Sade Sati in 2011- Planet Saturn transits from Sept 2009 in Virgo-Kanya to Nov 2011 in Libra-Thula Rasi

Saturn seen trhough the Hubble telescope

Have a good look at the guy who is going to influence your lives for the next 2.5 years

In 2011, Sade Sati will be for a major part of the year on Simha, Kanya and Tula Rashi and then by November 2011, the focus shifts to Kanya(Virgo), Tula(Libra) and Vrischika(Scorpio). Read more…

On November 14, 2011, Planet Saturn will change its Rashi – it will leave Kanya(Virgo) Rashi and enter Tula-(Libra) Rashi.

This means Sade Sati will leave its influence on Simha(Leo) Rashi and will enter and starts its influence on Vrishchika(Scorpio) Rashi.

Sade Sati is considered to be a bad period in Hindu Astrology and it is based on the movement of planet Saturn or Shani. Exact influence of Sade Sati is calculated using the position of Shani in a person’s horoscope.

Dhanus (Sagittarius), Simha (Leo), Kumbha (Aquarius), Tula (Libra), Meena (Pisces) and Karka (Cancer) Rashi will see some positive results emerging during the period. Simha and Tula will see change in fortune better than what was in last year.

Mesha Rashi (Aries), Vrishchika(Scorpio) and Mithuna(Gemini) rashi will face some difficulties. It is Ashtama Shani(8th house from Natal Moon) for Meena(Pisces), it is the 1st phase of SadeSati for Vrischika(Scorpio) and Ardha Ashtama(4th house from Natal Moon) for Mithuna (Gemini) people coming this Sani Peyarchi(Saturn Transit) on Nov 14th 2011

There will be some career, business and professional related difficulties for these Rashi people. But the Makar(Aries) Kanya (Virgo) or Vrishabha(Taurus) Rashi people will have some tough period starting with this transit in Nov 2011.

Sani Peyarchi  Planet saturn transit Nov 14, 2011 to 2014 analysis in brief (according to your moon sign)

Qualities of Planet Saturn: Shani

Saturn is feared as the most dreadful planet and there is of misconception and myths about this planet, actually Saturn is the planet of law and order, Saturn at best known for its strict qualities and does not spare anyone to escape from the punishment at the same time he also rewards for the good deeds. Saturn takes 29.5 years to complete one cycle around the sun, due to its distance from the sun.

The nature of the Saturn as per the Vedic astrology is classified as the Mandan (Mandachar) means slow in action and lazy. Practically, Saturn is hard working, but one with the influence of the Saturn may have lot of perseverance and takes the decision only after weighing the pros and cons of the outcome.

The earlier Saturn transit was as follows: Saturn moved from from Leo(Simha Rasi) to Virgo(Kanya Rasi) on 10th of September 2009 where it stayed uptill now and now on the 14th of November 2011, enters the Libra(Thula Rasi), with lot of dynamism, as a result the qualities of Saturn will get modified the out come will be the positive one, the negative impact of the Saturn will get nullified to a great extent.

Libra is the house of exaltation for Saturn and hence a “Happy House”, astrologically speaking a place where Saturn is happy to reside. Does this mean, the transit is going to be comfortable,unlike a stern Saturn influence for everyone or a harsher sentence as Saturn exerts maximum pressure on all? Well, We @ Astropeep are studying the transit closely and will come with a detailed Rasi wise analysis for all. So wait and watch. Meanwhile here is what we have deduced as of now;

Planet Saturn in Libra House: What does this mean globally?

Saturn in Libra brings lessons and tests around diplomacy, compromise and fairness.

Relationships need Spring cleaning

Relationships need Spring Cleaning

It’s a time to set healthy boundaries in relationships and to get the give-take balance right. Relationships generally need to be taken more seriously. Any kind of relationship could feel like a heavy responsibility under this transit. Solid relationships can become more committed and grounded and real during this transit, or they can suffer the harsh light of reality and die away.

How we communicate and relate to others comes under scrutiny. It’s time to play by the rules, stop competing and learn to cooperate and negotiate. It’s a good time to settle disputes, arguments and claims, or to start them, but don’t expect things to get resolved too quickly! Peace and harmony is more than possible, but we may have to work hard to achieve it.

Watch this page for ground breaking analysis of Sani Peyarchi Nov 2011.  Pls keep your patience, any good work will take its time.

