Tarot Card Reading 2016 – Cancer

Tarot 2016 Card Reading – Cancer Sunsign

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

TArot card reading 2016 - Cancer

Chariot card- Cancer

Keywords: Renewal, Willpower and Prudence.

This year, you need to adapt to changing circumstances, juggle with ideas and find the right way forward. Structure, organization and rulebook will get you the best results.

Career: Changes in yoru work-environment might stimulate a need to make some adjustments that will allow you to move out of discordant and non-productive circumstances in the 1st half of the year. Towards the 3rd quarter you will make progress in showing others what you are capable of at your current job, giving you the upper hand in negotiations on promotions and salary increases. For the self-employed, business will improve, as innovative ideas will beseige you, that will formulate towards the 2nd half of the year.

Wealth: Despite an increase in your earnings and revenue, be careful regarding the finances. Adopt a more rigorous regime of self-defence. It may limit your lifestyle, but it will enable you to regain control. Someone highly resourceful and skillful will help you to conclude a beneficial contract, that would stabilize your finances towards the 2nd half of the year. Diversify your investments and be prepared to modify you plans at a moments notice.

Home: Family harmony and happiness will bring you great confidence. A favorable change will occur in your family-life, eliminating all its troubles, concerns and conflicts. By shouldering your responsibilities and obligations, you will exercise appropriate control over your family. Be cautious, as there would be vandals or mischief makers around your home and property.

Love:Personal ambitions might make you pre-occupied by your own goals, thereby shutting about your partner completely. Avoid being emotionally manipulative to protect yourself. Old baggage from a former relationship might prevent you from  sorting out you mixed feelings and make honest choices about a new person. Singles might meet someone.

Health: Guard against self-destructive tendencies that can ruin your health. Channel your over aggressive tendencies into competitive sports and martial arts. You have to fight, to keep your energy levels high, if you are not careful, you might contract a flu or a virus.

Angel Advice: Do not take other people’s stress, breathe it out now!.


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