Tarot 2018 – Pisces Tarot 2018 Predictions

Pisces 2018 (19 February to 20 March)Moon Tarot 2018

Pisces Tarot 2018 – Keywords: Equilibrium, Security and Renewal.

Release your old ideas and embrace the necessary changes so that you can live your best life. Step aside and relinquish any attachment to how this new creation should appear.


On the career front, rapid changes will give you a new inspiration to move in the correct direction. Review viable plants, and shake off those that lack details. In the 2nd half of the year, you will uncover a gold mine in a project, playing your cards right will help you achieve professional distinction. Those in business will need to do some professional networking, in order to capitalize on cutting edge Trends and leverage untapped markets.


Get rid of investments that have not clicked and have proved disappointing and non productive. You have to closely look at your budget, specifically where you have been spending money on luxury items that might not be necessary. Towards the second quarter of the Year all your efforts will come into the lime-light, that will make your cash register ring.


On the home-front, it will be essential to pull out the proverbial belt and buckle down to some domestic reality. If there are things that need to be discussed with a family member, you will have the assertion, as well as the care to get to the bottom of a situation at purge it clean of old hurts.


Drawing a partner in to your inner conflicts will make situation more complex. Keep your head above water and each other strength point fingers will long for commitment, but be careful of diving into less than ideal relationship.


On the health front, you might try to let go of an addiction or take a serious stance with your diet. You need to see the hard truth and delve to the core of the problem, so that you can purse which no longer song you and transform your health.

Cosmo tip:

Where are Turquoise pendant, to attract success and fame.

Angel’s message:

Remain keen and silent observation to aid you in tricky situations.


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