Saturn Transit 2017 Simha Rashi – Leo Moon Sign

Simha Rashi – Leo Moon Sign

Saturn transit 2017 simha rashi

The Nakshatras are Punarvasu (4), Pushya and AsleshaMakha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni

Aspects of the Saturn Transit 2017 Simha Rashi

The presence of Saturn in your 5th House( Sagittarius sign) will result in the occurrence of auspicious activities. The 5th House is the sign of intelligence and thinking. The presence of Saturn in this position will see you acting according to your thinking. This can happen both ways. Sometimes you will act very intelligently and other times you might experience forgetfulness and loss of concentration.

You will be able to solve all the domestic problems. Tensions and petty quarrels at home will be well-controlled. Children will give some trouble. An old member of your family may pass away. Unwanted disturbances and heated arguments with spouse may disturb conjugal harmony in 2nd or 3rd quarters. Siblings will be a source of trouble. Their affairs and estrangement may depress you. Friends will come to your rescue, in times of need.
Your financial position will improve. But you may not save as much as you want. Growing expenditure and compulsory investment may occasionally create financial worry. However, nothing will daunt you fighting spirit in your attempts to succeed. You will spend much more on vehicles or property. Business will run successfully in spite of challenging situations. You will try and succeed in expanding your business empire. Partnership business may not run smoothly. Speculation looks disturbing. A cautious approach is advised. Stock market investors will gain short-time investments.
Work-field environment will gradually improve in your favor. Colleagues will help you a lot. Positive attitude of your boss will bring a lot of confidence in you. Your promotion due will be achieved. Recovery of arrear dues is on cards. There may be transfer to an unknown place. Secret inimical activities from your adversaries will be detected, with the help of your friends and well wishers. Extra responsibilities may be entrusted on you. You will work hard to prove yourself.

Shani Shingnapur

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Saturn Transit 2017 – Special Tel Abhisheka for Shani Dev at Shani Shingnapur

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Some chronic health hazards will be subdued or completely cured. There will be overall improvement in your health condition. However, visits to hospitals for health checkup and treatment may not be stopped; you will try your best to keep yourself fit. Those suffering from heart, lungs, and intestine problems will get some relief this year.
Housewives may find going easy at home. Family members will begin to understand you. Their attitude will also change positively towards you. You will try to preserve domestic harmony. Working women can expect promotion, transfer and perks. Income will be promising. But they cannot resist their urge for shopping and valuable purchases. Asthma, abortion, uterus trouble and joint pains are some of the maladies indicated.

Saturn Transit 2017 Simha Rashi Birth Star Predictions:

Much attention is required to safeguard health as acute and chronic health hazards may crop up. These people may follow intemperate habits which will prove detrimental to sound health. Life at distant and secluded places will be fetching and enjoyable. Occult studies and yoga will attract them and they would make progress in these activities. But trouble from a guru or preceptor cannot be ruled out. Loss of property or vehicle and domestic disturbances are likely. Acts of secret foes will be secretly overcome.
Sound heath will be enjoyed with regular exercises and yoga and stipulated diet. Income inflow will be steady. Family affairs will run normally. Distant journeys, secret foes and life at unknown places will bring trouble. Unexpected expenditure and investment cannot be avoided. There will be domestic happiness. Purchase of a house or vehicle is a possibility. There will be many unproductive short journeys. Change of place or residence cannot be ruled out. Co-borns and neighbors may create troubles.
Uttarphalguni (1):
Health condition may deteriorate, due to irregular medication and food habits. Concentration on health, exercises will be lacking. Help from unknown persons or foreigners are likely. Health condition may improve in isolated camps, hospitals or asylums. domestic life will be disturbing. A bereavement in the family is likely. Trouble from parents is not ruled out. Loss of property or vehicle is indicated. Attempts to taste success may fail. Disputes may crop up regarding ancestral properties. Beware of accident or injury.
Vedic Remedies:
Lal Kitab Remedies:
  • Not to give unsolicited advise to others.
  • Wear a silver chain around the neck.

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