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  1. Astrologer says:

    Dear Mr Gautam
    Pls send us a like on Facebook to enable us to answer to all your queries and assist you further. We are also making Free Personalized Horoscopes for your Facebook Patrons. Do definitely take advantage of this free offer.
    Regards Your Friendly Astrologer

    • Hi,

      My son-in-law was born on 5th April, 1982 in Bangalore at 5.10pm. At present he is without a job. Kindly let me know by when he will get a job and settle in his life.

      My daughter too is without a job. She was born on 25th Dec. 1982.
      kindly reply. will be highly obliged.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I have a very general question. My rashi is Kanya. Will the second phase of the total of three phases of Sade sati in Kanya rashi get over on November 15, 2011? People say that the first two phases are the most difficult. Does that mean that after 15th November, 2011, people in Kanya rashi see better days?

    Thanks & regards,

    H Vijay

    • Vijay, the third phase will in fact be much worse than the previous ones or at least equal. This is my experience.

  3. Shreenivas says:


    I understand that Shani is entering Tula rasi on 14th Nov 11 and my Rasi is Tula. I am in a respectable postion in an IT company and own some key responsibilities. I stay with my wife and two kids ( son-8 years and daughter 4 years). I am not that great financially, but not bad too

    Any suggestions for me please? Especially on Job, Financials and Health


    • Amul Patel says:

      My Dear Shreenivas:
      I have beared loss of more than 20 Crore in starting phase of business and struggled like worrier. I have debt of more than 20 lacs now. Reduce at some extent. Loss and profit is give and take format of life – I do not feared.
      1. Go to sharana to lord Shiva – take shaktipad – have shibir of Avadhoot Shivanand baba
      2. Do only true/good things
      3. Do sadhna + Seva + Sankirtan
      4. Be good sadhak – start your spiritual journey from the the day you feel it necessary. Do not fear. Shani will make you to understand you better and help you how to live rest life better than you lived your past. Your school, college and all your lessons you learned in past will be very small compare to these 7.5 years every day. You will learn lost and will thank GOD to give you this core hard level of your life.
      5. Keep praying for others, will get prayers for you in return gift.
      6. On Saturday – Visit Hanuman temple with 6 bananas. Give food to needy one.
      I am IT service provider. And will do prayers for all including you, in rest of my life. Pray for me to be good always.
      GOD bless you, Shani bless you. All gurudevas bless you.
      My soul bless you atmasaxatkar in next 3 years.
      Bless x ntimes for your darling kids.

  4. Sandip Das says:

    I just have one question.
    I was born on Oct-30th-1979-18:28hrs & my sign according to the hindu/indian astrology is Aquarius(kumbha).

    Is this for sun sign or moon sign.

    ……..starts its influence on Vrishchika(Scorpio) Rashi. – Is this meant for persons who are Scorpio by Sun Sign or Moon Sign.

    Thanks & i am really grateful for your response.
    Sandip Das

    • Dear Sandip:

      Kemon Anchhen?

      Your Sun sign is Tula and moon sign is Kumbha. You should not be concerned about Shani Sade Sati (SSS) since SSS is based on Moon sign.

      Anyway, the purspose of SSS is to completely purify our relations with our loved ones. Shani dev gives us 7.5 years to do that. One wise (divine) person says that if one loves one’s dependents (parents, children, spouse, pets etc) unconditionally (no bitterness no matter what, only true love for them), one does not get negatively affected during SSS. Therefore the charity of unconditional love begins at home.

      God bless.

      • Sandip Das says:

        Dear Mr Ravi,

        Ami bhalo achi. Apni kemon achen. I speak decen bangla even tough i am not bengali 🙂

        Thanks for your reply. I didn’t understand this part “Your Sun sign is Tula…”. I had been of the impression that Oct30 would fall under Vrischikka.

        Could you please reconfirm that.

        Sandip Das

  5. HI,

    I have a very general question. My rashi is Kanya. Will the second phase of the total of three phases of Sade sati in Kanya rashi get over on November 15, 2011? People say that the first two phases are the most difficult. Does that mean that after 15th November, 2011, people in Kanya rashi see better days?

    Thanks & regards,



    • When will 3rd phase of Sade sati get over for us kanya rashi folks in 2014.. Is it in May or Nov 2014??

  6. HI, i am shweta..

    I was born on 26 th october 1992,8:29 pm..
    i just want to know what will be the effect of shani on me..

    i will be grateful if you tell me about this..

