Ashtama Shani predictions for Meena Rasi- Saturn transit-gochar results for Pisces Moon sign in Nov 2011

The year 2011, most of which was difficult for Kumbha(Aquarius) sign people due to Ashtama (8th place from natal moon) Sani, now

Shaneeswaran- Shani bhagwan

Shaneeswaran- Shani bhagwan

passes the baton to the moon sign of Pisces or Meena Rasi, ruling nakshatras of last quarter of Poorvabhadra (Pooratadhi), Uttarabhadra (Uttiratadhi), Revati (Revathi).

If you are a Meena rasi and have Aquarius or Kumbha rasi friends or relatives, you would have seen them struggle in the last 2.5 years since Sept 2009. Some conditions will apply to you too.

I am a Kumbha Rasi(Sadayam nakshatra/Sathabhishak) and the last few years have been an eye opener, where I have learnt new trade, struggled in places that did not require that much effort, left my place of luxury and moved to a new area of expertise, moved away from active family life and experienced mental disturbances . Though these few years 2-3 years to be exact, have been painful emotionally draining, I am still alive, standing strong and am a totally new person now.

Now I am liking the new me!

So let us now look at the few conditions that may occur in your shani dhaiyya of the Ashtama Sthan of this shani gochar Nov 2011 to May 2014.

Since Sept 2009, Shani was in the 7th house of partnership and you would have felt that  your sphere of influence was under duress. This would have been a  wake-up call on the relationships that you counted on the most and you would have been shattered at the way things moved out of your control into someone elses. Your work went unrecognized even though you put in a  a 100% all your time. “What is wrong“,  is what is crossing your mind now. You are learning all in the hard way and life has acquired a new meaning to your- “Hard Work“.

Ashtama Shani predictions for Meena Rasi

No you are to enter the 8th place or the dreaded Shani dhaiyya or the Ashtama Sthan. This is the place where your leaning and your education gets honed. Your learning curve will dip and you will look into your past life with regrets and disappointments thinking where you went wrong. Till last year, you were moving amongst the masses, public, group, now a small period of seclusion and isolation is in store for you. If you are employed, you will be pushed to areas that require less interaction with the others, more so places where communication is also a problem. You are not given glorious assignment in 8th Shani but assignments or ventures that do not have big scale but has equal or more challenges than the big ones. You get new levels of maturity but in a hard way by making mistakes and after putting a lot of hard work you find yourself lacking what the job needs. This makes you grow as an individual. People around you and seniors see your good work but also see gaps that need work before you are given the next level in 9th Shani!

Consider the 8th house Shani gochar as a learning period. Try new things struggle to learn new trade and this is the landing and the launching for the next heady and unstoppable 7.5 years of the 9th, 10th and 11th Shani starting the May 2014 onwards for you. For best results, perform the Shani-Preethi-Shanti-Homa-Homam-Pooja for Shani Dev- Sri Shanaiswaran.

About corresponding Guru gochar- Jupiter transit:

When Guru would be 5th from August 2014 to August 2015 approximately – the 5th Guru and 9th Shani at the time would bring in stupendous success in life – a complete pay-off of your hard work! So regardless of Shani being 8th in next 2/3 years, Guru will start something from May 2012 to May 2013.

This Guru gochar/transit in May 2011 will bring in stagnancy, saturation and also examination time at workplace and in personal life.

You may feel not wanted at workplace and might need to report to a person similar/equal in profile as you are. This changes dramatically in 5th Guru – so again – keep the Patience & Perseverance mantra in mind and reap benefits in the 5th Guru – all dreams and aspirations will come true!



  1. Dear Sir

    thanks for such a informative article

    but when 8th Shani will change to 9th ( will it change in May 2012??)

    kindly advice

    also I am reading Hanuman chalisa and sankatmochan every day will this reduce some tension

    waiting for your positive response

    Regards and best wishes

    Abu Dhabi

  2. Very good information.. thanks..!

  3. A sign of releif .a booster to troubled mind .thanks

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    It gives peace anticipating for good times

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  6. I read this today and it is what I have passed through it and still going on. if it is happening on its own then who am I.

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