Tarot Card Reading 2016 – Scorpio

Tarot Card Reading 2016 – Scorpio Sun Sign

Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November )

Keywords:Destiny, Courage and Strategy

This year you would be on the verge of an incredible transformation! Tough though it may be, switch gears and you

Death Card- Scorpio

Death Card- Scorpio

will find your self rewarded with progress!


A change in your work situation might knock you off balance, but will lift a great burden from your shoulders. Extend your education or sharpen your skills as you may find that career avenues are more in the  past. Lured by some interesting projects, you might make a sudden move to another job, towards the 2nd half of the year. Be wary about who you share your innermost thoughts  with and be professional at all times. Those in business will have to re-structure their business-plans so that you can be more adaptive with services you provide.


With your confidence and financial skills, you would be able to make far-sighted moves to improve your finances. Take rigorous, but strict, legal steps to clarify any financial agreements, as that will prove beneficial to you. Reduce  financial risk, by putting spare funds in safe monetary instruments during  this year. Before entering into new investments, get a clear idea about the financial liability involved.


Changes will lead to an altercation in your domestic situation. Do not injure any relationship that you won’t  be able to repair in the future. Be patient  and watch what you say. Dividends cannot be a source  of opportunity and you would be able to lean on them support.


A sudden challenge in your  emotional life will force you to come out of your shell and acknowledge you problems. Make adjustments required for dealing with a new set of circumstances and respond gracefully to it. Towards the 2nd quarter of the year, you and your partner will reach  a new level of understanding and even renew old vows. Singles need to  have a change of attitude, as blindly  devoting  yourself to finding an ideal person will cause you to miss a wonderful opportunity.


Suppressed emotions and resistances could lead to nervous disorder. turmoil or fever. Avoid over-exertion and adopt calming techniques like yoga or meditation to keep your mind and body healthy.


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