Tarot 2018 – Leo Tarot 2018 Predictions

Tarot 2018 - Strenght Leo 2018 (23 July to 22 August)

Leo Tarot 2018 Keywords – Strength, Spontaneity and Wise Council.

The stars are aligned in your favour and fortune is smiling on you this year!


This year highlights new beginnings on the career front. If you have been holding a change in your professional life, now is the time to move forward with confidence and initiative. Additional project will move forwards towards spring months, but not in the way you expected. Those in business will have the enthusiasm and determination to capture new markets and clients.


On the financial front, remove the dead from your investment portfolio. Explore what you might need to let go of, in order to make way for new opportunities. Safe investments will fill your coffers slowly, but steadily without risk towards last quarter.


On the domestic front, you will need to make a decision of on the domestic front, you will need to make a decision or a choice. Where all your options carefully and consider what is best for everyone involved before you move forward. Your loved ones will bring you some moments to treasure provided you shrug off reserve and take an enthusiastic approach.


On the relationship front, circumstances with your partner might be more complex than you are ready to accept. Try not to allow determination to make your point shift to stubbornness. Be open to your partner’s concern as a potentially helpful exchange needs to be a two-way-street. Singles might feel pressured by cultural or family traditions. Tap into your own truth to make relationship decisions.


Your health will be generally fine but you may go through some bumpy spots. An upset stomach, a tight neck, or minor problems with your knee. Listen to the wisdom of the body as these are a call from your inner self to pay attention.

Cosmo tip:

Keep a yellow fluorite crystal, to attract cooperation and harmony.

Angel’s message-

Your fortune may be dormant, but will be revealed to you when you least expect it.


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