Krittika Nakshatra – The constellation of Krittika

Krittika Nakshatra (Tauri Aloyoni) : 26º40 – 40º90

Lord Skanda was born under this star, he is hence called Kaartikeya. His devotees fast every month on the Krittika

Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika Nakshatra

nakshatra day and worship him by reading the Skanda Shashti Kavacham and Kandar Anubhuti.

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General characteristics:

The Krittika Nakshatra native will welcome his relatives and be generous to them. He will be handsome and healthy and enjoy good food. He will be esteemed and highly respected and ever be happy. He will have birthmarks on his neck near the ear. Some will be inclined to do evil deeds surreptitiously and be content with whatever they had studied.

1st pada:

Its lord is Jupiter. The native will be affluent and intelligent, famous and esteemed by the public.

2nd pada:

Saturn is the lord. The native will be indulging in evil deeds and be interested in other women, evince greater interest in others than in own family.

3rd pada:

Saturn is the lord. Those born in this pada will neither be intelligent nor have a good character. They will have only bad friends.

4th pada:

Jupiter is the lord. The native will be highly proficient, good-natured and intelligent. He will be loving, humble, contented, sympathetic, pious and benevolent.

Children should bear the names commencing with the letters – “aa”, “i”, “00” and “eh” according to the 4 padas respectively. Eg: Aadesh, Aanand, Ishwar and Ekambar.

The Krittika star consists of 6 stars of the “kula” star group. The Dashaa for this star is the Sun- lasting six years.

There will be success in planning and doing the following actions:

Any undertaking, aafter careful considerations if begun in this star, will bring joy, victory, the conspiracy of enemies will fail, and no great obstacles will intervene.

  • The star belongs to the Raakshasa Gana, if the Sun enters this star, the prices of commodities will have an even level.
  • The star is good for such activities as melting of metals, gold, copper, and silver for making jewels and for carpentry.
  • It is good for making weapons and for collecting debts.
  • It is not good for driving new vehicles.
  • It is not good for girls to attain puberly and if so, some shaanti ceremony has to be performed.
  • It is bad for commening journeys and if essential, one has to take curd rice and can travel to eastern and western directions.

The star appears like a knife – composed of 6 points and can be seen in mid-sky at about 11 p.m. in the month of December. There is a popular belief that no work is to be commenced during the two stars Bharani and Krittika.


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