Jupiter transit 2013 Mesha Rashi – Aries Moon sign

Jupiter transit 2013 Mesha Rashi – Aries Moon sign  -Guru Peyarchi Palangal from May 2013 till May 2014

Jupiter transit 2013 Mesha Rashi - Aries Moon sign

Aries/Mesha Rashi/Rasi

The Kama Trines (3, 7, 11) are activated. For Mesha Rashi, Midas touch would come to the forefront. This means your desires, ambitions and hopes are going to be fulfilled. Harmony in marital relationships is expected. Luck and Divine grace are showered upon you. Birth of a child is indicated. During this long-term, approximately year-long trend, neighbors or relatives could be especially helpful in your life. You express your ideas with more enthusiasm and positivity, and they are received well. Friends and social networks go up. You will spend more time on emails and facebook than on your regular work. Weekend outing will become more frequent. Overseas holiday is indicated.

The Phaladeepika mentions this as the worst position for Jupiter and some effects like loss in business, loss of confidence, failure in undertakings, loss of health, mental unrest and anxiety, anguish and quarrels is also not ruled out.

Inflow of money is indicated. You gain through multiple sources. Gains through speculation are indicated. Inspite of money being spent on pleasure seeking activities, you will still end up with decent money in the wallet.  A good year is ahead for finance and wealth, in an overall sense.

You may decide to buy a new car, or transportation opportunities present themselves, making it much easier for you to get from point A to point B. Gifts, benefits or other opportunities may come through visits, short trips, messages, emails, or they could come through contacts with siblings, classmates, and neighbors. Some sort of positive news or announcement is likely to be part of the picture. If you’re an author, teacher, or other position in communications, you will find more opportunities to advance your trade as your creative juices flow nicely.

You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. With the ruler of your solar 9th house now moving through your solar 3rd house, you might spend more time in and around your neighborhood and less or no time travelling this year.

Healthwise, you will enjoy robust health and be in the best of spirits. Excessive indulgences could get you into health complications. Keep your temper under control.  Avoid too much of  pickles or fast foods. Prefer to eat at home rather than at hotels.

Jupiter transit 2013 Mesha Rashi – Aries Moon sign

For women, this is a good time for both working women and homemakers. This will be an ideal time to get married or beget children. Those who are having  an affair are advised to take parental permission and thus plunge into matrimony.

You will be able to run your home well through meticulous planning and  shrewd marshalling of resources.

For students, group study will be beneficial.Those who are into higher post graduate studies will shine well. Overall a good year for the students. Those who are into graduation will come out with distinction in their examinations.

Vedic Remedies:

  • Pray to Lord Ganesha daily.
  • Visit Guru Bhagwan Temple at Alangudi, near Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu.
  • Doante food tothe needy on a Thursday.
  • Donate yellow dress
  • Wear yellow dress on Thursdays.
  • Chant vedic hymns daily.

Lal Kitaab Remedies:

  • Gift green clothes to a needy girl child.
  • Read Durga Stotra daily.

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