Win in Gambling and Horse Racing – Practical daily mantra and spells

Hindu Mantra Chanting

Hindu Mantra Chanting

Win in Gambling and Horse Racing – Practical daily mantra  and spells

Mantras are personal invocation for particular purposes and we are all aware of its power and Yantras are manifestation of that Supreme Invocation and guarantees a 100% connect with the Being above. What I mean to say simply is that our Life Force and our Jeeva has its innermost feeling and wants. When we want and desire something from the bottom of our heart, is but natural that we exude that positive energy to gain it. Mantras direct it in an amplified manner and fashion to achieve the said goal.

What do Yantras do?

They add further, additional, forceful amplification. The sound that is generated by the chanting of the mantras is  very important, but is is not the only requirement for the yajna  to be successful.

It is believed that hidden in each mantra is the energy of a  particular deity which remains normally latent, but becomes active the moment the mantra is pronounced accurately in the manner prescribed  by the shastras. The divinity awakens only if the vibrations generated  by the chanting matches with its basic frequency. Besides this,  as we have already noted, the appropriate use of tantra and yantra  must fit in the overall purpose of the worship and remain in harmony  with the expectations of the divinity to whom they are directed

I believe strongly in the power of the mantras and chanting. Invoke your inner power, you have it in you.

I am enumerating some practical yantra and mantra techniques, tested over the time and many of you must have practiced it as they are passed on from generations as a harmless tona, totka, or spell give to us by our grandmas and grandpas. Use this knowledge for self enhancement and not with the vicious mentality to cause harm.

Win in Gambling Yantra

How to Win in Gambling and Horse Racing/Satta etc:

On a Pushya Nakshatra day, take the root of Aapamarg or Chirchitta plant and write this Yantra on a bhoj patra with a pen made of chameli (white lily) plant and Ashta Gandha. You can also make it on a stainless steel plate of copper . Now wrap the yantra around the root of the Aapamarga plant and do puja

Puja ritual: Show Dhoop (agarbatti-incense stick) and Gugal (sambrani) to the yantra and take around 250 gms of any white sweet- kheer, pedha and now after the puja, feed it to  mice and rodents. Make sure that they eat it. Now you can tie the yantra to your right arm before your venture to gamble.

Spell to win Law Suits and impress the Judge and jury:

If you are facing a difficult law suit and you feel sincerely that you have bee wronged and need justice, you may feel the need for the



judge and jury to be in your favor, Then try this spell. Write the Bagalamukhi yantra or the Beesi Yantra on a bhoj patra  with Ashta Gandha on a Tuesday and pray sincerely for your victory. You could also write it on copper plates or Steel plates.

The Bagalamukhi Yantra is a highly effective mantra to be prepared at a particular time when the maximum power is generated from the planet Mars. It is used as a means to attain victory over ones adversaries, especially during law suits. This yantra also offers protection from scars, wounds and during operation and accidents.

Bagalamukhi mantra, tantra and yantra

Bagalamukhi mantra, tantra and yantra

The Beeja Mantra for Japa must be recited 1500 times daily for



45 days , According to the Meru and Tantra Druma, the puja is be performed with yellow beads, yellow dress, yellow flowers and while seated on a yellow asan and carpet. The photo of the Goddess is given .

To get relief from Debts and Udhaari:

On a Shukla Paksha,  particularly a Sunday or Tuesday, write this yantra as given with Ashta Gandha on Bhoj patra. Wear it around your neck to get easy and quick relief from debts. Remember these are spells, which do not mean , you dont take any efforts on your own, they help you achieve your goal a little more easily than it actually is.

business growth

For success and increase in sale in business:

This is a widely tested Yantra and can be used in shops, business establishments and offices, where the business is not up to the persons expectations. This yantra should be carved or written on copper or gold plate. After the pooja, the yantra should be fixed at the place of the business. Sweet Pongal should be offered as prasad/offering. The following mantra should be recited for 45 days atleast 1000 times in a day to energize the yantra and boost the sales.



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  5. somanath says:

    until and unless u work hard till u swet u ll not succeed..

    • Bakulesh says:

      Please do mantra 27 times
      Sarva Mangal Mangalye
      Shivech Sarvarth Sadhike
      Sharne Triambike Gauri
      Narayani namastute
      Do this daily and light a ghee diva daily

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