Pushya Nakshatra – The constellation of Pushyami

Pushya Nakshatra or Pushyami Nakshatra (Cancri) 93º20 – 106º40: 

fruits, leaves and flowers of snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina var. anguina)

Pushya Nakshatra

Even as the lion is the kind amongst the animals, it is stated that the Pushya Nakshatra excels all other and is the king amongst the constellations.

Pushya is a “Kula” star and  it is a cluster of three white stars in the sky like the flower of a snake-gourd. It is a male star belonging to the divine group. Its lord is Jupiter.

General Characteristics:

Those born in the Pushya Nakshatra will be clever, smart, intelligent, but slightly short-tempered. They will excel in the study of astrology. They will be helpful towards their kith and kin.

In appearance they hae black eyes, are couragous, are capable of managing any difficulty, will be independent after middle age and long-lived

1st pada:

Its lord is the Sun. The native will be able to finish any work quickly. He will love loneliness, but is prone to be afflicted by paralysis.

2nd pada:

Its lord is Mercury. Handsome in appearance, they will charm other women. Greedy about money and other women, they will appear to be weak and frail. But they will love and respect.

3rd pada:

Venus is its lord. However, diffiult the task may be, they are determined to complete it sucessfully. With a child-like face, they are cheerful and charming. With quiet, peaceful eyes, they lead their lives happily without any care.

4th Pada:

Mars is its lord. They are clever in possessing others properties. They excel in causing trouble and conflicts. On the whole, their character is of an inferior nature.

“Hu”, “Heigh”, “Ho” and “Da” are the begining letters of the names to be given respectively in the 4 padas of the  Pushya nakshatra.

The Dasha for this nakshatra is Saturn and lasts 19 years.

What action can be done:
  • If the Moon were in the 8th from nakshatra from ones lagna, during transit, lasting 2.5 days, it is termed as “Chandraashtama” and  on such days  any work, especially auspicious ones  should not be done. But according to ancient books, for Pushya Nakshatra, work carried out on the Chandrashtama dates also meet with success.
  • If girls attain puberty in this nakshatra, no Shaanti is required. Afte rmarriage, the girls will bear good male children.
  • It is good for learning music or dancing, such auspicious ceremonies as “Seemantam”, naming of children and Upanayanam can be performed. Also good for commencing agricultural operations, study of Vedas and Shastras and wearing new jewels.
  • It is an auspicious nakshatra for laying foundation stone, building houses, house-warming and to plant sugarcane, paddy and betel plants.
  • Some are of the opinion, that it is not an auspicous nakshatra for marriage and bethrotal.
  • Any work undertaken will be rid of all difficulties and obstacles, the enemies power will be dwindled, it is propitious nakshatra for travel

This nakshatra can be seen after 10:30 p.m in the month of February.


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