Saturn transit- Sani Peyarchi Nov 2011 to 2014 analysis for Tula-Thulam- Rasi- Libra Moon sign

Sani Peyarchi Palangal Nov 2011 to 2014 for Thula Rasi- Libra Moon sign

Tula Rasi- Libra

Tula Rasi- Libra

Points to remember: Jupiter or Guru is in your 7th House since May 8, 2011 and Saturn will occupy 1st House from Nov 14th 2011.

Saturn or Shani dev will move from the 12th House (1st leg of Sade Sati) to the 2nd leg or the 1st house , i.e where your natal moon is situated  in your horoscope.  If you are confused, the house where your moon is- if it is Libra or Tula, then this is your 2nd stage of  the Saturn examination. This is the 2nd leg of 7.5 years of Sade Sati period. You will still undergo hardships – but in a milder tone. There will be financial losses. The ventures which you conceived as great prospects will push you down into the dark room, where you will not find as easy way out. There will be struggle in business and profession.

The 1st House is the House of Self. Physical appearance, traits and characteristics. First impressions. General outlook into the world. Ego. Beginnings and initiatives.

Now Guru since May 8th 2011 has come to 7th, i.e., Mesha Rasi. 7th place is known as Kalathara (Marriage, Union, Partnerships) Sthanam. Tula  Rashi along with Simha, and Mithuna will enjoy this Guru Peyarchi to the full. (Especially till November 2011). Relationship with partner and in family will improve. High inflow of income, harmony in family, robust health, promotions & increments, accumulation of wealth, excellence in education, you name any good thing, it will all happen to you.  Business will flourish and profits will double. Health condition will improve drastically. Medical expenses will comes down.

Thumbs upAdvise: Overall, it’s a happy blissful year. Just Enjoy without much worry.

Here are some key points to be noted for you during the Saturn transit:

  • Saturn in the first house from your birth Rashi signifies a trying time.
  • Finances may be at an all time low, so avoid wasteful expenditure and taking on unnecessary loans.
  • On a personal level, you may feel pessimistic and appear unpleasant to others.
  • Objectives may be hard to achieve. For some, there is the possibility of spending time in jail.
  • Pay particular attention to your health during this time.
  • Although no serious diseases are indicated, you may be at risk from injury by weapons, poisons or fire, and subject to general physical pain and fatigue.
  • More specifically, you may experience pain in the head and feel totally drained of energy and enthusiasm.
  • You may also suffer from considerable worry and anxiety.
  • Your spouse will also be susceptible to physical pain or discomfort. Avoid any situations that could threaten your honour, as this may come under attack.
  • Traveling is on the cards for most of you. You may have to travel to a distant land or be transferred to a foreign country. However, being apart from your friends and family and your home may not be a pleasant experience.
  • Maintain peace and tranquillity at home. You may quarrel with your siblings and their spouses.
  • Avoid any unpleasantness with your wife and children and protect them from harmful influences.
  • You may have to perform funeral rights for someone close.
  • Be careful of being deceived unexpectedly. Be especially attentive to your friends as a valuable friendship may suffer during this time.
  • Avoid falling prey to vices.
  • For detailed Remedies and pariharams, we will update this post shortly.

Pls note: These are broad outlines. The holy scriptures have mentioned these as the outcome of the transit. For more detailed personalized analysis based on your Dasha and Bhutki, read below


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