Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 for Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius Moon Sign Natives

Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 for Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius Moon Sign Natives

Rahu ketuTransit 2017

Rahu Ketu 2017 Palangal

Nakshatra : Dhanishta (3, 4), Satabhisha, Poorvabhadrapada (1,2,3)

Traditionally, it is believed that the 6th house Rahu gives Maha-sukh (lots of happiness), 6th house signifies sickness (health), employment, pets, diet etc. Generally, in these areas, better prospects are expected. However, considering Rahu’s nature, one should be cautious about one’s health, particularly those who have cardiac complaints, problems with pancreas, digestive system etc. 6th house is the house of services, job. Rahu here gives mixed results. Change of job, harassment by employers or upper-category officials and co-workers as well are likely. Absence in the office more often, due to ill-health or self or/and spouse is indicated.

Saturn’s transit from the 11th house will be quite favorable. Fulfillment of desire and gain through friends will be the result. Jupiter’s transit into the 9th house forebodes good. Those who occupy high position in any firm, company, politics will continue their success. Great changes, positive ones in their positions is possible, depending on the strength of their natal charts.

An Aquarius politician is also likely to get benefited by this transit and is generally good for work for any kind of work line. Rahu there can create health issues to maternal uncles/aunt and is not favorable your in-laws. Rahu in 6th also attracts enemies though end results are always favorable and enemies tend to face the backlash of it. For students, it is not favorable and may result in a lack of concentration.

You will gain new talents in business and increase your profits. You will notice that old mistakes do not occur. The number of customers will increase. Partners will cooperate with your suggestions in the joint venture. You will contract with foreign companies. Colleagues will be friendly with you.

The past 2-3 years you were frustrated and frustrated! Now the tides have changed, you will be interested in everything now. Children’s habits are the same. You can get married now. You will be happy with a meeting of childhood friends.

Ketu in the 12th  would affect investment, expenditure, exports-imports, health issues of spouse etc. It will influence your overall well-being also.

For students it will be a good period, as the 9th house Jupiter will aspect your moon, 5th house and the 3rd house, inducing positive results to those who desire to go abroad for higher education. However, Saturn’s aspect on the 5th house demands extra efforts, for achievements.

Rahu Ketu Transit Homa 2017

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Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 homa is on the 19th Aug 2017 – at Rahu Kalam time IST 09:00 to 10:30 am. Read more here


Vedic Remedies:Rahu Ketu Homa 2017

Lal Kitaab Remedies:

  • Feed Black dogs regularly
  • Worship Goddess Saraswati with blue flowers.
  • Shri Raghavendra is to be worshiped.
  • Care for coconut plantation. All your long cherished dreams will come true.

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