Saturn Transit 2017 Meena Rashi -Pisces Moon Sign

Meena Rashi -Pisces Moon Sign

Saturn Transit 2017 Meena Rashi

The Nakshatras are Poorvabhadra (4), Uttrabhadra, Revati

Aspects of the Saturn Transit 2017 Meena Rashi

From 10th house, Saturn aspects your 12th, 4th and 7th house. Lord Saturn is the Ruler of your 11th and 12th House. Generally it is said that the presence of Saturn in your 10th House will not be beneficial to you. But leaving aside such general comments, let us view the effects of this transition for your Birth Sign.

Family affairs will run smoothly. Parents will lend you their their support. Siblings will also engage themselves well and earn money. Children will get ample employment opportunities. They may leave home. In spite of minor inheritance marital life will go well. Your spouse will get a better placement and lend you financial support. you will purchase a house or land and vehicle. There will be auspicious functions at home. Those who want a child will see their desires fulfilled. Love affairs will lead to marriage.

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Your income looks to be secure. You will also be able to regulate unnecessary expenses. Needs of children would demand more money. You will get income from trade, house, land, agriculture and also from your spouse.  You are likely to spend much for auspicious ceremonies and pleasure seeking activities. Businessmen will get regular profits. Expansion plans will be successful. They will go ahead with a competitive spirit. partnership business will also go well. Speculative activities will bring moderate success. Stock-market investors will also gain.
You must try to get the goodwill of superiors by commitment to work. Overtures to opposite sex may lead to extra-marital relation, which will create a dangerous situation at the work-front. You have to struggle hard to get preferment and enhancement of salary before September 2017. Court cases may linger on. Journeys on official duty are indicted. A pleasure trip with colleagues is likely.
Drain of energy must be arrested, under emotional side. Rheumatic pains and arthritis be kept under control by following the doctors advice. Ulceration in the stomach or intestine with severe gastritis is not ruled out. alcohol and non vegetarian food, fried food items with high level of fats will severely affect your health. Headache, neurological problems are also likely. a little care and health awareness will save you from many problems.
You will get peace and comfort at home. Mother will immensely support you, morally and financially. You will see improvement in the family affairs. Your children will be a source of hope and satisfaction. Marital life would run with hiccups. Loose talk and prolonged argumentation may lead to separation. Your fiscal affairs will be satisfactory.

Birth Star Predictions Saturn Transit 2017 for Meena Rashi:

Poorvabhadra (4):
Servants and subordinates will be a source of happiness and help. you will get comfort from pet animals. there will be success over enemies and litigation. Children will be a source of trouble. miscarriage of life partner may give some worry. There will be unpleasant incidents at pleasure-seeking spots. speculation wll not be profitable. business will improve with increased returns.
Health may deteriorate for a few, if natal chart indications are negative. Regular medication will be needed. Chronic sufferers should take extra care. Skin problems, diabetes, blood pressure, kidney stones, hernia etc. are likely. Trouble and loss can be expected from legal matters and enemies.
There is likelihood of getting a job in government or public sector. Success in all ventures is a possibility. Normal health will be maintained by following health-guide and the advice of doctors. Loans will be availed to start new ventures or project. Enemies will be subdued and court cases will be terminated in a positive manner. Courtship and love will land these natives in a quagmire. Pleasurable pursuits should be stopped.
Vedic Remedies:

Lal-kitab remedies:

  • Not to travel unnecessarily.
  • Feed any street dog daily.

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