Energized Horse Shoe- Ancient Tone Totke/Luck and Prosperity Spell and Shani Dasha

Lucky Energized and Charged Horse Shoe Tone- Totke- for Good luck and Prosperity of Home

The Lucky horse shoe is an old tone-totke/spell for homes. They are said to welcome prosperity and happiness when kept on the main door frame in the top in a inverted style (refer to the picture attached).

Horse shoe/ghode ki naal

The horseshoe is considered very lucky and used to be hung in many homes to protect and attract good fortune for the family residing inside. But contradictions galore in this area too, for eg; many believe that to hang it with the ends pointing upwards is good luck as it acts as a storage container of sorts for any good luck that happens to be floating by, whereas to hang it with the ends pointing down, is bad luck as all the good luck will fall out.

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Saturn ring

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How to place a horse shoe:
Hang  a used Horse shoe as shown in the picture accompanying on the main door frame of your house for luck and prosperity. It is a time tested spell to welcome good luck and charm.

If the lucky horseshoe is hung over a doorway, ends up, it will catch good luck and ends down will let the good luck spill over the door and stop evil from entering. Perhaps a combination of the two was used so that after a few days, when the horseshoe was filled with good luck, it would then need to be emptied so that residents could benefit from that luck and the process would be repeated until the end of time.

Horseshoes were also considered lucky because they were made by blacksmiths, which is also considered a very lucky trade. Because they worked with elemental fire and magical iron, they were thought to have special powers. It was believed that a blacksmith could heal the sick and if a couple was married by a blacksmith, their marriage would be a happy one.

Energized Horse Shoe

Energized Horse Shoe

How to use the Lucky Energized/Charged Lucky Horse- Shoe

  • Put the Horse shoe in a black cloth and place it in your granary, where you store your grains, the household will never be at loss for grains and food ever. Do this on a Saturday.
  • Put the Horse shoe in a black cloth and place it in your safe/almirah or the place where you keep your money. You will have abundance of money. Do this on a Saturday.
  • Wear a ring in your right middle finger using the iron out of the Horse Shoe. You will be protected from the ill-effects of Sade Sati and Shani Mahadasha.
  • Read here to know what is a Mahadasha.
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  • If you put the Lucky energized and charged Horse shoe in a “U” shape at the top of your main door frame, you will be safe from your black magic, evil eye and especially from Shani drishti.

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Saturn Ring made of Horse Shoe

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Another aspect of the horseshoe that added to it’s good luck was the fact that it was commonly held in place by seven iron nails. Since ancient times, the number seven was considered very important.

  • Life was divided into Seven Ages;
  • A rainbow has Seven colors;
  • Astrology once held that Seven planets made up the universe;
  • There are Seven deadly sins;
  • A Seventh child was thought to have special powers;
  • There are Seven days in a week;
  • The moon changes from one phase to another every Seven days;
  • And a long-held belief states that the body goes through a radical change every Seven years.
We also have original Saturn rings made of horse shoe for sale.


  1. I have ghoda nal, but when to hang, I do not know. I will be very grateful to you if exact muhrat – day and time to hang in invert situation is informed to me.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  2. from where we could the used horse shoe . pl friend tell me .

  3. where to place it…inside house or outside house…above the frame inside or outside..pls clarify..

  4. selvaaraj says:

    what is the price per piece in USD

  5. dear sir, if i purchase 3 units of energized horse shoe and 1 unit of middle finger ring .1)what is the price per unit in usd
    2)currently i m staying in a rental house,once i shiftted to my own house next year can i use these same horse shoes ..
    3)delivery and mode of payments…

    tq selvraj

  6. dear sir
    pls advise what are procedures to follow before we install or keep this horse shoe at home..for eg store cabinet(grains),drawer where money and jewellery kept..
    can i keep one at my workplace locker where i keep my working files and personal eqps..before i purchase items from u..

  7. hetal patel says:

    I have horseshoe now plese guide me how to energize/recharge it.
    2) I have another gjode ki naal which is half can I use it to make ring out of it.
    3) can I recharge ghode ki naal at home or have to at specific place.

  8. lokesh aggarwal says:

    Sir i m lokesh aggarwal i have 2 kaale ghode ki naal in which direction should i fit in my home main door

  9. Manoj Sharma says:

    Sir I have purchase ghode ki naal ,please guide me that I can fix inside wall of main door or should fix from outside wall above main door

  10. I leave in kolkata and want a real horseshoe ring for my middle finger.pls suggest me where I can get a real ring

  11. Sir,

    I want “Black Horse shoe” ring for middle finger,
    please tell me from where i can buy and procedure to wear it

  12. Sir , i want a orignal black horse shoe , please suggest me where can i get it , be 1 i purchased but it was not orignal it was a fake nall , so please suggest me its very urgent for me

  13. Is it to be hung inside or ouside the door frame please reply

  14. Can we hang the horse shoe on Shani amavasya or shani Poornimaa

  15. Should I take the shoe off the horse first

  16. Please advice me where the horse shoe can be kept in what way ? Whether used one or new one is to be used .If it has to kept in front of the house it can be placed permanantly in front door of the house.

    Please clarify .

  17. Ajay Kumar Pandey says:

    Dear Sir,

    kindly suggest where to hang (inside or outside of the door) or locker?? Pls reply

  18. I am wearing Yellow sapphire and saturn ring on right hand …is that a concern ….pls tell me…..

  19. bharathi.s says:

    You can hang your black nal on Saturday or tuesday before the sunrise or after sunset.

  20. En Kay Kay says:

    Could you pls advs :
    – If horseshoe can be hung above the door frame or on the door frame itself.
    – Where to hang a black cloth doll ?

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