Sani Peyarchi- Saturn transit on 14th November 2011 from Virgo- Kanni to Libra- Thulam

The much awaited Sani Peyarchi for Simha, Thula and Kanni as well as Kumbha Rasi will happen at 12-45 PM on 14th November 2011.

The hard taskmaster as he is the Planet Saturn has exerted his strong gravitational pull on all the above Rasi, as he was in the last 2.5 year phase for Simha Rasi, he will be moving into the 3rd leg of Sade Sati for Kanni Rasi/Virgo and the 2nd Leg of Sade sati for Libra Rasi/Thulam and the total brunt of this Sade Sati will be felt by Vrishchika Rasi/Scorpio where Sani Bhagwan makes his presence felt by starting the 1st leg of his 7.5 year cycle.

What to expect on the outset out of this transit of Saturn in Libra in Nov 2011:

Saturn transit in Libra in Nov 2011

Saturn transit- Sani Peyarchi in Libra/Thula in Nov 2011 till 2014

  1. Libra is a house of exaltation (happy place) for Saturn. He is entering this house after 30 years.
  2. Saturn as the planet of judgment is bound to play his role to the wholesome as the occupies Libra. Saturn is the Karaka for Karma – the judgment planet and Libra is the sign of Judgment as revealed by its sign – the weighing balance.
  3. As Saturn occupies Libra/Tula which is the 7th House in  a natal chart, Jupiter or Brihaspati/Guru is in Mesha/Aries which is the 1st house. This is called as “aspecting” and in this case it is a mutual aspect. This extraordinary phenomenon happens once in 15 years.
  4. Jupiter is the Lord of giving and benevolence, the planet of expansion, whereas Saturn is the planet of restriction and boundaries. This direct aspect means that there will be positive changes for the “good people“, as Jupiter will benefit them and  Saturn being in his happy house of Libra will happily deliver justice to the “bad people“.
  5. Because Jupiter who represents the Judge (God, Guru, Masters) is looking at Saturn directly (7th house from each other), and Saturn is also looking back at Jupiter, the full emphasis of Saturn transit is going to be only on Judgment, Judgment , Judgment all the way.  Jupiter occupies Mesha Rasi, the house of Mars, meaning Courts and lawyers. There will be much focus and emphasis here.
    Quite simply, both will perform their work without any hindrance from each other.

The Kumbha Rasi/Aquarius  natives have a relief as Shani has exited their Ashtama/Astama sthan-  or the 8th house of hardships and hence good times start to roll. The 9th house is not exactly a favorable house, yet the heat that was turned on since last 2.5 years will lessen and as they say in a disco when the dance fervor hits the max point, to bring down the enthusiasm the DJ then plays softer and softer music. Same way in order to get the maximum benefits of he 11th house, which is the favorable house for Saturn, the landing pad of the 9th and 10th house is used to provide soothing balm after a scorching 8th house or ashtama shani experience.

The Planet Saturn is naturally exalted in Libra/Thula and it is therefore understood that his heat will be felt even more for all the natives under his influence this 2.5 year cycle. But of course the study of the present Mahadasha and Antar Dasha will also determine the  ill- effects. Also remember friends that your Karma- past and present will also determine Lord Shani’s wrath as he is the Celestial Judge, sitting  in Judgment of your acts done especially to the lower, working and labor class over which he rules!

Do you wan to know what happens (broadly) in the 7.5 year period of Shani Sade sati or Saturn transit? Read here…

Sani/Shani Panoti: Sade Sati/Sadhe Sati: 7 .5 years of Saturn transit- each house taking 2.5 years

More Information:

03-11-2014  Shani enters the Vrischika rashi. Shani transits in Thula rashi from 14.11.2011 to 16.05.2012 and from 05.08.2012 to  03.11.2014.

Sani Peyarchi Nov 14, 2011 to 2014 analysis in brief (according to your moon sign)

Moon sign refers to the house Moon/Chandran is located on your natal chart

  1. Mesha- Mesha Rasi – Aries
  2. Vrishabha- Rishabha Rasi– Taurus
  3. Mithuna- Mithunam Rasi-Gemini
  4. Karka- Kataka- Kadagam Rasi-Cancer
  5. Simha-Simham-Chingam Rasi– Leo
  6. Kanya- Kanni Rasi– Virgo
  7. Thulam-Thula- Tula Rasi– Libra
  8. Vrishchika-Vrichikka Rasi– Scorpio
  9. Dhanur-Dhanasu-Thanasu Rasi-Sagittarius
  10. Makara -Magara Rasi-Capricorn
  11. Kumbha-Kumbam-Kumbh Rasi-Aquarius
  12. Meena-Meenam Rasi-Pisces


  1. Dear Guruji,

    Above key points gave me very soothing effect in my stormy 7.5 years of sadesathi which ended on 4th August,2012.

    My Date of Birth – 16/04/1962

    My Time of Birth – 9.45 AM

    Place of Birth – Vasco Da Gama, Goa, India.

    Rashi – Simha.

    Even now after end of Sadesathi, I have big struggle to face.

    My pending deals are still not successful.

    I did not get a good job yet.

    I faces 2 years of job without salary and commission was also not paid in time.

    I have huge loans.

    I wish to pay each and every loan very fast.

    I chanted 23,000 jaap of Shanidev Beeja Mantra 11 times during sadesathi.

    I am chanting now Ganesh Atharvashirsha 11 to 21 times everyday.

    I have started Srisuktha chanting every Friday 21 times.

    I request anyone who can guide me why I am still to get success.

    I am trying for a Salaried job.

    Guruji, Please guide me. My Email Id id [email protected]



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