Shwetarka Ganesha – White Madder Ganeshji for wealth, prosperity and Ketu Dasha remedy

Shwetarka Ganesha or Shwetark Ganpati – Vellerukku Vinayagar

Siddh aShwetarka GaneshaShwetark Ganpati is considered to be as one of the purest, most exceptional, and holy item found on this earth. Installing Shwetark Ganpati in the house brings in the blessings of the Goddess Laxmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. Shwetark Ganpati, which is obtained from the roots of the shrub, called as Ark, Madar (as called in Hindi), or Aak (as called in Sanskrit), considered to be the rarest of rare, and are called Shwetark. Its garland is offered to Lord Hanuman on Saturday for remedy of some special problems.

Why Ganesha is important in our lives? What is HIS significance?The Mudgala Purana, an ancient text on Lord Ganesha, cites Eight forms of Ganesha, prevailing over 8 human weaknesses/vices or demons.

  • Ekadanta(single tusked) is the Conquerer of Moda or arrogance. Arrogance of money, knowledge, women, position, power, wealth, children, riches.
  • Dhumravarna (smoke colored) overcomes Abhimana or Pride. Pride of possessions.

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  • Vakratunda (curved trunk) is the Vanquisher of Matsarya or jealousy. Jealousy of neighbors, friends and relatives.
  • Mahodara (big belly) is Lord of Moha or infatuation. Infatuation for worldy desires – Maya.
  • Gajanana (elephant face) conquers Lobha or greed. Greed for physical possessions.
  • Lambodara (corpulent belly) overcomes Krodha or anger. Anger is born out of “Aham” or Ego.
  • Vikata (deformed) conquers Kama or lust. Lust for things that do not belong to us.
  • Vighnaraja (King of Obstacles) prevails over Mamata (egotism). Ego is born of loss of self knowledge.

The Siddha Shwetark Ganapati is obtained from the root of a shrub called Ark or Aak and this root takes the shape of Lord Ganesha. This lucky charm blesses the individual with blessings from Shiva and Ganesha. 

  • Gives knowledge and concentration power,
  • Eliminates illnesses, and maintains harmony in family life,
  • Activates positive vibrations in the house and brings wealth and prosperity. 
  • A house with Siddha Shwetark Ganapati or a white Aak tree from which Shwetark Ganesha forms, remain safe from enemies and evil-eye mongers.
  • Known to be a potent remedy for people undergoing Ketu Mahadasha, antardasha and malefic Ketu transits and placements, worshipping the Shwetarka Ganesha is best in these conditions.

    Shubha Drishti Ganpati

    Shubha Drishti Ganpati

  • You can also put up the Shubh Dristhi Vastu Ganpati at your main door to protect from evil eye.

BUY HERE Basically, it is the roots of the Shwetark plant, where the Lord Ganpati is considered to reside. So, anyone who has Shwetark tree grown in their place, or those who have the roots of the Shwetark Tree with them, automatically holds the focus of the love and adoration of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha.

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How to Install the Siddha Shwetarka Ganesha Poverty eliminates, and affluence pours in through Shwetark Ganpati. A house with a Shwetarka Ganesha is a pious home.

  • Place the Ganesha on a Wednesday of the Shukla paksha- (New Moon to Full Moon).

    Siddh aShwetarka Ganesha

    Siddha Shwetarka Ganesha

  • A person, who wants to have Shwetark Ganpati, should install it in that part of their house where they worship other Gods and divinities.
  • While installing it, make a paste of turmeric powder and smear the white ganesha with it. Now it should be all yellow.

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  • Install it facing North or East or North East only.
  • While worshipping Shwetarka Ganesha, offer red colored flowers, red cloth, rose wood, and dhurva (arugambil) grass.
  • While chanting the Mantra for Shwetarka Ganesha, a person should use either Coral Mala or Rudraksha Mala for the purpose.
  • Om Vakratrundaya Hum, Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah” to be chanted 108 times.
  • Face North-East while chanting mantras.
  • Light a coconut oil lamp for Lord Ganesha everyday. Read here for more information on different lamps and wicks.
  • Also using the velleruku wick or wick made of ark bark is extremely auspicious. We send this wick with every Shwetark Ganesha that you buy.
  • Also, Gur (jaggery) and Gram flour (besan) should also be offered while performing the worship. Make Besan laddoo or modak for worship. You can also make Parappu Payasam.

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