Tarot Card Reading 2016 – Gemini

Tarot 2015 Card Reading – Gemini Sunsign

Gemini (21st May – 21st June)

Tarot Card reading 2016 - Gemini

Keywords: Fairness, atainment and enlightment.

This year, vast array of abundant possibilities will transit around you. Sharpen your powers of discrimination and use your intuition to move forward.

Career: Your professional life will expand  significantly, enabling you to deal easily and successfully with any disruption that might occur. You will be  at your creative best and a barrage of ideas will come seamlessly to you. Fascinating and challenging projects will come your way, towards the  2nd half of the year that would elicit  some of your best work.

Wealth: Fianncial position might become precarious in the 1st half of the year as well as well-laid plans may fail. Your credit obligation might bring you to an impasse- take stock and then act. Look closely at the deals that promise big returns and quick reform. Towards the 3rd quarter of the year, new opportunities will sweep in bringing handsome dividends.

Home: On the domestic front, you will try to maintain emotional equilibrium, but find it very difficult as all of your plans or endeavours will go awry. Through self-discipline and a strict regime, you would be able to achieve domestic harmony and happiness. Be honest about your feelings and your family will fully support you.

Love: Relationships will go through  tense and bumpy period in the 1st half of the year. A short vacation with your parner will help you to rekindle your relationship. Singles need to be careful as deep attachments and commitmetns may be made without serious thought or consequences

Health: Your vitality will be renewed and would make a rapid recovery from surgry or illness. You would plunge ahead despite your health problems and find exactly what you need in order to recover. Trouble with your teeth, gums or digestive tract might arise. Try natural remedies to correct your problems.

Angel Advice: Lots of little steps make BIG dreams come true.


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