Saturn Transit 2017 Vrishabha Rashi – Taurus Moon Sign

Vrishabha  Rashi – Taurus Moon Sign

vrishabha rashi saturn transit 2017

The nakshatras are Krittika (2, 3, 4), Rohini, Mrigashira (1 and 2)
Other Major Transits in the year 2017 are:

Aspects of the Saturn transit 2017 Vrishabha Rashi

Saturn aspects the 10th, 2nd and 5th house with the 3rd, 7th and 10th drishti affecting the occupation, job, stability of career of the native, as also partnership deals will not succeed and enemy action will increase during this time and your visits to the doctor will suddenly increase. There will be setbacks to your name, fame and  too also affecting pleasure, recreational and leisure activities, things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment, Children, Love and sex as also creative self-expression.Ashtama Shani for Vrishabha Rashi 2017-2020

Ashtama Shani is often perceived as an *emotional* near-death experience = an emotional death followed by rejuvenation and rebirth. Yes, this transit can be extremely stressful. It is exhausting.

There will be domestic peace, for most part of the year. Hospitalization of your mother and difference of opinion may disturb peace, for at home occasionally. Conjugal happiness is restricted. Your spouse and you will have heated exchange once or twice. Expensive journeys are on cards. auspicious functions and celebrations at home will give you joy.
Shani Shingnapur

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Saturn Transit 2017 – Special Tel Abhisheka for Shani Dev at Shani Shingnapur

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Though your income flow is promising, growing expenditure and investment will drain your purse. You have income from sale of property, vehicle, avocation or business, house, land and public dealings. Business activities will be profitable, but partnership business will see rough weather and cracks will appear speculative activities will yield positive results. Further investment is likely. Stock market investors and speculative earnings can be dangerous.
You will have a promotion this year, especially before 11 September 2017. Enhanced salary, perks and other benefits will be allowed. Work-field environment may be vitiated due to secret enemies. allegations may lead to departmental inquiry. Transfer to a distant place is foreseen. Ar rear dues will be recovered. Court cases will however increase. A pilgrimage or government embarrassment are on cards.
Your health, by and large, would remain normal. Occasional sickness may compel you to visit hospitals. Yoga and exercise will be much useful to you. Fever, body pains and swelling of joints and eye troubles are indicated. Chronic ailments relating to private parts and kidneys and diabetes may give some trouble, if dasha/antardasha period is inimical. There may be accident or surgery.
Housewives can expect family happiness, despite some squabbles at home. Birth of child, especially son, is foreseen. You will spend much on ornaments and drain the money in hand. Hospitalization is not ruled out. Relation with your better half may be strained, due to arguments and frigidity. Working women will find this year promising, barring a small problem. promotion and transfer to a distant place is on cards. Spinsters will get married.
Saturn Transit 2017 Vrishabha Rashi Birth Star Predictions:
Krittika (2,3.4)
Frequent journeys cannot be avoided. These natives will enjoy life, without paying attention to their health. Illicit relations may create problems and marital discord. Increased expenditure will drain the purse. A friend will be a source of trouble. success in efforts will come, after considerable delay. Your relatives will turn indifferent. Some will develop interest in social causes.
Health problems may lead to hospitalization. reduced income and mounting financial pressure are indicated. Life in a distant place will be fetching. activity, energy and daunting spirit will be ultimately bring success. Reconciliation and reunion with spouse are on cards. Spiritual practices and devotion will bring peace.
Mrigasira (1, 2):
Conjugal displeasure and marital discord are indicated. adamant nature and arguments may lead to estrangement. You may have problems in dealing with subordinates. Foot journeys will cripple your energy. Troubles in a distant place are indicated. Keep a check on your temper. Your friends will extend their warmth and cordiality. Financial crunch and problems of children will be the cause of concern.
Vedic remedies:
Betel-Leaves Garland for Hanumanji

Betel-Leaves Garland for Hanumanji

  • Perform Rudrabhishekam in Shiva temple.
  • Visit Shiva temple on Mondays and offer prayers.
  • Worship with bel leaves and do milk abhisheka.
  • Worship Hanumanji every Tuesday and Saturday. Apply Chola to Hanumanji on these days.
  • Light Gingely oil lamp in Shani Temple on Saturdays.
  • Donate blankets, slippers and other items to the poor.
  • Help the handicapped people.
  • Shani Shanti Homa or the Saturn Transit Prayers 2017 is recommended. Read and register here.
  • Buy your 7 – mukhi Rudraksha here.
Lal kitab Remedies:
  • Donate mustard oil to the needy on saturdays.
  • Avoid investing in property.

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