Tarot Card Reading 2016 – Leo

Tarot 2016 Card Reading – Leo Sunsign

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Strength card- Sun

Strength card- Sun

Keywords: Fulfillment, Intelligence and Self discipline

This year like a snake, shedding its skin, you will strip away and leave behind whatever you have outgrown! Channelize your energy, organize and arrange the building blocks for the future.


A new career idea might need some additional thought, before diving in and taking action. Towards the 2nd quarter projects that you have been working on would be at near-completion. you would gear up for the nex major undertaking. Be execptionally careful as others might take your ideas and present them as their own. For those involved in business, it would be beneficial to comb through you major projects and repair any holes you discover, as this would ensure  your long term success.


Your finances can be in a state of flux. Be discreet and discerning with your resources and information. Towards the mid-year, your financial position will undergo a period of expansion, leaving your strong position, to make necessary decisions. Guard against generous frittering of money and try to revamp you budgetary plans for better financial security.


Following an abrupt decsion, you will experience major upheavals on the home-front. Happiness in your family would come from making sound judgements and sensible decision, in which everyone will feel involved. Social activities will be highlighted, bringing opportunties to diversify your skills.  Your circle of friends will expand.


Relationships will reach a delicate stage and you will risk veering of-course towards a crisis. Criticism and blame towards your partner will not help with anything, but interfere with finding happiness. By sheer dint of your own will-power, you will be able to take your relationship to a healthy level. Avoid allowing the judgements of others inhibit your possibilities in a potential relationship.


Exceeding high levels of stress and pressure can lead to unhealthy indulgences. Deal with it constructively. Healthy habits and embarking on a psotive self-care are especially critical this year.

Angel Advice:

You are a great person- enjoy being yourself.


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