Saturn transit- Sani Peyarchi Nov 2011 to 2014 analysis for Karka-Kataka Rasi- Cancer Moon sign

Sani Peyarchi Palangal Nov 2011 to 2014 for Karka-Kataka Rasi- Cancer Moon sign

Karka Rasi-Cancer

Karka Rasi-Cancer

Points to remember: Jupiter or Guru is in your 10th House since May 8, 2011 and Saturn will occupy 4th House from Nov 14th 2011.

Saturn or Shani dev will move from the 3rd house to the 4th House(Ardha Astama Sani)  in your natal chart from your moon sign. Passing through the 4th house from Moon, this period is supposed to render almost half the problems of Ashtama sani. The 4th House represents the Home and Family. Ancestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment. Mother or mothers as figure. The caretaker of the household. Cyclic end of matters.

Finances will be stressful. It will be difficult to manage the current expenses with the income. Liabilities will increase and existing liabilities will mount pressure for repayment.

Now Guru or Jupiter  is coming to tenth place.  In Tamil the saying goes,- “Pataam Veedu, Padavi Nasam (पत़ताम वीडं पदवी नासम)” , which simply put means- When Jupiter transits the 10th house from the natal moon, people lose their positions at home, work, socially  etc. Chairs will change their occupants and people will change chairs. Expenses will increase but revenue or income will decrease. Spend judiciously. Try avoiding loans. If necessary, avail loans only to the extent needed. Unfavorable transfers or relocation of business/family may happen.

Advise: Overall, this transit will make it insecure & unstable for people of Kataka/Karka Rasi. Advised Precaution.

Here are some key points  to be noted for you during the Saturn transit:

  • Saturn in the fourth house from your Moon sign brings an uneasy time.
  • Apart from other aspects of life, your finances will require careful handling during this transit. Avoid wasting money.
  • You may develop a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to your work or profession. You may even start disliking your job and may face the wrath of your boss or a higher authority.
  • Some of you are likely to be transferred to another place of work during this period.
  • Socially this may not be a good time for you.
  • Make efforts to maintain popularity in your social circle.
  •  Avoid any activity that might cause you humiliation.
  • Health matters require your focused attention. Some of you are likely to develop lethargy, stomach discomfort, flatulence and other minor ailments.
  • You may also experience anguish, fear, mental confusion and anxiety during this time.
  • Some of you may have bad thoughts or feel the urge to do sinful deeds.
  • Avoid getting into any arguments with your enemies.
  • You may be separated from your friends and supporters.
  • At home, take care of your wife and children, as they may be susceptible to disease or other life threatening situations.
  • There may be a death in the family.
  • Avoid getting involved in any kind of unpleasant situation with your relatives and near and dear ones.
  • This period may see you creating enemies within your immediate family or with relatives.
  • Beware of hidden enemies during this time.
  • On the other hand, some of you may expect childbirth in your family.
  • For detailed Remedies and pariharams, we will update this post shortly.

Pls note: These are broad outlines. The holy scriptures have mentioned these as the outcome of the transit. For more detailed personalized analysis based on your Dasha and Bhutki, read below.



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