  7. Hi , I am Sanjy, i was borne in 04.12.1981 – 8.15 am, My Rashi is Kumbha, pls let me have this Shani changover impact from 15th novemebr …

  8. my rashi is leo and may i know future austology

  9. hi i am sanjiv born on 30th july1962 at6am-05 min will this change in shani improve my conditions or will go worse

  10. hi
    my name prakash
    date of birth 10th jan 1969
    place of birth mumbai
    time of birth 11:00
    can u tell me when sada sati will get over for me
    going trogh very tuff life
    can anyone help we will what i do ?

  11. Hi,
    My dob is 20 feb 79 time 7.25 am mumbai, how will this sadesati affect me? I am a moonsign scorpio

    • Sameer Chadha says:

      My DOb is 30.10.69 10.25 a.m. at Allahabad(UP). Please tell me the effect of Shani from now on and when will i get JOb.

  12. i am kanni rasi and my son and husband are kadaka rasi

    we have gone thru a lot of mental torture,financial problem, loss of job and many trouble for the last 3 years.

    I lost my job when sani started.

    I had so many trouble with my mother, sibblings and relatives that I am not in talking terms with tem anymore.

    THe period was so bad until 7.5 sani finished for kadaka rasi.

    Somehow we r surviving.

    Now I am afraid with the movement of planet.
    I fear the trouble will be back as they say the last 3rd phase will be worst than 1st 2 years.
    Please help me understand and what ccan I do.

    I dont want to live without food in the table again for family!

  13. Hi My DOB is 24-10.1974 born at 7.45 in New Delhi .Can you please tell me the effect of shani on my rashi .



  14. My husband’s rashi is Scorpio. He is having some health problems for past 6 months and also some career changes. What will be effect of transit of shani on his health and career?

  15. ajay kumar says:


    What will be the effects of Saturn’s transit into Libra on Tauras rashi. My date of birth is 16th Oct 1954, place Jagraon (Distt Ludhiana) and time 06.07 am. Kindly give predictions for my career in next one year.

    Ajay Kumar

  16. Hi,

    I was born on 18 th july 1976 and my rasi is meenam and uthirattathi nakshatra. I am not married yet and people at home are looking for a good marriage alliance for me and nothing is coming our way. I am not financially good I heard that my rasi is now going into ashtama sani period. do this sani period will effect me? this will cause any discomfort in my career and in my financial status? Is this will delay my marriage process? it is advisable to marry in this ashtama sani period? I am waiting for you kind reply and pariharam which I need to do.



  17. Hi,

    I was born on 20-08-1978, 4.32 PM, Mulbagal, Karnataka

    Will this Shani effect my Rashi.

    Could you please tell me how is my future.

    Best regards,


  18. I was born on 27.12.1975 6.40 am chickballapur, karnataka.

    how will be the change for me & my future.

    Best regards,

  19. Muthukumaran G says:


    My name is Muthukumaran G. My rasi is Leo.

    How would be my future,, now not good.

    Muthukumaran G

  20. I was born on 09 th February 1970 at 1810 and my rasi is meenam and uthirattathi nakshatra. I am married. I heard that my rasi is now going into ashtama sani period. How does this sani period effect me? Will there be any problems or travels in my career. How about my financial status? I am waiting for you kind reply and pariharam which I need to do.



  21. all those who have written about their problems should first understand that is not a dreaded as u r fearing,he will actually bring us to righteous path,why dont u all thank him for that ,whatever is happening it is our karma that means whatever seeds we sow we will reap that plant,so he expect all of us to be away from bad habits like wine,women,wealth acquiring too much,he is helping us get punished now itself instead of carrying for next life.ok now coming to what we should do to avoid some effect of shani atleast is daily depending on your kuladaivam ie vaisnava or shaiva depending on that u can recite vishnusahasranamam or shiva ashtotaram beacause whether siva or vishnu both or one and vishnu is mayavi and he only takes all forms of all gods and makes us to do our karma(good or bad)hence we should be alert and should not fall in his maya keep reciting either vishnu sahasranamam or gita or purusha sookthamor narayana sookthamor vishnu sooktham or krishnashtakam,hari ashtakam or any prayer u know about that lord.and pray him daily not o tallow you fall in his maya and always remind and yourself your actions and why u have behaved like this .so all this help us to negate the bad effects of shani.may lord vishnu bless u all and help u to remove the hurdles and obstacles in your life.also dont forget to do fasting on sankashta chaturthi for lord ganesha and recite hanuman chalisa for lord hanuman.

  22. Kalyan Chaudhary says:

    my rashi is mithuna,pl. tell me the effects of saturn in my life.
    saturnmahadasha has been started from july’11.

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