Saturn Transit 2017 Thula Rashi – Libra Moon Sign

Thula Rashi – Libra Moon Sign

Saturn Transit 2017 Libra Moon Sign

The Nakshatras are Chitra (3 and 4), Swati and Vishaka(1, 2 & 3)

Aspects of the Saturn Transit 2017 Thula Rashi

Saturn leaves your 2nd house and will be in 3rd house till next transit (till 24th January 2020). From 3rd house, Saturn aspects your 5th, 9th and 12th house. Till now the presence of Planet Saturn in your 2nd House would have seen you go through pain and humiliation beyond mercy. Now Saturn is transiting to your 3rd House, bringing you some good changes to your predicaments.  Now you will see your troubles melting away and your heart will feel uplifted with some unknown joy

Family happiness may be disturbed due to occasional domestic quarrels and unwanted arguments. Conjugal happiness and the emotional bond with your spouse may remain intact, despite petty skirmishes. Birth of a child will bring joy in some families. Your frequent absence at home, due to journeys and professional work, may prevent marital bliss to some extent. You may also experience a lot of trouble from your co-borns because of their lifestyle and problems. You will have the blessings of elderly persons at home. You will vanquish your enemies. Disputes will be settled amicably.

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Shani Shingnapur

Saturn Transit 2017 – Special Tel Abhisheka for Shani Dev at Shani Shingnapur

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Your financial position looks positive. Regular income is on cards. You will get money by loans, agencies, job or business and friends. You have to spend much for children, property and on journeys. Wise spending is suggested. You are tempted to invest money on real estate ventures. Business men will need more and more money to invest, so as to expand their business empire. Overseas business will also need investment. Profit margin will be satisfactory. Speculators should run their show thinking twice. Stock market trading must be dealt with cautiously.
Career front will be promising. Upliftment in career is likely. There will be transfer which you may not like. Colleagues will lend you a helping hand. your boss will also have confidence in you. Earned leave may be availed. A pilgrimage is on cards. some may change their job or avocation. Arrears, dues, if any, will be recovered. Salary may be hiked. Secret inimical activities of foes may hurt you. Avoid falling court cases. compromise is the way to settle disputes.
Over-eating and over-indulgence in sensual pleasures may upset your liver and digestive track. Occasional problem due to jaundice, fever, diabetes, eyes and joint pains would cause brief illness. Balanced diet and morning walk and a philosophical outlook will enable you to maintain normal health. Visits to hospitals for health checkups as well as health treatments are likely. Devotion, spiritual activities will regulate your emotions and subdue the tensions. Cholesterol levels in blood should kept under control.
Normal domestic life can be expected. You will enjoy marital bliss, if you get rid of your frigidity and moodiness. Those applied for divorce will rethink and re-conciliate to join with their life-partners. Working women can expect a reasonably favorable year. Much awaited promotion will be attained. Income will increase. You will also spend much, you may expect pinpricks from your adversaries. You should be prepared for a transfer. There will be support and guidance from the higher ups. Most of the spinsters may not hear the wedding bells till September 2017.

Saturn Transit 2017 Thula Rashi Birth Star Predictions:

Chitra (3 and 4):
Hopes and desires will be realized and fulfilled. Advised and help from friends and well-wishes will be available. Disputes will be favorably terminated. Jobless youth will be suitably employed in government vacancies or in prestigious firms. A good position and power can be expected. Honour and a good name and success are on cards. Family disputes may crop up. Conjugal bliss will be missed. Alienation with spouse is likely. Expenditure outweighs money inflow.  There will be delay and hurdles in getting money or wealth. Carelessness will lead to loss of money.
Friends will become enemies. Cheating by them is a possibility. Many difficulties are to be faced to get success in ventures. Desires will be fulfilled. Graduates will have an auspicious year to get good jobs. Working people will get higher positions. Responsible posts may adorn some persons. Power and authority may be exercised. All ventures will bear fruit. Unmarried persons will hear wedding bells. There will be family happiness and conjugal bliss. Increased income will lead to saving. Success at distant places is foreseen.
Vishaka (1, 2 ,3):
Attempts will bring success and bear fruits. Friendship will be instantly established. Friends will benefit a lot. Hard time is ahead for graduates to seek jobs. Antagonism from those in power and authority will be experienced. Action and penalty from government officials is not ruled out. Dishonor or discredit may disturb the mind. Getting higher position may remain as a dream. Cordial relation with spouse and other family members will be maintained. Conjugal harmony will be there. Family members will cooperate and lend a helping hand. Financial position will get improved.
Vedic Remedies :
Lal Kitab Remedies:
  • Occasionally donate food to the needy.
  • Maintain harmonious relations with in-laws.


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