Aslesha Nakshatra – The constellation of Aslesha

Aslesha Nakshatra (Hydrae) 106º40 – 120º00: 

Aslesha Nakshatra

Aslesha Nakshatra

This 9th star is red in color composed of a bunch of six stars. There is a Tamil Proverb that says that Aslesha looks like a grindstone.

A feminine class, belongs to the Raakshasa type: as God is the serpent and the sparrow signifies its bird group.

General Characteristics:

Jupiter is the lord of its 1st and 4th padas. Hence the natives of the Aslesha nakshatra are straightforward, honest and pious. Yudishthir of the Pandavas was born under this nakshatra.

Generally, the natives are smart, bright and good-speakers. Inspite of a harsh face, they are able to command the respect and friendship of famous leaders of the land.

They are interested in foreign tours. Their enemies have a tough time with them, they will not be left carefree. They will discharge their work with enthusiasm. But they are lascivious in temperament.

1st pada:

Jupiter is the lord. The native is interested in discovering new things. he is also honest, bold and pious.

2nd pada:

Saturn is the lord. The native will ever be afflicted by some illness or other. Although their stomach is dull, yet they will feel gluttonous. They will do sinful deeds without hesitation. They will seek to amass wealth by associating with mean fellows and indulging in anti-social activities.

3rd pada:

Saturn is again the lord. Thenative will be cruel in nature, excel in dishonesty and gain wealth by evil ways. Indulging in wicked activities they will pursue only evil ways, although advised by others to follow the right path in their last days, they will suffer from paralytic attacks.

4th pada:

Jupiter is the  lord, but he is in his severe ungenial aspect. Children born in this pada are likely to cause danger to their parents. They would be nurtured as orphans. It is essential to do some Shaanti for the children born in this pada to avert any mishap.

Necessary acts to be done:

If a girl matures in the aslesha nakshatra, shaanti has to be done, other wise her married life will not be smooth. A Tamil proverb says that the mother-in-law of an Aslesha nakshatra born girl will be a pauper. So while fixing marriage either for a boy or girl of an aslesha nakshatra born, it is better to see one with no living mother-in-law. Though there is no shastra pramana/proof of this proverb, the stigma however continues that the mother-in-law would be widowed.

It is a pity that prevelance of such baseless proverbs prevent the marriage of suitable girls and boys of Aslesha born nakshatras.

This nakshatra is a dual-caste. The natives are lucky in living on others wealth without exertion. Sage Narada says that the Aslesha nakshatra native will work hard and be successful in trading and gambling.

The letters signifying the aslesha nakshatra are “dee”, “doo”, “de”, and “doe”.

The Mercury dasha lasting 17 years belongs to this star. This star can be seen in the month of February after 11 a.m. It is not very bright, consisting of six stars it looks like a grindstone.


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