Shani Preethi Homa – Shani Shanti Pooja for Shani Dev

Is this happening to you- Are you undergoing these challenges presently?

  • Any work that you undertake has numerous hurdles and difficulties and they seem never-ending.
  • All your best efforts to achieve have no tangible results
  • That promotion evades you, your overseas chance is slipping out off your hands?
  • Juniors are superseding you over for a promotion. You just lost your job!
  • Do you feel nothing is going right in your life despite your best efforts?
  • Do you feel that suddenly everything has changed for the worse?
  • Do you find that your challenges at work have become worse and causing you stress.
  • Do you have problems with making and saving money?
  • Are you suddenly facing nagging health problems- knee pain, joint pain issues, accidents, dental issues?
  • Do you feel your spouse, children, family and friends do not understand you or cooperate with you, despite your best efforts?

If your answer to any of the above is YES, then you may be under the malefic effect of Saturn.

Saturn Transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius on Jan 26th 2017 and according to almost all astrological schools, this transit has brought a lot of challenges to millions of people around the world whose moon signs are affected by the malefic effect of Saturn.

Shree Shani Dev

Shree Shani Dev

Praying to Saturn during this period helps to please Shani, and gain his benevolence, and reduce the ill effects of Saturn Transit on you and your family, and brings positivity to your life.

Saturn Transit 2017 Homa is scheduled on the Saturday, 28nd January 2017 for best results.

Book Saturn Transit 2017 Homa

If you are in India If you are out of India

INR 6500
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USD 150
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Once you complete the payment, you will receive an email from us to get your details.

If you are only 1 participant, the charges are discounted for you. Write to us here 

Lord Sri Shani Dev rules the destiny of a man and has immense power to grant and decline luxuries at will. We at conduct regular Shani Preethi Homa or Shani Shanti Homa for our overseas clients with wonderful results. These elaborate rituals are conducted under Pure Vedic South Indian style of poojas and have the power to grant protection to a person from the malefic or malevolent drishti of Sri Shani Dev.

Who needs to do the Shani Preethi 2017 Homa:

Natives of the following moon sign (check your natal chart and where the moon is located is the moon sign as per Indian Vedic astrology.)

  • Taurus Moon sign- Vrishabha Rashi(8th house transit- ashtama shani)
  • Virgo Moon sign – Kanya Rashi(4th house transit- Ardha Ashtama Shani),
  • Scorpio moon sign – Vrishchika Rashi (2nd house-last 2.5 yrs of sade sati),
  • Sagittarius moon sign – Dhanur Rashi (1st house- 2nd Leg of sade sati ),
  • Capricorn moon sign – Makara Rashi (12th house/1st leg (2.5 yrs) of Sade Sati),
  • Pisces Moon sign – Meena Rashi (10th house transit),
  • And all those who are running their Shani Mahadasha and with Neecha Shani or debilitated Saturn (when Saturn is in the sign of Aries, it is neecha) should participate in the Samishti (group Shani Preethi Homa).

Written below is a brief extract of the style of havan that is performed.

Shani Preethi Homam – Saturn Transit 2017 Homa 

  • The Vedic Bramhin assigned to do your Homa/havan will take your name, rashi, nakshatra and hearts wish in the sankalp- this is the most important part of the pooja. Next is the Ganapathi Archana, the lord who removes obstacles and will ensure that the ceremony is done without any faults and obstructions. All the 9 moola mantras for the 9 planets (a special one for Shani- 108 times) will be done. The whole process will easily take around an hour plus.
  • The Shani Preethi Homam means the following steps: Swasti Vachan, Ganapathi pujan, Navagraha Pujan, Shani Moola Mantra Japam, Kalash Pujan, Brahma pujan, Vedi pujan.
  • The entire havan will be video graphed (still tentative, due to lack of appropriate equipment) and important parts will be photographed for record and we will send this to you on email. this however takes some time as media work is outsourced.  Your name, nakshatra will be called out during the sankalpam.

 What does the Havan include?

  • The costing will include, home/havan, building a live Vedi – for the Fire God, the Vedic bramhin fees, the donation/charity,Ahuti samagri (offerings to the fire god)the tamboolam
    Nava Dhanya- Nine Grains for Navagraha Pooja

    Nava Dhanya- Nine Grains for Navagraha Pooja

    Daan, dakshina, lunch to the bramhin, his vastra, food for charity, flowers, havan samagri, paan, coconut, Navagraha dhanya (9 types of grains- each for 1 planet), 9 colored vastra (cloth- atleast 1 meter each) for the 9 grahas (planets) to be put in the sacrificial fire, pure desi ghee, flowers, garlands, fruits, mango wood for havan, Kalash  sthapna, special charity to a dakot  for shani related articles.

  • Havan is done in the morning in Brahma Muhurta (auspicious time) with Ahutis to all 09 Planets  and especially to Shani Bhagwan and your7 Mukhi rudraksha Nakshatra is particularly appeased.
  • If you wish, we can energize the Shani Yantra or the Navagraha Yantra and send it
    to you. This is our physical connect with you when the Poojas are performed.
  • Book your 7 mukhi Rudraksha here.

What does doing the Navagraha Homa/Shani Preethi Homam mean?

  • A Navagraha Homa combined Shani Preethi homam is a double edged weapon- it pleases malefic planets and appeases benefic ones to shine brighter. It will be good for you to drive away your negativity and allow positive energy around you. The entire havan will be done in pure Vedic style and with full sincerity and devotion to help you. Make full use of this opportunity.
  • When Shani Preethi is done on the important Saturday (Shanivaar) for you and your family, the Shani Yantra is infused with the positivity of the Homa, powered and energized. You can also buy the 7 mukhi rudraksha for yourself. Read here. Thus Installing this yantra adn wearing the rudraksha will help you achieve your heart’s desire. We will teach you the cleansing and pooja procedure of this energized yantra. It is a simple once a week 5 min procedure.

Book Saturn Transit 2017 Homa

Charges are for a family of 4

If you are in India If you are out of India

INR 6500
(pay here)


USD 150
(pay here)

Once you complete the payment, you will receive an email from us to get your details.

If you are only 1 participant, the charges are discounted for you. Write to us here 

Exclusively at

Yantra Energized during Homa

Yantra Energized during Homa

The entire procedure will be  videographed(read above) and we will share a link of the pooja with you on our private video channel. You will clearly hear the vedic bramhin call out your family name, your gotra, nakshatra, rashi and all those that you wish included and invoke the gods and grahas to come and bless you. When the ahuti or sacrifices of pleasing articles are done in the sacrificial fire of the yagya, the grahas are pleased and mollified. We send out photographs of the event the same day and the videos come a few days later.

Book your 7 mukhi Rudraksha here

Everyone for whom these powerful poojas have been done have felt the immediate results.

  • Court cases have come in favor,
  • Office politics and jealousies have subdued,
  • Enemies and envious elements have moved out of peoples life giving them the peace of mind,
  • Marriages have been saved and
  • Family atmosphere have become peaceful.

The sankalpam or the promise with which the Havan is performed is important and we take ample care that all that you desire is clearly read out in Sanskrit by the Bramhin priest at the time of the pooja.

This year Saturn shall transit into Sagittarius on 26th Jan 2017. Its results for various moon signs are as follows-

Aries | Taurus  | Gemini | Cancer  |  Leo  |  Virgo | Libra  |  Scorpio  |  Sagittarius | Capricorn  |  Aquarius | Pisces




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