Aridra Nakshatra – The constellation of Aardra

Aridra Nakshatra or Aardra Nakshatra (Orionis) 66º40 – 80º00 : 

Aridra nakshatra- Nataraja of Chidambaram

Aridra nakshatra- Nataraja of Chidambaram

It is the 6th star and mention of this name brings to mind the month of Dhanus and Lord Nataraja of Chidambaram. The Lord is supposed to have been born under the Aridra Nakshatra and hence the term “Aardra Darsanam” is sacred. A big festival is held on this day in temples and women make “kali“(a delicious food mixed with 09 types of vegetables) as an offering to the Lord and then take the food. It is only one star belonging to the human group. No auspicious event will be commenced on this day. Prices will be moderate when the Sun transits the star.

General characteristics:

Those born under the aridra nakshatra will be very successful in trade and commerce. They will try to excel in any work undertaken with great effort. Naturally they will be proud. They will not hesitate to carry our even sinful deeds. They may be ungrateful. They are long-lived.

1st pada:
As Jupiter is its lord, the native will be charitable minded, clear headed and generous. Ocassionally, thy may be short-tempered.

2nd pada
With Saturn as lord the native will take delight in making others weep. They are sadists deriving pleasure out of troubling others.

3rd Pada:
Saturn ins again the Lord. The native will be brutal by nature. Harsh and cruel he will be. During good Dasa-bhukti periods, he may get some wealth. He will not hesitate to commit evil deeds.

4th Pada:
The lord is Jupiter. Those born under the influence will be excellent ones. Interested in charitable deeds and philanthrophic activities. Being devout by nature, they will go for pilgrimages. They may have only a few friends but they will be noble and cultured.

The letters indicating the padas are respectively “koo”, “ka”, “nga”, and “cha”. The dasha for Aridra nakshatra is Rahu lasting 18 years.

What action can be done:
  • The aridra nakshatra is favorble for the repetition of mantras and for exorcising evil spirits. It is called as Daaruna star, – meaning creation of fear.
  • It is not good for girls to attain puberty in this star. Their married life will be full of sorrow, misery and poverty. By doing Shanti, if puberty were in the 3rd and 4th pad, the evil can be minimized. It is called a feminine star.
  • The Aridra Nakshatra is good for learning military arts like archery, use of weapons, wrestling etc.
  • It is good for pottery making etc.
  • Also good for mantra invocation.
  • Illness during this star wil not be easily cured.
  • Performance of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Shanti will be beneficial
  • The agriculturist can plant maize and raagi in this period.
  • It is good for military marches and bands.

It is a bright star seen in the month of January after 10 p.m. just above our heads.


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