Saturn Transit 2017 Dhanur Rashi – Sagittarius Moon Sign

Dhanur Rashi – Sagittarius Moon Sign

Saturn Transit 2017 Dhanur Rashi

The Nakshatras are Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada (1)

Aspects of the Saturn Transit 2017 Dhanur Rashi

Saturn leaves your 12th house and will be in Ascendant till next transit (till 24th January 2020). From 1st house, Saturn aspects your 3rd, 7th and 10th house. Till now, the presence of Planet Saturn in your 12th House, which deals which the expenses, had given you various unnecessary expenditures in terms of your health, business and losses. Now, the transition of Saturn to your Birth Sign, called as Jenma Sani, will result in lessening of such expenses. The presence of Saturn in your Birth Sign will give you mixed outcomes. As your finances get sorted this time of the year, you can heave a sigh of relief.

You have to spend some quality time with your family members to enhance domestic happiness. Children, health and education will vex your mind. Your spouse will recover from brief illness. One of parents will be hospitalized. You should be careful on journeys and in your movements to avoid an accident or injury. Distant journeys are on the anvil. Your hidden enemies will trouble you. Conjugal happiness will be marred by arguments and misunderstandings. Avoid impatience and adamant replies which will complicate the situation. Spiritual advancement and visits to places of worship will give you peace and tranquility.

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Shani ShingnapurSaturn Transit 2017 – Special Tel Abhisheka for Shani Dev at Shani Shingnapur

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Your financial position looks precarious. Moderate income through employment or business may not be sufficient to meet all expenses. You will be pressurized to repay loans. Wise-spending and investment are suggested to overcome financial problems. A windfall or money from hereditary source will be great help to you. Businessmen will see normal returns and heavy investment and some times unexpected losses. Income-tax officials or enforcement directorate may initiate action against your firms. Fresh partnership and new business ventures may not run well. A cautious approach to speculate activities is needed. Stock market trading will not be promising.
In spite of troubles at work-spot, apathy of higher ups and secret inimical activities of your foes, you will not be disturbed professionally. You must try to get the support and goodwill of your subordinates for success and work-field. Promotion will be eluded until mid September 2017, thereafter, a transfer to an unwanted place with promotion is the possibility. Allegations of impropriety may be leveled against you. Much effort and sincerity are needed for success in career.
Fracture of bones from falls or accident is likely. Hospitalization or regular visits to the hospital cannot be ruled out. Travels would lead to fatigue and ill health. Regular physical exercises and recreational activities are needed. Head, brain, private parts, thighs and chest are vulnerable parts, where there is likelihood of disease setting in. Rheumatic fever is also likely. Your health is in your hands. Regular and systematic dieting will help you a lot. Last quarter will see some relief from all health problems.
Disputes and disagreements with life-partner may arise. They should guard their health. A miscarriage or uterus problem is likely. Last quarter may bring cheer in the birth of a child. Extravagance is to be avoided. Working women may see sudden transfer to an unwanted place. Some may change their job. Problems will arise at the occupational-front  and  they should be cautious in their use of words. Distant travels will cause much unrest and physical strain. Unmarried girls will have to wait till the last quarter of 2017.

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Saturn Transit 2017 Dhanur Rashi Birth Star Predictions:


Life in a foreign land or in a distant place will become sorrowful and fruitless. Unknown persons may inflict loss. Matters of death, legacy and windfall come to forefront. Benefit from the death of and old person is likely. A windfall is also a possibility. There is scope and interest to learn occult sciences. Visits to hospitals or asylums are foreseen. confinement or hospitalization is not ruled out. Failure or breakup in love is indicated. Children will be a source of trouble. Professional life will progress normally.
Change in job or avocation is likely. Profitable and fruitful journeys will be undertaken. A pilgrimage is also on the anvil. Despite hiccups in marital life much satisfaction will be attained in relationship with spouse. Promotion and government favor are on cards. Carelessness may cause an accident or injury. Disputes may arise relating to hereditary property. Love affairs may lead to marriage. One of the children may prosper. Birth of a child in the family will give much pleasure.
Public displeasure and defamation will be faced by a few with unfavorable dasha-bhukti period. All public dealings should be carefully dealt with. Married life may be threatened by petty quarrels, separation and divorce. Illicit relations may cause a lot of disturbance and ill health. Professional life will be beset with troubles. Pending promotion may be postponed to the last quarter of 2017. Unexpected transfer is likely. Pending arrear dues will be realized. there will be unearned wealth. Parental legacy or windfall is on cards. Last quarter will ease the professional tensions. There may be trouble from progeny and secret enemies.
Vedic remedies
Lal Kitab remedies:
  • Whenever possible feed the monkeys.
  • Take a dip in holy river.


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