Magha Nakshatra – The constellation of Makha

Magha Nakshatra (Leonis or Regulas) 120º00 – 133º20

Magha Nakshatra

Magha Nakshatra

Those born under the Magha Nakshatra are stated to live prosperously. Consisting of 5 stars, this star looks like a palanquin. It is masculine, Rakshasa type of a harsh and rigorous nature. Arjuna of the 5 Pandavas was born under this nakshatra. The banyan tree is its symbol as among the birds, it typefies the crow.

General Characteristics:

The natives are generally the Sri Vidya Upasakas. They have great delight in worshipping the Devi. They are of a generous nature out to help their relatives and the distressed who seek them.

They are proficient in abstruse subjects, rich adaptable to situations and will have administrative skills. By their charming speech, they will be able to attract others. They will be very kind to their wives.

Ocassionally they may be irritable and lascivious by nature. They will evince interest in learning such fine arts as painting. Although they may be wealthy and live a very comfortable life, in their later days, they will have no peace of mind.

  • 1st pada: Mars is its lord. The native will have friends amongst the greats like kings and ministers. Possesses of high qualities, they will excel others in speech.
  • 2nd pada: Its rashi is Taurus and the lord is Venus. The native will give all help to those who seek refuge, will be intelligent, wealthy and interested in fine arts. They will take everything in cheer and be care-free by nature.
  • 3rd pada: Mercury is its lord. The natives are miserly by nature,will have no maried happiness. They are misogynists and run away from women. Whatever work they are engaged in, they have feelings of affection, they will not show them.
  • 4th pada: The native will be jealous by nature. Being ungrateful, they will forget any help rendered to them. They will ever be care-worn about something or the other.

Talking always of “self-respect” they will miss out good opportunities and ever blame others, for their  failures. They will have more male children.

Work to be done:

Belonging to the family tree (“kula nakshatra), any work benefitting it, if done carefully, will bring success.

  • If one falls ill, he will not be cured soon. He has to do “shanti” for the pitrus.
  • Obstacles or attack by enemies will fail.
  • Famine, fire-accidents are the mishaps occuing under the magha nakshatra. When the sun transits this nakshatra, the prices of commodities will be moderate.
  • When rain starts under this nakshatra, it will rain well.
  • The Magha Nakshatra is auspicious for the performance of marriages, for learning mantras, for digging wells or tanks.
  • If girls attain puberty under the Magha Nakshatra, they will not have a happy married life. Shanti has to be performed for them.
  • It is good for starting agricultural activities, also for putting fertilizers and ploughing.

Naaraada’s book states that the Magha Nakshatra is good for learning music and dancing. It is also good for meeting great men.

The letters signifying each pada- “maa, meee, “mu” and “me” respectively.

The Dasha for Magha Nakshatra is Ketu lasting for 7 years. It is considered a Ganda Moola dosha (upcoming article) if Shanti is performed at the time of birth, the natives will live long.

The Magha Nakshatra is seen in the month of February after midnight just above the head.


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