Tarot Card Reading 2016- Virgo

Tarot Card Reading 2016- Virgo Sunsign

Virgo (23rd August- 22nd September)

Keywords: Optimism, Wisdom and Harmony

Hermit card-Virgo

Hermit card-Virgo

Look forward to the year, full of opportunities for you to have new experiences and bring good things into your life- do not miss on it. Seek to divine principles behind the chaotic events and get attuned to subtle spiritual view.


Using hidden talents and developing brand new set of skills would bring magic to your work.


Financial crunch would force you to reveiw your finances and adopt a new fiscal strategy. This year, take up the lesson for saving up for the future and the rainy days. Refrain from following crooked means of making money as it would put you in greater trouble.


Dynamic changes could stir up control-issues in your household. Make sure that you draw clear boundries and avoid committing to anything that is too stressful for you to keep. There will be many social invitations coming your way that wold expand your circle of friends.


In relationships you might feel like a revolving door at a rush hour. Accepting your partner as they really are and not placing too many demands on them would help you enjoy exciting and electric moments. For singles, new romance is on the cards. But make sure you visit places where you could met an eligible partner.


A stroke of luck will be with you, giving you the reality and increase in wealth. Try not to let minor health issues take a toll on your mental agility and energy levels

Angel Advice:

When you release negativity, the answer to your question will shine through.


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