Tarot 2018 – Sagittarius Tarot 2018 Predictions

Sagittarius 2018 (22 November to 21 December)Temperance Tarot 2018

Sagittarius Tarot 2018 -Keywords : Structure, evaluation and patience.

Year of new experiences that will test your courage. Adjust yourself to the conditions that you have no control over, and balance will come much more easily.


On the career front, your work will reach New heights of excellence, impressing your superiors. Unreasonable Expectations from colleagues can put you in a difficult position. First self employed, working within us well defined structure will empower due to calculate all your options and make the best choices.


High expenses will make you more creative about finding finds you need. A sudden change in your cash flow will be a catalyst that will prompt you to re-assess your financial aspect. Unsolicited advice from a reliable source may mislead you regarding Investments. Protect Yourself by following your own instincts. A working partnership can get complicated. Financial front will become more bright towards mid year as previous investments will bring handsome Returns.


Connecting current events with those of the past can be useful, As you begin to family matters. Tensions will pull you in various directions on the domestic front, but you will possess the composure that will enable you to move gracefully through any unexpected challenges.


Certain events will reveal of law in your current relationship, diligently working through it, will enable you to prevent it from becoming serious. Singles may miss appropriate partnerships, because they might place themselves in mis-matched relationships.


Certain turmoils in your life might take a heavy toll on your General Health and nervous strength. Find ways to replenish your energy levels, with recreational activities.

Cosmo tip

Keep an iron pyrite crystal, to make wise financial decisions.

Angel’s message

There are many possibilities, the key is to be clever enough to find them.


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