Tarot 2018 – Scorpio Tarot 2018 Predictions

Scorpio 2018 (24 October to 21 November)Tarot Card 2018 - Death

Scorpio Tarot 2018 – Keywords : Happiness, new direction and triumph.

The universe is bringing your gift, showing that you are hitting your mark. Own the life you want to lead, and live deliberately, with clarity and the attachment.


Someone important will secretly test you. Pressure could come from certain quarters for you to accept more responsibility, be careful, as shouldering more responsibility will compromise our efforts in other areas. A colleague or a co-worker might challenge your vision, see it as a blessing and you will refine your creative process with brilliant reasoning. You might net an award or special prayers for the past work towards the mid year.


Expansive investment possibilities will prevent themselves, pay attention to the information and act accordingly. Flexibility will be important, as you might face and unusual shift in your finances, that will send you in a direction that you had not planned. Towards the 2nd half of the year, and an enterprise will yield profits needing to sudden improvements in your financial affairs.


On the domestic front, tension could be evident. Be vary, when judging others around, as it might have some serious repercussions in your relationships at home. Someone in your family might not be ready to cope with the situation.


Rash decisions and actions will tend to push your partner away from you. Open discussions about your differences and complaints will help you reach happy compromise. Singles need to be careful, before getting too deeply involved, get to know the person before committing.


You will have a firm resort to strengthen your health. Avoid multitasking, which will make you feel pressured than distracted. Examine your daily habits to improve your Quest of a strong mind and body.

Cosmo tip:

Keep or wear aquamarine crystal, to attract positive feedback.

Angel’s message:

Use your skills, vision and speed, to pursue what you really want in life.


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