Purva Nakshatra – The constellation of Pubba or Purvaphalguni

Pooram Nakshatra or Purvaphalguni or Purva Nakshatra or Pubba Nakshatra (Pubba Leonis) 133º20 – 146º40

Purva Nakshatra

Purva Nakshatra

This star is considered not auspicious for the performance of a good work. This along with the next nakshatra- Uttara, constitutes a single form like that of a golden cot. Pooram is feminine, belongs to the human type

General Characteristics:

Those born in Purva nakshatra will be dressed nicely and will be interested in jewels. They will be generous and kind to their employess and feel delighted in their happiness. They will show interest in fine arts like music and painting and if opportunity occcurs, take to dancing and excel in it. They will be extravagant and spend more than their earnings and in later days suffer. They are examples of fickle-mindedness. Some of them will be famous as great painters.

1st pada:

The Sun is its lord, and so like a king their mind will be broad and extensive. They are clever in exchange and barter system and excel in share-brkoing. They will have eye-defects an be weak in their health.

2nd pada:

Mercury is the lord, a neutral planet, so like the native, inspite of his intelligence and fame, he will lead a life of care and anxiety. He will have no personal happiness nor will be of any help to others.

3rd pada:

Venus is the  lord and rashi is Libra. The native will be charming both in appearance and speech. He will have several children. He will be skilled in music and sculpture. He will excel in mathematics.

4th pada:

Mars is the lord. The native will not have a happy life, will suffer from poverty. His children, deprived of many opportunities will suffer too.

Necessary work to be done:
  • “”Ubhayakula means enjoying the wealth of others. But “common” means bereft of the former two kinds. The native will have quite an extraordinary life.
  • Fever or illness begining in purva nakshatra will not easily be cured. The deity Aryamaa rules the star.
  • Accidents occuring in this nakshatra will be terrible
  • Famine too will be severe.
  • When the sun transits this nakshatra, the prices of commodities will be high. If a malefic planet transits the Aswini star and Pubba falls on a saturday, it is called Mahaa Soola yoga.
  • No new work can be undertaken in this period, nor can new clothes be purchased.
  • It is good for commencing studies for using mantras, for treasure -hunting and for gambling.
  • Those born in this star will have “baalarishta” but if the necessary shanti is done, they will live upto 90 years of age.

The letters signifying each pada are “Mo”, “Da”, and “Do”.

The dasha for this period is Venus lasting 20 years,

The star can be seen in the month of March at 11 p.m. just above the head.


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