Ashwini Nakshatra – The constellation of Aswini

Aswini / Ashwini  Nakshatra (Arietus ) : 0 degree to 13º20. 

It is named Aswini which in Sanskrit means “horse”. It is constituted of 6 points in the form of a horse.

Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra

It first lasts from its rising up to six hours, after which the 2nd pada commences.

General Characteristics:

Sharp intelligence, long life, beautiful long eyes, skillful in fulfilling any task undertaken, interested in jewellery and friendly behaviour. Those born in ashwini nakshatra will also have surreptitious friendship with some bad characters. They are generally thrifty by nature.

The Saastras declare that any enterprise undertaken under this star will yield good results.

Let us study the different padas in this nakshatra:

1st pada:

The lord of the 1st pada is Mars. The native will have a rough nature, may have some sterling tendencies., by self-effort will accumulate wealth, will like to enjoy life to the full; will have a fearless character like a warrior; may be interested in other women too.

2nd pada:

Its lord is Venus. The native will be interested in getting wealth and in doing Dhaarmic, righteous deeds. He will evince interest in aethetic arts and be desirous of fame.

3rd pada:

Its lord is Mercury. Interested in learning and in comfortable living, smart, intelligent and will have many friends, and clever in winning over even enemies.

4th pada:

The Moon is the lord. The native will be God-fearing, devoted to charitable acts and will administer religious institutions efficiently.

This star Ashwini is called “kula” (Tribal or caste) star. There will be success in planning and doing the following actions:
  • The enemy can be easily vanquished. By self-effort and natives wit, the person can accumulate wealth.
  • In Vasishtha Samhitaa, it is stated that Ashwini is good for naming ceremony, for commencing Saastric sutdies and for buyiung new jewelelry.
  • Children should be name with letters commencing “Su”, “Say”, “Sou” and “La” respectively according to the 4 padas of this star e.g, names like Subhadra, Seshamma, Somnath and Lavanya.
  • The Dasha appropriate to this star is Ketu running 7 years.
  • This star can be seen in the month of December after 10 p.m. just in teh mid-sky looking like the face of a horse, consisting of 6 points.
  • This star is stated to be excellent for the installation of idols in temples.

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