Jupiter transit Gemini 2013- meaning and effects

Jupiter Transit in 2013 in Gemini

Jupiter Transit into Gemini in May 2013

Jupiter Transit Gemini 2013 on the 31st May

The divine planet, Jupiter transit Gemini 2013 (Mithuna Rashi) on 31 May (at 08:00 AM, Delhi, India) as per the “Thirukkanitha Panchangam. Jupiter will transit in Gemini zodiac (Mithuna Rashi) for around 379 days. On 19 June 2014 (at 8:47 AM, Delhi India);  Jupiter will be completing its transit in Taurus zodiac sign and will enter into Gemini zodiac. Hence the term “Jupiter transit Gemini 2013.”

Jupiter Transit Gemini 2013


Known as a divine planet, Jupiter transit Gemini 2013, manages to pour humility, knowledge, spirituality and wealth into the life as per its natal strength and disposition in your horoscope.

Jupiter is the planet of GIFTS and LUCK.

During its stay in Gemini zodiac sign, Jupiter will become retrograde on 7 November 2013 and will regain its direct motion from 06 March 2014 onwards.  During its retrograde motion, Jupiter transti Gemini 213 will be exerting its strong influence on respective horoscopes of people; and those having auspicious placement of Jupiter in their horoscope may expect some strong and positive results during these four months.

About Jupiter: Why is this Planet considered an auspicious amongst the others? 

Jupiter Transit  gemini 2013

Jupiter Transit In Gemini in 2013

Jupiter transit Gemini 2013- what does it mean to you?

Jupiter is also known as ‘Brihaspati’. It rules over the two signs of the zodiac – Sagittarius and Pisces. It achieves Exaltation in the sign of the Moon, which is Cancer and its deep Exaltation point is at 5 degrees of Cancer. It gets debilitation in the sign of Saturn – Capricorn. Jupiter achieves directional strength in the Lagna or the 1st House. An Archer symbolizes Sagittarius, and therefore those natives who are ruled by an Elevated Jupiter in their charts will hit or achieve their targets more easily than other natives. Similarly, the Pisces being a Watery sign and the symbol being Fishes, Jupiter also represents expression or speech.

“Expansion” is the Keyword for jupiter. Jupiter is considered as the greatest benefic in astrology and also regarded as the spiritual adviser (guru) whose work is to advice the king and provide mental solace in worse times. He owns the 9th house of dharma, spiritual conducts, guru, blessings along with the 12th of moksha, life after death, peace from dharmic activities (4th to 9th) etc in the natural zodiac.

Jupiter is the reason or cause for famous Yogas like ‘Gajakesari Yoga’ or a Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga like ‘Hamsa Yoga’ among many others. Jupiter Transit 2013 is a celebrated event.

What is special about  Guru Drishti or the aspects of Jupiter

All the planets have been allotted a common ‘drishti’, which is known as aspect. Aspect means to influence another planet, House or zodiac sign. Normally, every planet has been given the 7th House power of aspect, which means that it can aspect the planet seated in the 7th House and sign from its own placement. But Jupiter has been given special powers of the 5th and 9th House aspect apart from the 7th House. Therefore, if Jupiter is well placed, suppose in the 5th House, then it will aspect the 9th House as well as the Lagna or 1st House, making a complete Trikona aspect, plus its aspect to the 11th House of gains. This can be considered as a very fortunate Horoscope indeed from all counts, material as well as spiritual.


What Does Jupiter transit Gemini 2013 Mean to You?

Jupiter transit in Gemini 2013 effects are to expand our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance. Gemini is an Air sign. With an Air sign Jupiter, we are mentally adventurous, ready and willing to learn, into “mind expansion”, and less attached to our values than others because we are generally quite impartial and open-minded. We are able to see many sides to an argument. More specifically with Jupiter in Gemini, we attract the most good fortune when we use our wit and ingeniousness, are versatile, sociable, curious, and put others at ease with friendliness and sincere curiosity.

Jupiter Transit Gemini 2013

Jupiter Transit in Gemini-Twins

Gemini being the 3rd sign in natural zodiac belongs to mercury and 3rd house representing communication, Correspondence, information, small journeys, neighbors etc. Gemini being the first of the air signs in zodiac also represents intellect, sense of humor etc, In medical astrology it represents shoulders, arms, ears, respiratory system etc.

The symbol of Gemini is Couple/twins which show expansion of love and affairs. Love will be in the air through communications and correspondence.

Those waiting for love can find their partners through communication and expression of thoughts, gemini being a sign of communication people are encouraged to speak out their minds. Many of you may find somebody while travelling as 3rd house of natural zodiac also indicates travels.

Jupiter spends just over a year in Gemini. The last time Jupiter transited Gemini was from June 2000 to July 2001.

Significance of Jupiter transit in Gemini 2013

  • Jupiter is regarded as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow all that is good for a generous and respectful life.
  • It is the planet that grants protection from the evil tendency of the cosmic forces as well as the bad karmic energies built over series of births.
  • Among all the planets, Jupiter alone has the greatest power to grant wish and fulfill our ambitions.
  • Matters governed by Jupiter are: Wealth, Children, Knowledge, Spirituality, Honest attitude, Popularity, Dharma (Righteousness), Gold, High positions, Guru, Power, Reputation, Ghee, Butter, Sweet, Honey, Yellow Sapphire, Laws, Liver, Sanskrit Language, Priest, Holy people, Numeric Number-3.

The Annual Jupiter Transit Homa

Jupiter Transit Gemini 2013

Guru Transit Homa- Yellow flowers, fruits, prasadam, cloth, chickpeas garland,

Jupiter gives good result in 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11 houses from natal moon. It is a fact that there is a close connection between Jupiter’s auspicious transit houses and the houses for which it is a fixed natural karaka ie the 2nd (Dhana and Kutumba), 5th (Putra), 9th (Dharma), 10th (Satkarma) and 11th (Labha).  As a matter of fact the 7th house transit is considered auspicious, probably because  on the 1-7 axis, natal Moon,  and transit Jupiter  align not only in the mutual kendras, but fully aspect each other as well , thus forming a powerful Gaja Kesari Yoga.

  • We suggest that prayers, archana, homa, pooja, vedic fire rituals will be the best during this peyarchi/transit. It is a day marking positivity and blessings, and for a while, all the negativity of your natal chart will surely get numbed and deluged by the bountiful.
  • Jupiter’s transit Gemini 2013 is happening late hours of Thursday and early Friday that denotes Guru and Lakshmi. the day when Jupiter is most benevolent. A Homa/fire ritual on the day of the transit is the most opportune to access the positive vibrations of Jupiter, the most auspicious, largest and gracious of the all the 9 planets.
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