Tarot 2018 – Cancer Tarot 2018 Predictions

Cancer Tarot  2018 (22 June to 22 July)

Tarot 2018 for Cancer – Keywords: Advice, Optimism and Diplomacy.

The windows of opportunity will open wide with delight in the bounty that begins to appear in surprising forms.


You will be able to see hidden elements in your environment, and you will have awareness and understanding to turn any situation to your best advantage. A new business proposal towards the summer months will come to the fore that will is financial tension and inject a new life into the situation. You might get discouraged about an idea or a project but it will get straightened out with a new approach. You might get caught in crossfire at workplace. Strike a cordial balance with authorities and peers.


On the financial realm, it will the essential to build stability, before taking things to the next level, to avoid nasty surprises. You might be susceptible to bad advise that could steer you towards bad investments. Fiscal matters will be on the front burner, as you desire to possess expensive things, will put a hole in your budget. Choose wisely before making any major purchases.


Surprising revelation might cause your living situation to change dramatically. These changes will move you towards a stable domestic arrangement that will give you the sense of freedom to seek new opportunities. Personal relationships can get complicated due to outside influences.


Control, manipulation or issues of power will be dominant in a relationship. Rather than stubbornly trying to gain an advantage, seek a win- win situation. Singles will have the ability to manifest the love relationships, so make sure that you are clear about what you desire.


You will gain valuable perspective and insight on how to heal health challenges. Get a 2nd opinion and explore alternative therapies outside the established medicine.

Cosmo tip:

Where are keep amazonite crystal, to be in the right place at the right time for new opportunities.

Angel’s message:

Expand your ability, to communicate through postures and eye contact.


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