Swati – Yearly Predictions for 2013 according to your Lunar Mansion- Nakshatra, Lal Kitaab remedies and Vedic remedies


In all cases of those males with their natal 7th house occupied by Mars, Saturn, Rahu, a malefic Jupiter or an affiliated the 5th Lord and if the wives are in the family-way, there can be some danger to their pregnancy. Happiness  success and courage will come to you. You will become more merciful and modest.

Health and Home: 

As the year is ailment  prone, resorting to preventive medication can be of much help. Avarice and unhappiness can be uppermost in your mind. The young, in the family may have to face some troubles. However, the environment will be most conducive in maintaining the family welfare, despite the several odds. You will bet happiness through children. A profitable travel is on the cards. Conjugal relations for women can women and some of them can resort to pleasure trips.

Finances, Work, Business and Profession:

Financial positions can improve during the year making it possible to add to your personal possessions. Your reputation can get enhanced in the society and you may be forced to shoulder an important responsibility or task. A foreign travel, if planned and pending can take off. First half of the year may require you to abide by the law of the land, meticulously and the second one can make you feel the effect of your authority. One of the important rivals in business competition may disappear. Services will be secure.

Vedic Remedies:

  • Attenuate Saturn, worship the Navagrahas  on Saturdays and light a Gingely oil lamp
  • Recite Shani Ashtottara or Anjeya Shlokas.
  • Visit Shani temple like Tirunallar and offer prayers.
  • Visit Krishna, Ram. Balaji every Thursday.

Lal Kitaab Remedies:

  • Apply Gorochan tilak on your forehead daily.
  • Offer a rose fragrance at a holy grave on Thursdays.

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