Uttara Nakshatra – The constellation of Uttara Phalguni

Uttara Nakshatra or Uttiram Nakshatra(Denebola)146º40- 160º00

Brihaspati or the Guru to the Devas was born to this “kula” star variety. Red in colour a twin star, shaped like the stick. Feminine in gender belonging to human “gana”. The Sun is the deity pertaining to the star

General characteristics:

The natives will be dignified and have a high sense of self-respecct. Pious and charitable-minded, strong and valiant, they will be slightly lascivious. Their temperature will be more than normal.

They will be helpful to others, unmindful of their own welfare.They will be humble, devoted to religious affairs and deeply interested in learning.

1st pada:

Jupiter is the lord and so the native will evince knowledge and Saastraic wisdom. He will stand on his own legs, be generous and helpful to others, frank  with no guile and good-natured.

2nd pada:

Saturn is the lord. The natives will  be one of poverty. Fickle-minded, he will not care for others difficulties.

3rd pada:

Saturn is its lord. The native will be ungrateful and also proud and vain. He will argue endlessly for no rhyme or reason. But he  will come forward in life with some aim or the other.

4th pada:

Jupiter is the lord. The natives will be highly esteemed by others. Full of wisdom, but imbued with humility, they will be gentle and soft-hearted. They will have excellent children. Their life will be smooth with no care or anxiety.

Work to be done:
  • Any work undertaken with care will be successful. The work will be excellent.
  • Those born in the “Kula nakshatra” will not meet with obstacles. They will be smart enough to manage any contingency and clever in dealing with any sort of people and also efficient in carrying out any skilled work. They know to speak sweetly and charm others.
  • There may be some tours to be undertaken.
  • If illness comes, it can be cured by doing sun-worship according to rules.
  • Uttara nakshatra is ideal for the performance of  weddings.
  • It is also a good nakshatra for the perfromance of upanayanam/thread ceremony and for begining lessons in dance, music and such fine arts as also for the begining of Vedic lessons
  • The star is good for agricultural activities such as sowing and also for begining new work connected with agriculture.
  • Any work  in this star that has begun according to tithi and yogam will surely succeed.
  • Although there may be illness in childhood, the native will live long.
  • The star is auspicious for the sowing of corn, paddy, ragi, maize, mustard and sugarcane, also for the planting of coconut and plantain.

The first pada belongs to Leo sign and the other  three to Virgo sign.  The letter “de”, “do, “va”” and “pee” respectively  signify the 4 padas.  The Sun Dasha lasting 6 yeas belongs to this nakshatra.

Uttara Nakshatra can be seen in the month of March at midnight like a pair of eyes.


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