkrishna k v ,DOB=13-9-1966,time =1.25pm
            Latitude 13.12.N
            Longitude 79.35.E
            Place Tiruttani,tamil Nadu India

          • laksmy77 says:

            Sir, your Rahu dasha started in the yr 2013 and it will last upto yr 2031.. Thats how its not a very harmonious period for you. I would say , doing Rahu kaal pooja on every tuesdays during Rahu kaalam to Pratyangira devi will be very beneficial ,lighting lemon diyas in mustard oil to goddess Durga will also help , Read rahu kavacham everyday , Do navagraha pradakshinam on every saturdays ,donating black urad dhal , Feeding dogs also will help a lot during this period, Hope this helps you.

  23. Namaskaar,
    My DOB:01-07-67, tob:9.55 PM ; POB:Moradabad, UP. I understand my Rahu Mahadasha has started. Kindly guide as I am facing multiple health problems, disinterest & depressive tendencies, and stagnation in career.
    Many thanks in advance for guidance.
    Thanks & regards.

  24. Namskar Sir
    My DOB : 24 march 1977 , 5.30 ( morning ) , Place : Mumbai, SOmebody has recently told me that I am going through Rahu mahadasha. After lot of problem I have been facing since last 15 Years , I did not understand – what’s going wrong in all front, Currently i am facing health issue, please guide me. waiting for your reply.

    Thank you so much,

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