Rohini Nakshatra – The constellation of Rohini

Rohini Nakshatra (Tauri Aldeboran) : 40º – 53º20

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini nakshatra consists of five points (for stellar units) and it is in this nakshatra that Lord Krishna was born. As he killed his uncle Kansa, there is a popular belief that when a child is born under Rohini, it is not auspicious for the uncle, i.e mother’s brother. However, this star is auspcious for commencing any good work.

General characteristics:

Even if some bad event occurs under Rohini Nakshatra, the end result will always be good. The prices of commodities will come to even level, when the Sun traverses this star. The girl attaining puberty in this star will, after marriage give birth to good sons, and will be prosperous and highly esteemed.  She will be respected for her charitable work and philathrophic actions. Those born under Rohini nakshatra will generally be happy, lucky and have a fairly easy life.

1st pada:

Mars is the lord and hence, the native is likely to be fickle-minded and will find fault with everything. He may serve in the army or in the police. He will be fair complexioned.

2nd pada:

Venus is the lord. The native will be mild-mannered, good natured and cheerful.  He will also be interested in art.

3rd pada:

With Mercury as the lord, the native will be highly learned and be famous in the literary circles. If other yogas too are favorable, he will be a great poet. Knowing the nature of his enemies, he will behave diplomatically. He will be skilled in mathematics too.

4th pada:

The moon is the lord. The native will be intelligent and mild in temparament. Blessed with longevity, he will be lucky in enjoying the fruits of others labours.

Under the Rohini nakshatra, such auspicious functions as
  • Upanayanam (Yagnopaveet or thread ceremony for boys), Seemantam (7th month ceremony for pregnant women), naming ceremony,
  • Begining of Vedic studies and marriages can be done.
  • The foundation-laying for a new house, house-warming can also be performed,
  • Navagraha shanti can also be done.
  • Being one of the fixed stars, projects of long-standing effects can be undertaken, such as house-building, tree plantation or crowning of kings/heads of state, oath taking ceremonies etc.
  • It is good to plant sugar-cane, paddy and jowar in this nakshatra.

Those born under the Rohini nakshatra, will be handsome, intelligent. smart, joyous and appear to be rich. They may have some eye-trouble.

Letter signifying each of the padas for this nakshatra are – “O”, “Va”, “Vi” and “Na”. names begining with such letters will confer luck. Conxixting of 5 stars, it looks like a bee. It belongs to the deva group. The dasha for this star is the Moon lasting 10 years.

This can be seen in the month of December in the night at 12:30. As Lord Krishna was born in this star, it is an auspicious nakshatra.


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