Mahadasha in Hindu Vedic Astrology- A brief Introduction

Mahadasha  is called after the “Great period”  in a person’s life. A particular stretch of time in an individual’ s lifespan is ruled by a particular planet.

This time period is known as the Mahadasha of that planet. The time line of the planets is always in a particular sequence that is followed for their Mahadashas.

Each of the Maha dashas will have an effect on the individual’s life by highlighting the effects of the planet concerned for its duration, both in terms of its general nature, and by the exact nature of the planet’s placement in the person’s horoscope.

Sun (Surya) Mahadasha is for 6 Years

Navagraha- Surya-Sun

Lord of Nakshatra: Krittika, Uttara Phalguni(Uttara), Uttara Ashadha

Sun will govern high position in career, achievements especially in the areas of politics and government. It adds on to charm and magnetism to our persona. It governs fame, authority and advancement in careers. The Sun Mahadasha also relates to our Father. If it is placed-well, it will give highly auspicious results.

In case Sun is badly-placed, it will affect the above-mentioned fields in adverse ways. It can also create problems related to our heart and eyesight.


  • Spiritual quest to connect with our heart;
  • Name, fame, honor and status,
  • Ego aggrandizement

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Moon (Chandra) Mahadasha is for 10 Years

Navagraha Chandran

Lord of Nakshatra: Rohini, Hasta, Shravana

Moon rules our emotions, thinking, general well-being and feminine presence in our chart. Hence, all theses areas are likely to come in limelight in this Dasha period of 10 years. If placed-well, this period (in general) will give a physical well being along with mental peace and emotional richness. The females related to the subject will also receive added benefits from this period. Emotions, sensitivity, romance and marriage will gain prominence along with all the fields close to a subject’s hearts. Public recognition and honor is also facilitated.

In case the moon is not so well placed, the related fields suffer a setback. The problems of insomnia, lethargy, cough and cold, spleen and gastric disorders also come into play from the ill placement of the planet.


  • Happiness, home, creativity, sociability
  • Emotional turmoil

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Mars (Kuja/Mangal) Mahadasha is for 7 Years

Navagraha-Mars- Kuja- Angaraka

Lord of Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha, Chitra , Dhanishtha

Mars Dasha is the time for passions and drives taking the front place. In a well-placed powerful Mars, the person becomes ambitious and independent. Sexual urges and excitement also comes in play. Since, Mars is a masculine planet, a subject`s relationship with males, such as son and brothers are enhanced. This is perfect time to take charge of life and surge ahead with confidence.

If the planet is afflicted in the chart, a person might get into occasional rash behavior and will be prone to injuries and accidents. Bone marrow and muscles also get affected as an adverse result.


  • Dynamic energy to accomplish, power, arguments.
  • Enemity

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Rahu (north node) Mahadasha is for 18 Years


Lord of Nakshatra: Ardra, Swati, Shatabhishak

Rahu period usually brings out the best and worst in our fortunes and personal self. If badly-placed, this planet will accordingly bring misery, conflicts, downfalls, difficulties and even death. If the planet is well placed then the person is bestowed with highest honors, achievements and success. In this period, the person doesn’t exactly grow but rather reap rewards of the earlier Dasha of his life.

This dasha may also incline one to ‘demonic’ habits (such as alcohol, non-vegetarianism, drugs etc), as the planet itself is symbolic of a demon. The ill effects of this period may include leprosy, nervous disorders, ulcers and cancer.

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  • Worldly success.
  • Feelings of defeat.
  • Bad habits are cultivated.

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Jupiter (Guru/Brihaspati) Mahadasha is for 16 Years


Lord of Nakshatra: Punarvasu, Vishakha, Purva Bhadra

Jupiter rules luck, fortune and higher wisdom. Hence all the related aspects are going to come in the foreplay during this period. When well-placed, the period favors easygoing life with easy acquisition of properties, wealth, career advancement and children. Overall, the time period will be smooth and rewarding. A great deal of higher learning and spiritual inclination may also take place during this period. Prosperity and honors are acquired during this time period.

If not so well-placed, the planet gives bad effects in the above-mentioned areas. Disorders related to blood- circulation and liver, asthma and diabetes can also cause major inconvenience.


  • Expansion, learning, spirituality.
  • Lack of fortune.

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 Navagraha-Shani-Sani-SaturnSaturn (Shani) Mahadasha is for 19 Years

Lord of Nakshatra: Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara Bhadra

This is the 19 years time period of hard work and persistence. Saturn emphasizes on strict discipline and labour by creating delays and difficulties and added responsibilities on the person. In short, this time period enables a person to lay the foundation to become strong and efficient, and reap the rewards in coming years. If the Saturn is well placed, it brings honor, authority and prosperity as a result of one`s work.

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In case it is afflicted, the time period brings major difficulties, sorrows and frustrations. Bone diseases, fractures, skin problems, rheumatism also come in the play as ill-effects of the Dasha.


  • Responsibility, endurance, honor with patience.
  • Detachment, delays, restriction.

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Mercury(Budh) Mahadasha is for 17 Years

Lord of Nakshatra: Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati


A Mercury mahadasha stresses on all the intellectual endeavors. Learning, writing, speech and communications are the fields of this planet, which come in play during this time span. A person`s education gains importance, and people deal more with the communication aspects in their life. Those active in the field of writing, media or telecommunication receive an added boost because of this Dasha.

If the planet is afflicted, mental tensions, anxiety, instability and indecisiveness are the back points that become evident. Commercial activities also gain prominence in this time period; hence loss in business is also attributed to ill-placed Mercury.


  • Communication, including writing, speaking.
  • Problems with self-expression, including nervousness and anxiety.

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Ketu (south node) Mahadasha is for 7 Years

Lord of Nakshatra: Ashwini, Magha, Mula


Ketu is the planet of spiritual enlightenment and detachment from everything materialistic or worldly. In a materialistically inclined horoscope, Ketu may endow sorrows, losses and miseries. In a spiritually inclined horoscope, it may give great deal of spirituality and asceticism to the person.

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Ketu gives good results when placed in proper houses imparting mystical and psychic experiences. Still, outcome of the period may be varied.


  • Knowledge, liberation, psychic or spiritual insight
  • Injury, enemity.

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Venus(Shukra/Sukra) Mahadasha is for 20 Years

Lord of Nakshatra: Bharani, Purva Phalguni(pubba), Purva Ashadha


This 20-year time span revolves around beauty, luxuries, entertainment, romance and affairs of the heart. This time period associates the person with the above-mentioned activities. People active in fields of arts and entertainment are also liable to give wonderful results in this time period. Happiness and pleasantness becomes the life`s core when this planet is well placed.

If the planet is afflicted, romantic alliance, marriage and endeavors in above-mentioned activities will give bad results. Money loss is also prominent. Kidney and reproduction system may also suffer as the consequence of its bad effects.


  • Beauty, charm, comfort, love.
  • Upheavals in our relationships.

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