Tarot Card Reading 2016 – Aries

Tarot Card Reading 2016- Aries Sunsign

Tarot Card Reading 2016

Aries (21st March-19th April)

Keywords: Choices, Authority and completion.

A perfect year to let go off everything that has been holding you back from forging ahead! Do not compromise your standards and you will be able to meet the challenges with confidence and vigour.

Career: Challenges will bring a renewal in your career-zone. Stand up and dust yourself adn make new plans that will have everyone shaking their heads in amazement. As you would need to multi-task a variety of subjects, thre will be plenty of opportunities  for errors to creep through. So be prepared to handles such a situation. In the 2nd half of the year, your exemplary work will get you into the public eye and to the top of the ladder soon. For those in business, this time is marked by right business plans and smart moves.

Wealth: Finances will be available to you aplenty. But do not waste your savings and hard earned money this year. In the 1st half you could struggle a bit. Avoid investing in anything mysterious and uncertain. You can be ambitious and reckless towards the 3rd quarter, be proactive but in control.

Home: Balance will be needed as you home and career will be the prime focus this year. When making major challenges, seek counsel of trusted advisors. You will gain insightful and valuable insights into the nature of your realtionship with your loved ones bringing positive feelings into the area. This year will bring lasting and enjoyable friendships.

Love: Over the next 12 months, your love affairs will gain exceptional momentum and you will find your soul-mate this year

Health: Suppressed emotions and resistance to change will cause emotional adn mental imbalances. In case of health problems, acept nothing at face value. You migh suffer from dermatological and allergy-related problems

Angel Advice: The changes that you are going through are positive.


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