Saturn Transit 2017 Kumbha Rashi -Aquarius Moon Sign

Kumbha Rashi -Aquarius Moon Sign

Saturn Transit 2017 Kumbha Rashi

The Nakshatras are Dhanishtha (3, 4), Satabhisha, Poorvabhadra(1,2,3)

 Aspects of the Saturn Transit 2017 Kumbha Rashi

From 11th house, Saturn aspects your Ascendant, 5th and 8th house. Planet Saturn, who was in your 10th House will now transit to your 11th House which deals with profit. As he is the ruler of your birth sign and the 11th House comes under his domain, this transition will be highly fruitful to you. Your fame and prestige will rise in the society. You can see positive and powerful changes in your whole demeanor- your clothes, your walk and talk will show their confidence.


Domestic environment will cause anxieties and worries. Life ad comforts at home will get affected. Health of both the parents will deteriorate. Siblings would face some problems. Property matters would slip into trouble. There will be hurdles in endeavours. Relationship with spouse will be inconsistent. Children’s education would progress well. Courtship and love affairs will land you in trouble. You will spend some time in pleasurable pursuits. There will be many short  journeys. Some will change their place of living or residence.

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Your financial position seems normal. Those in service will get satisfactory income. Money is expected from various sources, such as, business, agencies, exports and imports, travelling tradesmen, speculation, opera, photography and video film shooting. Getting hereditary wealth will be problematic. Judicious pending may limit your borrowing. Businessmen would face undue delay and stagnation in getting pending bills. Business travels will be successful and profitable. They will get relief from all legal matters.
Professional life will not be very bad. Occasional problems have to be encountered. Pending promotion will become a reality. There will be transfer to a new place. Either you change your residence or daily go to the office by travelling a long distance. Colleagues will cooperate with you. Court cases pertaining to service will come to an end.
Attention must be focused to your health. Health will deteriorate to a few. Trouble relating to stomach, diaphragm, legs and reproductive organs are likely. Irregularity in eating, starvation or over-eating will lead to indigestion. Those suffering to chronic health problems have to take extra care. You should be vigilant in your movements and also during travel to avoid injuries or accidents. Stress in the family affairs could also influence your health retentively.
You have to tread cautiously at home and work place. You should not pay heed to trivial matters, to avoid disturbance and home. You are susceptible to fever, menstrual disorder, uterus problems and sexually transmitted diseases. You are likely to get wealth/ property from your parents or elderly relatives. Disagreement between lovers is foreseen and may end in separation.

Birth Star Predictions Saturn Transit 2017 Kumbha Rashi:

Spouse will co-operate in all your affairs and marital happiness is assured. Wedding is assured to eligible unmarried youth. Benefit will come from public dealings. Service sector will be promising. Favour and help from maternal uncles and aunts can be anticipated. Disputes and court cases will terminate favorably. Success in attempts is guaranteed. Mild sickness is likely. Short journeys will bring physical strain and trouble. siblings and neighbors will give a lot of trouble.
Life partners will be a source of trouble. Disputes and disagreements will arise. Divorce or temporary separation is threatened. There will be public enmity. Cordial relation will be maintained with co-borns. Journeys, agencies and mediation will bring success. Job in government or big company is assured. Favor and help from the government or those in power. Success will be tasted in legal matters. Court-cases will be dropped.
Conjugal bliss will be experienced. But extra marital relations will create cracks in the marriage bond. Wedding bells will ring for the eligible ones. there will be profitable journeys. Relation with the public and participation in public services will enliven your spirits. Health should be carefully guarded. Problems from animals, especially pet animals, aunts, servants and uncles can be anticipated. Career-wise an upliftment is indicated.
Vedic remedies:

Siddha Shwetarka Ganesha

Lal Kitab remedies:
  • Not to consume alcohol in any form.
  • Once a week feed the cows with green fodder/spinach.

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