Bharani Nakshatra – The constellation of Bharani

Bharani Nakshatra (Arietusa mus) : 13º20 – 26º40

There are certain proverbs associated with some stars – “One born in Bharani nakshatra will rule the world”. Even if

Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra

he is not a king, he will enjoy all royal felicities. Being an “ubhayakula” star, he will reap the fruits of others without exerting himself.

General characteristics:

Those born under Bharani nakshatra will enjoy delicious food with great relish. They love to sleep long, will have several enemies will live long, lacking determination and will-power, will be handsome with broad forehead and curly hair, an epicure by nature, will love life for its own sake without bothering to think about metaphysical problems.

1st pada: 

The Sun is the lord. The native will love ease, comfort and luxury, will behave as if he knows, all and even, succeed in making others believe this bluff, handsome in appearance.

2nd pada:

Mercury is its lord.Very miserly in matters of money, will have a few children and may not have a happy married life.

3rd pada:

Venus is the lord. The native will appear like a great benefactor looking after several persons, will speak sweetly and persuasively. An Intelligent person ever cheerful and joyous.

4th pada:

Mars is the lord. Envy and ingratitude are his chief characteristics. The native will be more interested in growing long hair and beautifying himself, will never be able to complete any task, will have more children.

There will be success in planning and doing the following actions:
  • Sowing of seed in the Bharani star will be fruitful.
  • Being an active and alert star, some astrologers regard this star as being aggressive and harsh.
  • Suitable for making weapons,
  • planting trees,
  • driving out devils and evil force,
  • appointing servants,
  • Doing pottery etc.

Children should be named with letters commencing “li”, “lu”, “ley” and “lou” according to the 4 padas of this star. Eg: Lily, Lucy, Lekha and loknath. They will have long life and be proseperous too.

Dasha for this star is Venus, running 20 years.

This star can be seen in the month of December in mid-sky like a triangle.


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