Tarot Card Reading 2016 -Taurus

Tarot Card Reading 2016- Taurus Sunsign

Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

Tarot Card reading 2016 - Taurus

Keywords: Abundance. Intuition and Wisdom

This is a good year to start laying foundations that would enable to you to turn your dreams into reality. Wind up the loose ends and plan elaborately for the new, bolder, visionary things you are now conceptualising.

Career: Due to unpleasant and unexpected changes, you might find yourelf at crossroads. Step back and re-examine your situation. Someone in authority might behave unreasonably. Be diplomatic rather than trying to force him to your way of thinking. Rather than giving in to petty fighting and competition in your workplace or business sphere, apply your passions in a more productive direction. For self-employed a sound a strict infrastructure will encourage progress.

Wealth: A mixture of caution and bold action will assist you in re-floatation of your finances. To attain financial fluidity balance your accounts through skillful manipulation. Do not be over-zealous in investing as someone might hold back on facts, forcing you to make uninformed decisions. During mid-year there will be good financial flow.

Home: Due to your worries and fear, the stability of your domestic situation would be threatened. Stay confident and realistic to get the support of your family to move things forward on the home-front. Relationships with your family members will transform and evolve, while you will figure how to balance your power. Your social network will grow and you will be able to attract creative and spiritual friends.

Love: This year, you would gain insight and clarity in your emotions and make some monumental decisions regarding relationships. Stress could  hamper your communication unlesss you work hard to keep conversations open, clear and loving. Coping witha difficult relationship might turn you to seek wise cousel that will be beneficial for you. Singles will find many suitors but be careful of others hidden agenda and motives.

Health: You will experience real highs and lows before finally understanding your true health issues. Health problems like migrane, heartburn or problems of  nervous system might plague you. Regarding health problems, get a second opinion and explore alternative therapies outside established medicinal practices.

Angel Advice: Make a wish and expect the very Best!


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