Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 for Thula Rashi or Libra Moon Sign Natives

Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 for Thula Rashi or Libra Moon Sign Natives:
Rahu Ketu Transit 2017Rahu Ketu 2017 Palangal

Nakshatra : Chitra (3, 4), Swati, Visakha (1,2,3)

10th house Rahu affects career, reputation and overall success. Traditional astrology recognizes this as creating Kalaha (quarrel). Natives of Libra moon may face hardships in the professional front. It may deny promotion or elevation and/or impose transfer to some other branch or city/town. trouble through superiors is likely. Those who are in business related to water(shipping), oil, gas, dam, river, swimming resorts may suffer particularly in the rainy season. Foreign element may enter the business. Export and import-related businessmen will be affected. Partnership will take an adverse turn. 

Kalaha/quarrel with boss, elderly persons, father, is foreseen. Any kind of decision on behalf of the native by the authorities may not be beneficial. If natal Sun is not favorable, then this Rahu can bring trouble from government. Politically-involved people will play foul game to get power.

Businessman may visit foreign countries frequently for expansion of business. Father’s health will be of great concern. You can accomplish things by being a smooth-talker. Children’s stubbornness will change. The son gets may get job in a foreign country.

Ketu in the 4th may give change in the residential place. It may affect property and agricultural field. Ketu here is not good for domestic peace. Health of mother will be affected.

For Students, the period is good ahead and going abroad for further studies is also foreseen. New friendships will bring happiness. Both learning and teaching will interest you.

For Women, career will see growth. However change in job is indicated. Chances of involvement in extra-marital Rahu Ketu Transit Homa 2017affairs is seen. Elderly women may face bones trouble.

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Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 homa is on the 19th Aug 2017 – at Rahu Kalam time IST 09:00 to 10:30 am. Read more here

Vedic Remedies

Lal Kitaab Remedies:

  • The consumption of alcohol and tobacco leads to adverse consequences in Rahu’s condition, hence the distance should be maintained.
  • Iron weapons, blue clothes, blankets, iron sheets, sesame, mustard oil, electrical equipment, coconut and radish should be donated.
  • Feed the blind and help them finding work
  • Every Tuesday, donate jaggery (gud) in temple.
  • On Ashtami days, light and worship the coconut oil lamp.
  • Take care of a coconut tree, water its roots. If not, offer Chadur thenga/whole unshelled coconut with the tuft intact to Lord Ganesha temple on Wednesday.

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    Respected Sir
    I am born in Swathi Nakshatram, Thula Raasi. I have been a compulsive player in the stock market. I always lose money and so far in the last five years lost more than Rs.20.00 lakhs. After my retirement in 2012 one year I was working with a Law Firm but due to oral cancer in May, 2016 I am not working anymore. My only pass time/hobby/profession is trading in shares. I am not able to do anything else though I am a heavy loser in the market. What should I do. I have very little savings. If something happens tomorrow my family will be left with no money. Of course they can sell my property and manage their life which I do not want. How can earn money in stock market. At least I want to recover money lost in the five years so that my family will not suffer financially.

    • Agnihotry jyotish says:

      Please donot play share and find some work related to your profession, after 23 months your starts will be good and you will enjoy having big saving.

  2. Rima Jogiya says:

    i was born on 20/11/1995 in morning around 10 to 10:15. i graduated freshly and started doing job but I changed it because I was not satisfied and I was getting at a better place. I changed it in the mid of the month so I did not get my salary. now I got fired from the new place too.

  3. Milana Mahesh says:

    Hi my dob is 07th April 1993 ( time – 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm) & sun sign is Libra chitta nakshatra. I am thinking to change my job please suggest can be done also trying to get blessed with baby from 4 yrs please give predictions for this.

  4. Hi sir,

    My DoB is 9 July 1992 4am, I have troubles in both career and personal life.could you please tell me when the good time starts for career and when will I get married?

    Thank you

  5. Hi,
    My self prasenjit.I face extremely problem in physically.My physical problem also effect in me mentally .Due to my physical problem and mental problem ,I want to leave my job and join to family business.Due to my physical problem my confidence down to zero.I am hopeless.Can I out from this phase ?If yes then when?Please help.

    Dob: 13/05/1984
    Place:arambagh(west bengal)

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